Do Subliminal Audios Really Change Your Body?

Subliminal audios can be found on YouTube by just looking them up. If you want to grow your hair, lose weight or change your eye color, just listen to them for 10 minutes.

That’s right- today we’re gonna talk about subliminal audios that change you completely.

What are subliminal audios?

So far, from what I have picked up, they are songs (or noises) with affirmations playing lowly under the music/noise. Affirmations are a series of phrases being said at the same time that say positive things about what you want to change so that your subconscious can pick them up and start to believe them, leading to your body doing as requested.

For example, if you want to change your eye color from brown to grey, the affirmations that will be playing under the music can say:

  • My eyes are grey
  • My eyes are beautiful
  • My eyes are changing
  • etc.

Now, you cannot hear the affirmations, which is why music is placed over the affirmations. The reason you cannot hear them is so that your subconscious accepts the affirmations, which is why music is played over them, so it can trick your mind into thinking that all you’re listening to is music when in reality- you’re listening to a bunch of phrases that will benefit you. In other words, these affirmations are convincing your mind that they are true to the point in which changes actually start to happen.

Now, there is a huge haul of these audios for everyone’s needs. From losing weight, changing your eye color, getting a deeper voice, getting smarter, getting a better memory, growing longer hair, getting a prettier nose, bigger lips, thinner lips, you name it, there is a subliminal for it.

Of course, there are testimonies for all of this, for example, this one:

This is the video that introduced me to the world of subliminal audios. Now, I would never try a subliminal for changing my eye color, but what I have tried is:

Hair growth.

And guess what? It did grow. My hair grew after listening to this one subliminal audio for about a week. Now, I don’t have pictures for it because I was just doing it out of straight curiosity BUT I am willing to go on and track my progress in my hair growth after listening to these audios.

Do they work then? According to comment sections, yes they do if you believe that they will work and to keep in mind that some people may get results slower than others. Some may get results in months while others in weeks and some in days.

Basically, keep your hopes up.

Also, you gotta stick to it. You gotta listen to these audios as much as you can and stay consistent with them.

So, what are y’all thoughts on all of this? Skeptical? Possible?

I in the personal do know that we have the power to transform everything in our surrounding, so why not interpret that as our mind having the power to transform us into what we desire?

Do you think I’m crazy or would you also try this out?

In the end, remember that us as humans, don’t understand how our minds work to the fullest. There are still things about humans that science cannot explain, and may never be able to. I think it’s good to open up to new things, to new possibilities. Even if we don’t believe, it is still good to explore, ya know? Learn something new and interesting.

I hope that this post was that something new and interesting that you learned today. 🙂

Thank you for reading.


Cacophony In The Mind

Everyday I get up and go

Everyday I walk and I run

I’m here I’m there I’m everywhere

I’m always hearing everything of everything

Chitter chatter, laughter, music, everything

From kids screaming to kids crying

I can work it out, though

I can quiet all the noises

But there is a problem:

How can I quiet the mind?

Sometimes at night all I hear is my thoughts

Sometimes I hear my dreams

Which I don’t mind

But sometimes I hear the memories

The bad ones

So vividly and clear

And many, many times

I just hear them all talking at once

A cacophony of sounds from memories

Of things I will never forget

But things that I am grateful of

In a way, I am.



If I Could Sail

If I were to sail the world, if I could, I would go to many, many places and do many things while I’m at it.

But do you know where I would go first? Where I would go and observe the beauty?

To the middle of the ocean.

Just, go with a sail boat to the middle of the ocean, lay a towel on the boats floor and lay there watching the birds and the clouds go by, as I feel the ocean waves rocking my boat.

Feel the suns rays while they shine on me, how warm the hugs from the sun feel. How they burn my skin, and make me even more sun kissed than what I already am.


But hey, I’ll enjoy it. Do you know why? Because I’ve never seen the ocean.

Being so close to it, literally 2 hours away, I haven’t gone.

If I could sail the world, I would go to many islands and sit on the sand, collect seashells and watch the sunset. I would go swimming in the oceans water, dive into coral reefs and even though I find sharks cute, let’s try to stay away from them.

This summer I would love to go to the beach and see the ocean, but sadly, once again…

The closest to an ocean that I will be getting to is a pool, rivers and springs.

