Sometimes I think About Certain Events

Sometimes, I think about certain events. I think about situations in which, specific things can happen. For instance, that woman standing close to the subway train tracks.

I can just push her right now. 

And nobody will notice, as there is nobody but us two in the subway station right now. It’s late at night, and I have to get home.

5 years ago, strange occurrences started to happen. I sometimes go unconscious. I black out.

I don’t know why it happens, though. I’ve gotten analyzed multiple times but, no answer. Everything seems to be fine with me, but when I regain consciousness, things are different. It’s like I wake up in another dimension or something. People are different, they’re sad. There’s commotion, people disappear, etc.

“Ugh, he’s such a looser!”

Jeez. This woman standing near the tracks is very annoying. She’s become quite notorious to me. She’s always here at this hour. Always talking to her friends about different boys and criticizing her own “friends” through her phone.

You know….there’s no one here at the moment. I can just…push her and walk off and nobody will notice.

Like when my girlfriend was to get married, I remember thinking about sending her boyfriend far away. I still loved her. One day I went dizzy in my flat and…when I woke up, he was gone! And nobody ever noticed he was missing until 3 days later when suspicion came. He never came back.

She cried for a month but, she fell into my arms once again and we are happily together. We never found out where her ex went though but, whatever. Good thing he’s gone.

….Ugh. This girl with her annoying, snotty voice.

…….Oh no. It’s starting to happen again. Everything is spinning around! I can’t pass out now! I’ll miss the-




….Where am I? What happened? What’s the whole commotion about!? Oh no…

“Sir! Are you okay?”

…Wha-why are there paramedics and police officers here? Why is there yellow tape everywhere!? Why-

Oh no.

The annoying girl….

She got pushed into the subway tracks.

But…Oh. It must have happened while I was blacked out!

Sigh….I wonder who would do such an awful thing.

I know I thought of it.

But I would never do such thing.


Hey-yo! Been a while since I last posted, aye? I haven’t the time but in the end, I’ll always find time for what I love.

it’s also been months since I wrote a story of some sort so, I decided to get back to it!

Hope you enjoyed!! 🙂

Thanks for reading~* ^^

I’ll Chase You Around

” I’ll chase you around, ya know.

Don’t care how long it takes me to get there, but I’ll do it.

I’ll pursue you like how I pursue happiness.

I’ll make sure to count your every heartbeat.

I’ll make sure your breathing in and out.

I’ll make sure to guard you whenever you stop.

Only thing you will ever have to worry about is running into me.

Need to go somewhere? I’m going!

You won’t run fast, as I run faster.

I just love you, that’s all.

Hope you don’t mind! ”

-My neighbors dog the other day.

He chased me.

Should We Be Afraid Of Failure?

So…should we?

Failure is something that we have all ran into: Sports, exams, relationships, video games, competitions of any kind, etc. It’s really something that we cannot run away from forever. Sure, you can avoid certain events to avoid failure, but in the end, you can’t escape!


Even if you say that you have never failed, you will. Sorry but, you will.

Will it hurt?

Maybe, yeah. Depends on how you take it. Most of the time we take failure as something very serious, we get sad and mad at ourselves, it can last for days. It’s an awful feeling, really. You feel embarrassed, ashamed, and overall not okay because maybe you’ve been preparing for that moment for such a long time for you to fail in the end.

I think that we’re afraid of failure because we don’t want to fail, no one does. We’re afraid that we’ll be left embarrassed and that what we worked hard for didn’t pay off in the end. We’re afraid because we don’t know what will happen if we fail. Even if you think about it, like, think about what will happen and realize that nothing will go wrong, we’re still afraid. We’re afraid to let people down, as well.

Then again, sometimes people don’t really teach us what to do when we fail.

We shouldn’t be afraid of failure, because it’s what will makes us strong. If we fail, we see our errors and we can work hard to fix them, to prepare ourselves further more. We should look at our past failures and see what they left us: Knowledge, skill, discipline, etc. What did you gain from it? Because by failing you do not loose something, you gain something.

None of us can go around saying that we have never failed, but we can all say that we have! You’re not the only failure, no worries. 🙂

Many successful people are successful because they failed in the past, but because they failed, they became stronger and learned from their mistakes and fixed them. And hence, that’s why they’re successful. Just gotta believe that one day you will achieve your goals and work hard for them! If you let yourself down constantly, you will never get to your finish line. If you trip and fall over then pick yourself up and keep on running.

Don’t let failure ruin you, let it make you bigger.

Failure leads to success. 🙂

Tomorrow I have a big event, I’ve been working for it for two years. I already had a chance at first, but I didn’t succeed. This time, I will succeed. 🙂

…I hope. xD

“Failure should be our teacher, not our undertaker. Failure is delay, not defeat. It is a temporary detour, not a dead end. Failure is something we can avoid only by saying nothing, doing nothing, and being nothing.”

