There Will Be Thunder Tonight

Cold nights and warm fingers.

Run them through my hair gently. It was 11:59 p.m.

When the rain started.

It fell down on us. It was a fun way to start the day. Bright and early.

I opened my eyes to the rain.

Friends and a family dinner. 

As we sit down next to each other at the dinner table. It is filled with all my family. How they love your company.

A bright smile. A bright computer screen. 

The only way I can communicate with you during the night, the hours I spend with you go by too quickly.

Cloudy sky and a Church Sunday. 

Our families meet each other along with the rest of the town folks. We go inside and listen to the preach, begging for forgiveness for our sins.

A handshake that we give to each other. A penny that we give to the basket. A smile that we share.

Cold days and warm hands. 

Today I will visit you. 

Today there is no one home at your house. But that’s alright, it’s not the first time we’re alone.

But it will be the first time for something else.

The door squeaks as we exit and sit at the steps of your front porch and watch the rain together. I play with your long blonde hair.

That’s when we collide.

I open my eyes to yours. 

Sunshine and long hair. 

We go together joining hands to our secret hide out. Our hair hanging behind our back. yours is longer than mine, though. It is straight, long and a beautiful tone of blond. How I love it.

We reach our hideout, which is an old abandoned tree house. We climb the tree and go inside. You braid my curly black hair. We embrace each other.

We spend the afternoon together.

Secrets and dark nights.

We didn’t see each other today. You went out to visit your cousins. I was sad today, I missed those diamond blue eyes.

Sleeping. Covered under blankets and bed sheets. Alone in my room with the dark and the moon light. I hear a knock on my window.

I wake up to see that you have climbed up the ladder outside my bedroom window. I get up and let you in.

5:57 a.m.

I open my eyes to you.

Whispering and wind.

The town whispers and looks at us whenever we go to town. I wondered why, but I know why.

They know. 

All secret is always known, especially in such a small town. Today we went to church. We weren’t greeted like usual. We asked for forgiveness for our sins.

But our love, is not a sin. 

The whispers are carried away by the wind, lets keep it that way.

Mud and dirt.  

Mud and dirt is what is left behind after a rainstorm. Mud and dirt is what people throw at us, but in the form of words and looks.

Why can’t they just let us love each other? What is so wrong with our love?

Lullabies and blankets. 

We spend our days together in our tree house. We can no longer go to each others houses, we are not welcome. Mother cries at the dinner table and father doesn’t speak to me. The same with my lover.

We are not welcomed into church anymore. Our love isn’t want the church wants. Our love isn’t what they desire.

She can’t take it anymore.

Footprints and puddles.

I follow your footprints that were left behind by you in the mud. I know their yours. You haven’t spoken to me in a day, you haven’t messaged me to meet up. I find you in the woods behind a tree.

I wipe your tears away, and we kiss behind the tree.

Thunder and hail. 

I chase after you. Running like crazy in the hail storm. Leaves blowing everywhere and hitting me in the face. I love you, please don’t leave me.

You trip and fall, and I help you up.

Cold nights and warm fingers.

I run them through your hair gently.

It was 11:59 p.m.

I kiss you and hold your hands. Don’t worry, everything will be okay. I promise. Just hold on until we can run away together.

You don’t agree. Honey, if I were you, I would put that away. You don’t need it. Don’t think about the people around us.

But maybe that way, we can be happy. together, forever. I close my eyes and kiss you. Your lips were cold.

I open my eyes, to nothing.

Pitch black. Where are you? I’ll just close my eyes and wait until you wake up.

12:00 a.m.

I hear rain. I feel rain. I smell the scent of wet dirt all around me.

I open my eyes, to the rain storm. 

You are no longer in front of me. Where are you? I get up and run to search for you.

Where am I? There’s flowers all around, the lagoon is brighter than ever, everything is in peace and silence.

You come out of your house and run towards me. You embrace me and say “Welcome to paradise”.

Now we are together forever, where no one will ever bother us. Where no one will ever judge us or try to separate us.

Our love is not a sin. It never was and never will.

Warm days and rainy nights.



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