Oh well, I do enjoy walking in the middle of the jungle to get to a spring! I love driving for 2 hours to get to Crystalline water-filled rivers, and I enjoy getting chlorine in my eyes at pools ().

But one day, one day.

I’ll be on a sail boat.

In the middle of the ocean.


Not alone of course that would probably scare me after sometime hahahaha…..

Journey to Astral Projection because Why Not- What it is and My Little Experience

Astral Projection is when your soul leaves your body voluntarily into the 4th dimension/astral realms while your physical body sleeps. You are completely aware, conscious and in control of everything. You can fly, meet demons and angels, go anywhere you want, gain things such as knowledge, wisdom, intelligence, better memory, etc.

*Please note that I’m no expert in this lol*

This post will be sectioned in 4:

  • What is Astral Projection?
  • Why Did I Decide to Try This?
  • What are in the Astral Planes?
  • Is it Dangerous?

Feel free to skip ahead to which ever section you feel more interested in 🙂 Each section will be marked with a *.

*What is Astral Projection?

Are you supposed to do it? Not really. You weren’t trained for it, we weren’t brought up taught that we can leave our physical body whenever we feel like it.

Is is safe? Yes, the only thing that stops you is yourself. If you don’t want it to be safe, it won’t. If you want it to be scary, it will be scary. BUT, if you want it to be happy, exciting, positive, it will. It just takes bravery and knowing that your only limit, is YOU.

Is it bad? Nope.

Does it hurt? Not at all.

Is it real? Yes. Here, let me explain it a bit more:

First of all, what exactly is astral projection? It is when you, your spirit, your soul leaves the physical body whenever one desires and may come back when they want to. It is similar to lucid dreaming, but it’s not.

Astral Projection and Lucid dreaming are sometimes said to be the same, but they’re not. There’s a few differences. They are very similar, but very different.

Lucid dreaming, is that you’re in a dream, lets say you’re dreaming of being a famous singer or battling in outer space when all of a sudden you stop and say “Wait….this is a dream.” and then you realize, that you are dreaming and in control.

Astral Projection (AP), or OBE (Out of Body Experience) is when by meditating or relaxing, you fall into a state in which you trick your body to believe that it is sleeping, but your mind is still awake and fully conscious. If you break the cycle, you can fall into sleep paralysis which can be scary to some people. Once in your “Spirit body” or “Astral body”, you can visit any country, speak to entities like ghost and whatever, fly or just hang out.

Basically, the  differences in between AP and Lucid dreaming are:

  • In Astral Projection, you are conscious of everything happening while in a meditative/ relaxed state from start to finish and are in complete control of what to do, where to go.
  • In Lucid Dreaming, you are conscious of everything happening while sleeping when waking up during a certain point of a dream when you come to realize that you are actually dreaming which usually, you cannot change the scene in which you are or go to certain places, since your mind has already put you somewhere.
  • In Astral Projection, you can spy/see the living, see what they’re doing, who they’re with, where there at, etc. and they won’t see you. It’s like you’re a ghost.
  • In Lucid Dreaming, you cannot see the living, because you are dreaming.


When we sleep, we are not conscious of anything. We don’t realize the moment in which our soul/spirit comes out of the body. But that does not mean, that we can’t do it by will. Yes you can, and yes you will….if you want to of course 😛 All though it can happen by accident.

But if you ARE conscious, you will see your physical body sleeping and you hovering over it. You are free, you can go anywhere you want, explore the universe, go to space, etc. You are invisible to the human eye so no one will see you unless if they are also in the astral realms.

Just remember….

You don’t want to invade peoples privacy….

You will never loose your body, you are always attached to it no matter what until the day you die. You are connected to your physical body with a silver cord that is unbreakable and can stretch to infinity and it will NOT break until you die.

Now, how do you do this? Well, there are many techniques out there that you can try, in the end it’s the one that you decide that works best for you and your mind.

…Does this make sense?? .-.

*Why did I decide to try this? 

A few months ago, I fell asleep when I got home from school. I was quite tired from exams so, why not take a nap? That’s when, my eyes opened and I was able to see how my left arm was rising up and everything was blurry. I was like “Oh hi what’s this?” Then,  I woke up. I thought it was very weird but cool, then I just forgot about it.