– Denis Waitley

Good Artist Copy; Great Artist Steal

As said by Steve Jobs, “Good Artist Copy; Great Artist Steal”.

And it’s true, sometimes.

What do you think? Is it true? Is it not? Sometimes?

Look, take it this way:

A news reporter does a story, another copies it and gets a good story. Meanwhile, if the news reporter were to steal the story, maybe he/she would get a great story? If the original author of the story publishes his/her story, he/her would be only a good reporter, Since the one who stole the story, is already the great one.

Does it make sense?

Or a singer- Copies another singers song, gets a good song. If the singer steals a song though, top hit. Meanwhile the original singer, if he/she releases something similar or the same song, it would be copying, because the other singer is already ahead.

Not always will this be the case, though. There are many great artist out there who are where they are because of their own, original work, they never saw the need to steal or copy from anybody for their own success.

But, then there’s other people, who to get from the roots of the tree to the leaves closer to the sun, copy somebody else’s work, or even steal it if necessary.

Hey, some people will do anything to get to the top. In Steve Jobs case, he stole the computer mouse from Xerox because it was exactly what he needed. After adding the computer mouse to his work, he fulfilled his needs and then received all the credit for the invention of the computer mouse.

But in reality, he didn’t create it.

Which is the next case-

If you steal somebodies work, claim it as yours, the person who is actually responsible for the work will never receive any credit or recognition of any kind. Maybe they will, but all the attention will be centered on the person who stole the work anyways.

So….what makes a good artist?

Their originality? Their ideas? Their creations?


But…what if it isn’t even theirs?

What if they just copied it from someone else, or even stole it all?

But why would they do that?

Maybe because what they needed, someone else had it, so they decided to take it away from them, hey, it’s the easiest solution, right?

But is it truly the right solution?

Hmm….Well, no. Not really. Not at all.

So, are they great artist?

Yes, yes they are.

Because they went ahead of everybody else, and had their “own ideas and creations” 

And that is what an artist is noted for…right?


A Year of Blogging

Oh, it’s April 21st today. Well then. Hmm….


one year of blogging

I enjoy blogging very much, I really do. On my way, I’ve come across many amazing blogs and made great friends, I appreciate it all and I feel very pleased with having my blog. It’s nice to find something new and try it out, I wasn’t really much into writing until I started this blog, now, after a year, I have came to learn to enjoy what I do here and I will keep on enjoying it!

I remember being sad the day I started this blog, lol.

And I’m happy now!

But I still want my french fries sooo….

*Gets depressed*


Thanks for a year of blogging! ^^

More to come~






I’ve Been Having Tempting Thoughts…

I’ve been having such hot, delicious thoughts about you recently..

At night, when I’m alone in my bedroom, covered in coldness, I think about you.

Your so hot, so slim, so long….

It makes me hungry for you….

I just want to shove you all inside my mouth..

And taste that salty goodness.

But my closest McDonald’s isn’t 24 hours.

So my order of fries will have to wait.



This is what happens when you see an ad for fries on TV….isn’t it?

I want fries.

Daily prompt: Fry


…What If I Jump?

Sitting besides the river, the bridge in front of me.

What would happen if I jumped?

I would just get carried away by the water.

And feel relaxed and happy.

Sooner or later I would start to sink, not because of rocks.

But because of my heavy tears.

I bet I would disappear into the ocean sooner or later.

I bet the sun will feel great shining on my face.

Or on my back, whichever way I start to float.

I would fall asleep quickly, won’t I?

I would flow with the fishes, be one of them, yeah?

My skin will no longer glisten and shine.

My smile will no longer exists.

And my eyes, my eyes would close as I start to fall asleep.

My hair will flow beautifully.

My eye lashes will have water drops.

The sun will shine down on me.

And finally, for once, I will feel beautiful again.

Here I am, sitting at the edge of a bridge.

What if I jump?

If I were to jump, who would care?

Would anybody care?

No, no one would.

I bet the cold water will feel like sharp shards of glass.

How they would hurt and sting with every movement.

I have a jolt of excitement, thinking about it.

I would see the birds flying up above me, how the clouds move with them.

And I will be happy.

Oh, but I cannot jump now…

Someone else wants to jump with me.

But what fun will that have?

I want to suffer on my own.

No, not suffer…




I went swimming yesterday to this very beautiful river that’s kind of hidden that had such crystalline water, fishes and many nature and, there was a bridge crossing it. I was sitting on the edge of the river looking up at that bridge and I wondered, how many people have jumped from it?


Sigh, It’s very sad to think that such a beautiful place like that, can be the scenery of such a sad event.

Running away from your issues won’t fix anything, you’ve gotta confront them, get face to face to them and show them who’s better. Don’t let problems take you away, okay? Be strong, be wise, be smart.

And everything will be okay.