Hello. :)

Lots of things have happened over the years, the  most important thing that has gone on is that I’ve grown up quite a lot. When I first started out this blog, I was 15 years old in high school. I’m 19 going on 20 and in my second almost 3rd year of college. I’ve matured a lot since the beginning of my blog in which I would post a lot of random content but over the years especially after starting uni I’ve let go of this blog. I’d like to pick it up again.

So here I am…for the like….5,0000th time. I’ve already written like 3 posts claiming I’m back but I don’t do shit. I’d like to change that. Over the months I’ve thought about things to write about, I already got down a big list of topics. I’d love to grow my blog and build up a community of some sort. I know for sure that it’s gonna be hard because school keeps me really busy and when I’m not in school I just do not find the energy and motivation to write something.

I’d like to change that.

Soooo it turns out I met a boy some time ago and this dude, I just really like him. And, he’s like, super cool and just super chill and down to earth and I love that so so much. He’s pretty much inspired me to come back to this blog. He’s always giving me something to think about and I love how we’re always talking about everything and he’s motivated me to come back pretty much and idk ever since getting with him I’ve felt pulled to this blog. I can hear it screaming at me to please come back.

So that’s what I’m doing now.

I used to write to feel better and to like, let myself go. Talk about whatever I wanted. But then….I just lost motivation. I didn’t want to do anything on this blog not even access it. I started posting just for the sake of it, not because I felt like doing it. I was basically forcing myself to push out posts at one point and then suddenly one day, poof. All will was lost. Looking at it made me feel embarrassed and it also made me feel like….something heavy in me. My blog has been a secret to everybody that I know since the start. There’s only one person in my life outside this blog that knows it exists and it’s my bf. I wish to not feel like it’s dumb to have this blog. I would really, really love to feel proud of it and share it with everybody that I know. I just don’t wanna hide it, no more.

So yeah. I’ll come back. I already have something I’d like to talk about and I’ll start to write it asap. So, stay tune, whoever is reading this. Hope you stay for a while and hope you enjoy what you find here.

With love,

            -me. 🙂




Aaayee whattup it’s me, back, after like, 6 months? Haha, anyways, I’m gonna be writing again! I have finally gotten through some tough personal and school stuff, and I feel much better and ready to start writing again.

If you’ve been here for a while, thank you so much. 🙂 I hope you can stick around through the newer content I plan to write about! If you’re new here, then welcome! There’s always room for one more.

So, through the past months I have changed in many ways. I feel much more energetic, happier, less stressed. I have opened my mind up to things about myself that i noticed and I worked through the bad stuff and the good stuff about me.

I also started to discover newer hobbies and better things to spend my time on instead of spending it feeling sad and stressed. I had to break out of that bubble, I couldn’t stay there forever. If I did, I would never grow as a person.

One of my “new” hobbies is gardening. I say “new” because I used to garden as a child but as I got older I lost interest. Well, I’ve regained it! I have discovered to really love Succulent plants (especially cactus) and growing my own vegetables 🙂

I also started to pay more attention to the things that are happening around me, such as environmental issues. I would like to focus this blog on many things, one of those being informing the world about the issues going on in our environment, what is causing them and what we can do to help solve them.

I will still like to post some of my other random content every now and then, too. So, I’ve decided to come up with a schedule in which I will try to post at least 2 times a week: One post on Sunday and the other on whatever day I have time! (ya know, cuz school). I also kinda want to start a youtube channel 😛

So…yeah. That’s it for now!

Signing out, Kchan.


Sometimes I wonder

Why am I like this?

Why can’t I be different?

I try and try and try

I do everything but nothing works

Nothing makes sense

I want to change

But I guess I’m just like this


2018? 2019!

Aaaaye it’s me again! I’ve been busy with some personal stuff but here I am to say a goodbye to 2018 on my blog and to welcome the new year!

Let’s see, this 2018 I feel like I didn’t post much, but hopefully I will in 2019. I wanna get stuff organized this new year to have time for everything that I want to do. I feel like I could have done many stuff this year but I’m happy with the way things always ended up to be, I had a nice year. 🙂

Hope all of you out there too! Be grateful for everything that you have in your life; your friends and family, your home, work, school, whatever it is, be grateful for it. Take good care of yourselves! Remember to rest when you need to, work hard for your goals and try to stay positive through everything that the new year will bring you. You can do it. 🙂

Thanks for reading my blog through this year, there will be more to come soon, I promise!

Have a good new year. 🙂 ❤

With love, me.

I’m back!

WHaattuuup! It’s me- Karuchaaan free from university, finally! Missed me? No! But whatever I’M BACK baby!

So, where was I the last like 3 months? University! I just finished my first semester of college in Systems Engineering. Oh boy. I wrote about 4 different thesis for different subjects, solved 280 calculus problems, did 2 projects and did about 20 programs in the span of 2 weeks. I didn’t even sleep during the last week.

But hey, I got through it! With 90’s and one 80 as final grades, my total grade for the semester was a 92.