Until about one day ago… Continue reading “Journey to Astral Projection because Why Not- What it is and My Little Experience”

Plastic Slogger

Oh, look it’s my hopes and dreams!

Wow, how bright and real do they look!

Ah, they will come true?

But I got to work hard for it? Ok!

No problem!

All I have to do is work hard, really hard!

I’ll just count the hours that pass by.

One…two…three..four…four hours have passed.

The place I’m working at is closing.

I’ll call it a day.

Oh, look! I’m dreaming about my dreams!


I must work hard for them! I have hopes for them!

I must do it, because it is what I want.

one…two…three…I want a break, I’ve been standing here for too long.

Hm, who is this?

Ah, someone new!

A party? Sure!

Dress me up for the occasion, baby!

I’ll show you the perfect thing to wear to it!

She loved it.

Another satisfied customer!

I am really working hard!

I dreamed about my dreams again.

But today I have to skip work, it’s not my shift.

Someone else is coming in to do my job today.

So I’ll just stay here, in the dark and wait for tomorrow. I have nothing better to do.

One…two….I’m tired.

I feel like I’m going to faint…

Oh no…I’m falling over…

…I’m up.

My coworkers picked me up.

Thank you!

Well, it’s been fun to mess around, but time for what I want!

One….two….three…Oh well, people think it’s stupid anyways.

No one ever hears me.

No one ever listens to me.

No one stops to ask me if I’m okay.

One…two…oh no, all the hope I had flew away in just two hours.

Well, now what?

I have nothing better to do.

Well, I actually do, so…

Why not do it?


I’ll just stop trying.

It’s useless, my hopes and dreams are impossible!

People see my face in expensive clothing stores.

All I do is let people use me.

Fashion designers use me to advertise their clothes.

Makeup artist use me as a mask for their expensive line of cosmetics.

Hair stylist use me as a styling wig.

But I’m nothing more than a living mannequin.

Why do I have this?

All I wanted was to be happy.

All I wanted was my hopes and dreams.

All I wanted was to see the outside world.

All I wanted was to live like a normal person.

All I wanted…

Was to be a human.

Hello, this is the first time I post in about a week I think, not sure. I’ve been busy but I always find a time for my blog, and that time was given to me today. 🙂 Hope you enjoyed!

So according to my knowledge, slog is to work hard for many hours so..ya’ know, a mannequin that works super hard for many many hours in a store and that doesn’t really progress? I guess it can do the trick? I don’t know.

Me and my imagination. :v

The Wind Whispers

“You only hear the music when your heart begins to break”

– “The Kids from Yesterday”

                                                                               by My Chemical Romance.

Tick, tock, the time goes by.

I don’t even remember what we used to do all day.

The leaves start falling off the trees sooner or later.

And with the leafs, you fall.

A summer within, lost in heaven.

The leaves of the trees swing to the rhythm that you beat.

They dance with the rhythm that you dance, they follow your every move.

They even fall, along with you.

They even fly away in the wind, along with you.

I swear that I can still hear you in the wind.

I swear that I still see you dancing with the trees.

Are you out there?

Your voice resonates throughout paradise.

But it haunts throughout my dreams.

But I swear, that I am still listening.

A million branches, and she loved every one.

A few dead trees, but to her they are all evergreen.

You had to leave me, huh?

Running through the wind.

Flying with the birds.

A blueberry pie for your birthday.

It was your favorite.

But you rejected me and decided to accept the apple pie.

And the apple pie was given to you by a sinner…

Who decided to be the one to take you from me…

But you were the one who decided to leave in the first place.

And now you are stuck in time, up ahead in the skies flying high.

Your soul is evergreen now.

You are dancing with the flowers, and your every move gets me going.

You are whispering to me in the wind, as in trying to lure me to you.

I am always hearing, oh all the many things that you say to me.

Don’t worry, I will always keep you alive in my heart, but now it’s time for the leafs to leave with the wind.

And with the wind, you.

But when you come back, don’t worry, I’ll always be waiting.

But this time you won’t come back with the seasons, this time you’ll come back with the wind.

And with the wind, my memories.

And with the wind, the rain.

And with the rain, your tears.

Don’t worry, I forgive you.

It is never too late to forgive.

You caress me with a breeze, and that’s how I know it’s you.

When the wind comes around, I start to see you wandering through the forest.

I start to hear your voice in the wind.

I swear that I can still see you.

 I swear that I can still feel you.

I swear, that I can still hear you.

Please don’t hesitate in speaking to me.

I have forgotten what your voice sounds like, so please remind me.

I’ll always be listening.

I’ll always be watching.

I’ll always be yours.

And one day, you will take me with you.

 This was inspired by Pierce The Veil’s song: Hold on Till May and Gold Medal Ribbon. 

Taking the lyrics “A million branches and she loves everyone” from Hold on Till May and “I swear that I can hear you in the wind” being from Gold Medal Ribbon.

Gold Medal Ribbon is a song dedicated to the girlfriend of the lead vocalist of the band Pierce the Veil (Vic Fuentes) who passed away during the recording of their newest album Misadventures.

Hold on Till May is a song dedicated to one of Vic’s friends who would get neglected as a child and would always climb up a tree and hide there until late to see if her parents searched for her.

I suggest checking out the songs, as they are both very heart touching and make me sad sometimes due to such lyrics..which is when I remembered the lyrics “You only hear the music when your heart begins to break” from MCR’s song The Kids from Yesterday which I also recommend. ^^ Note that Pierce The Veil is a post-hardcore band and MCR ( My Chemical Romance) is a rock band, but the music genre doesn’t matter if you know how to appreciate a good song and good lyrics. ♥

By the way…is it leaves or leafs?


Deep Doodles

A sheet of paper.

White, crispy clean. It gives you goosebumps when you run your fingernails down it.

A nice, sharp pencil. How sharp it is, perfect for adding details.

Every stroke you give the paper, like a caress.

Now now, erase gently, you don’t want the paper to loose it’s texture.

One, two, three, moving your wrist back and forth.

Drawing with the heart, not with the hand.

Your eardrums can only hear the music that gives you inspiration, but at the same time all you hear is silence in the background.

It’s like the world doesn’t exist. 

You feel at ease, you feel…calm.

All of your stress is gone. It is amazing what a doodle can do.

One, two, three. Picking different tones of the same color.

People may only see the same color, but to your eyes, it’s more than just one color.

Observing with your mind, not with your eyes.

So many colors to choose from…

Reds, greens, blues, even grays. 

Some aren’t even visible to some eyes. 

But they are seeing with their eyes, not with there heart and mind.

The depth of a dark blue color, how it adds dimensions.

The perfect flawless skin you gave the woman, using orange, pink, yellow and purples. 

Those eyes full of light and emotions.

Your doodle has more life and meaning than most humans. 

One, two, three, different paint brushes.

How the colors bleed.

How you are able to dominate them.

Drawing is not just going to some art class…

Drawing is having the passion. 

Drawing gives you more skills like painting and coloring.

It allows you to master art material, all surfaces and all colors.

Ah, but keep in mind that a good artist doesn’t need the most expensive tools.

A true artist never blames his or hers tools. 

A true artist doesn’t need the best tools. They work with that they have.

A true artist, starts on their own. With no one to help. 

They take risk, ah, how wonderful is the feeling of mixing colors that you never thought possible to mix and blend well together since they don’t “match each other”

Every color matches with each other. 

There is no such thing as an ugly color.

Artist, like to go in depth.

And are not afraid to go in it.

And that depth, is there mind, there heart, there passion, there senses. 

Not everyone is blessed with the skills of mastering a pencil.

An artist explores their imagination, an artist makes the dreams that they see come into reality. An artist draws what he or she hears, what he or she sees, what he or she smells, what he or she touches, what he or she tastes, what he or she remembers.

We are able to even draw people who don’t even exist in reality, but they do in our mind.

And we let them come out and play, to let them see the world and for the world to see them.

We let the world know what we feel, what we see when we close our eyes.

Our emotions. 

It’s like the only way we can express ourselves. 

Our only escape.

Artwork by Madison, Instagram: cooly_kid666 visit her Instagram to view more amazing artwork from her

Inspired by my friend Madison who is the gal who drew that illustration, isn’t it amazing?

Please check her out!