Not so proud BUT I DID IT and I have no other option to accept it and feel proud…..I guess.

But I’m finally freeee to browse the internet for hours, write on my blog, draw and workout.

(Quick side note, here’s a little thing I learnt in this first semester: You gain a bit of weight in college. I was stuck at 48 kilograms for 2 years, in just 4 months I went up to 50. )

I actually got on winter holiday since last week on Tuesday, but I was busy cleaning my room, desk, drawers and organizing clothes, finally! Today I focused on doing laundry, still got more laundry to do but I’ll finish it on Sunday. Monday I plan to wash my yoga mat to start working out again and I also gotta bit of laptop maintenance to do which may take me about 2 days (my laptop is FUCKED), plus 1 day of reinstalling all necessary programs and such. Afterwards, I will just chill a bit and start studying a bit. Hey, it doesn’t hurt to study on holiday, it’s actually a good thing. 🙂

So make sure to eat healthy, eat moderately and do not stress too much, you’ll be okay! 🙂 Sooner or later you’ll be on your spring break or whatever, so just give your best shots and efforts, study for heaven’s sake and stay out of trouble. 🙂

So, thank you for reading, bye bye!

Love, Kchan .w.

Just Checking In

Sorry for not posting in like, 2 months! I have been seriously busy with college, trying to pass my classes hahaha…. anyways, I don’t wanna leave this blog empty for so long, so some days I’ll just post poems or random stories that I write, or just anything in general, just to make up for the time lost and so that I feel that my blog isn’t that lonely.

Anyways, for today, I’ll just leave a little bit of what has happened in my recent time while I was gone from this blog.

So, I’m in college, woo! I’m in college and I’m already quite stressed and nervous. I flunked a class, and I’m trying to save it. Today I had my exam for that class, and I’m very nervous awaiting the results. Hopefully, I’ll pass. 🙂

It’s also been a year since the earthquake that struck my city. My city was the epicenter of the earthquake in which many people lost their homes and lives. One of my neighbors and her child included. So, may they both rest in peace.

My momma’s uncle, very old of age, got sick last week. He wasn’t able to recover and died yesterday, October 1st. I’ll miss seeing that old man outside his home, but he’s in a better place now where he will no longer suffer. In the end, we’re all heading there, right? May he rest in peace as well.

Let’s see, what else is there to say for now? Not much after this. So, thanks for reading and I’ll tune in as soon as I can. 🙂 I’m thinking of posting on Sundays, so I can have at least 1 weekly post. I hope I can do so, as time right now is tight due to a thousand homework assignments and projects and exams.

Thanks, cya!


The Law of Attraction

Do you want to attract a special someone into your life? Do you want to have a new phone? Maybe change something of yourself? Just ask, the universe will do it.

Oh look it’s me I’m posting again after like a month 00ps! I’ve been in college this past month! That’s right, I’m in college already. But that’s not the point of the post, the point is the Law of Attraction (also known as the LOA) to gain whatever you want from the universe.

Now, what is the law of attraction?

The law of attraction is the ability to manifest your thoughts in the physical world. To put it in a simple form, you basically just, wish for something and it comes to you.

You can think about something and focus on it and sooner or later, you will attract what you are thinking and focusing on.  You can ask for money, love, a work opportunity, a different eye color, longer hair, a specific person, or whatever you want and it’ll be given to you.

How does it work?

There are many methods to make this work, such as scripting, listing and affirmations being the most common. Like mentioned before, all you gotta do is ask for something, desire something that you truly want in your life and remain positive, open minded and to believe after everything. You must focus on what you want, think about it and visualize yourself already having what you wanted and how that makes you feel.

Does it work?

Yes. It does! It is really something amazing and powerful that unfortunately many people do not know about. We as humans have this power in our hands, but many of us don’t discover it never. This works with everybody. We are all capable of using this law no matter what.

Of course, I must mention, that for some people it works faster than for others. This depends on how much belief and positivity you have, as well as for how long you have been practicing the LOA. If you are new to this, it can either go both ways: You attract what you want quickly or slowly.


The less positive you remain and the less belief you have, the slower you will obtain results.

A while ago on this blog, we talked about subliminal message videos to obtain what you want, most of these videos are linked to physical changes. Such as, changing the shape of your nose or your eye color to your desired eye color. Read up on this here.

In this case, subliminal videos for your own good are linked to the Law of Attraction, since subliminals are a way to attract something into your life.

We must remember that us as humans, we are what we want to be. We are what we think we are. If you think of yourself in a negative way, you will be negative. If you think you are ugly, that the world around you is horrible, that you’ll always be miserable and never be successful or have what you want, that’s exactly what you will receive. The world around you, the reality around you, is shaped by YOU. If you think of yourself as beautiful, lucky, smart, etc., it will eventually become your reality. Why? Because it’s what you wanted.

I strongly believe in this, I have done it many times and I have proven it to work. I will post about the methods that I use, how I discovered this, and a success story later!

Thank you for reading and please excuse me for being absent these past weeks. Like I said, I was at college doing a course that all freshmen must do for a month. I will be going to classes officially in a few weeks. Until then, let’s hope I can post more! 🙂

Also, excuse me if this was a very, vague post. I’m a bit tired at the moment. Anyways, I gotta go to the bathroom! Thanks for checking in and reading! Until next time, goodbye.

-Kchan .w.

Daddy Issues

I was 16 when I got kicked out,  my daddy threw me out. I don’t know why, I guess he was tired of my shit. My mother was a hardworking woman, who I still love and visit frequently to this day. I love her, and I love my siblings, too. Sadly, I got kicked out at 16.

Daddy never liked me, I don’t know why though.

Out of the 5 kids, he never hugged me. He never kissed me. In the contrary, he would leave me alone, he would leave me out while he played with my brothers and sisters. He would yell at me, hit me, not buy me any dolls like he did with my sisters, neither any toy cars like he did with my brothers. It was sad, I was sad. I was always sad.

I grew up into my teen years, and he would try to control me. Like if he suddenly cared or something. He wouldn’t let me go out, so I would sneak out. One day, I met a dude. A handsome guy, a guy I became close friends with. He was a bit older than me, but in the end, we ended up liking each other.

A pack of cigarettes in between both of us as we lay in his car, in the cold night, gazing at the sky above us.

I loved him. He gave me love, he gave me attention. I was happy. Until one day, one day, my daddy saw me with him and dragged me into our house by my hair. He yelled “Who the fuck is that?”. My momma ran out and so did my siblings because I was screaming and crying as he yelled at me. My momma stepped in to help, and my daddy told her what he had seen. My momma then picked me off the floor carefully, like she always did, and asked me “Baby, who’s that guy you’re seeing?”

I then remembered him. Us. the scent of cherries and lukewarm feelings in the back of his car and then coffee and pancakes in the mornings. Proud hugs and romantic hugs. Late at night. Early in the morning. What is he? Is he my friend? My boyfriend? What do I answer?

“He’s my daddy.”


lolololol idfk anymore I’m all sleepy

How do Homeless Women Deal with Periods?

I’ve always asked myself this question. What do they do? Do they ask around for pads or tampons? Do they use something else? Do people help them?

So, I decided to go on the great and all mighty YouTube and search it up. Gladly, I found a video and my question found an answer.

The problem now is that, it made me feel both sad and angry at the situation. It’s hard for these women living on the streets.

The video I found was done by the channel Bustle. It interviews multiple women in New York City, USA. It is sad to see these women are worried every month because their cycle is coming or it has arrived. It’s amazing how something that women need is so hard to get for these women. Women need these feminine hygiene products every month to keep clean and to in a way “control” the bleeding. No folks, menstruation isn’t something that we can stop, it isn’t something we can decide whether or not it should happen. It’s a thing that we just do because it’s our nature and it demands to be done every month. But through these products, we can keep it under control until it’s gone.

It’s sad to know that, there are places where you can get condoms for free but not pads nor tampons.

Now, you tell me:

What’s really a necessity? A condom, or a tampon?

I understand that condoms are great to avoid STD’s and pregnancies especially in homeless people, but…I don’t know.

Seems kinda unfair in a way?

Like, a condom isn’t really something you MUST have, it isn’t a necessary object like toilet paper or toothpaste. Meanwhile, a pad or a tampon, is something that a woman needs to take care of period blood from getting everywhere or avoiding smells or infections.

Related image

These women have been really creative using things such as t-shirts, socks and toilet paper/napkins as sanitary pads. It isn’t always the greatest option though. Like mentioned in the video, these women are exposing themselves to infections. It isn’t as clean, it isn’t as sanitary to use these items instead of actual pads or tampons, but what else can they do? What other options can they get?

I know that there are such things as Dollar Stores where they can find the things that they need and I know that in some places there is help for these women such as homeless shelters that can provide them with what they need, and some public restrooms even carry them. But I guess that every situation is different. I guess that not all of them can afford to buy from a dollar store, who knows how much they make. Some may not have access to homeless shelters, either.

But wherever these women are, may they find help. Ladies, if you see a homeless woman on the streets and she needs a pad or tampon, don’t hesitate. Give them one. I’m sure most women carry one around and if not, help them out with buying a box for them. Imagine if you were in their situation, you would want help, no?

Related image

Appreciate what you have because there are women out there who cannot have it and have it hard during those days of the month. Always appreciate and remember to always have a helping hand. We girls gotta help each other out.

But remember: we all have to help out one another no matter genders in the end. We just have to see each other as human beings, and nothing else. If you see a homeless person either man or woman, give them a helping hand. They will appreciate it. And don’t judge them just because they’re on the streets. Don’t instantly assume they’re alcoholics or druggies, they all have a different story.

Just like we each have our life story, so do they.

Just a slightly more different. 😛

What do you think?