If I Could Sail

If I were to sail the world, if I could, I would go to many, many places and do many things while I’m at it.

But do you know where I would go first? Where I would go and observe the beauty?

To the middle of the ocean.

Just, go with a sail boat to the middle of the ocean, lay a towel on the boats floor and lay there watching the birds and the clouds go by, as I feel the ocean waves rocking my boat.

Feel the suns rays while they shine on me, how warm the hugs from the sun feel. How they burn my skin, and make me even more sun kissed than what I already am.


But hey, I’ll enjoy it. Do you know why? Because I’ve never seen the ocean.

Being so close to it, literally 2 hours away, I haven’t gone.

If I could sail the world, I would go to many islands and sit on the sand, collect seashells and watch the sunset. I would go swimming in the oceans water, dive into coral reefs and even though I find sharks cute, let’s try to stay away from them.

This summer I would love to go to the beach and see the ocean, but sadly, once again…

The closest to an ocean that I will be getting to is a pool, rivers and springs.

Oh well, I do enjoy walking in the middle of the jungle to get to a spring! I love driving for 2 hours to get to Crystalline water-filled rivers, and I enjoy getting chlorine in my eyes at pools ().

But one day, one day.

I’ll be on a sail boat.

In the middle of the ocean.


Not alone of course that would probably scare me after sometime hahahaha…..


8 thoughts on “If I Could Sail

  1. I can tell you from personal experience, what comes OUT of the ocean is indeed incredible, but being ON the ocean, in the middle of it all, is a whole other experience. It’s so strange to find yourself completely adrift with no land or reference. It’s like being in the middle of outer space. It’s the complete opposite of claustrophobia. A fear of way way way too open spaces. Hahah.

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    1. Hahaha, speaking about that, the other day my aunt made some fried fish of some sort, don’t really know what it’s called but I liked it! Maybe I’ll start giving fishies a chance on my plate more often.
      You know, lots of people say that same thing to me, that the ocean is a bit scary. I do see why they think it is, it kinda freaks me out a bit too but I like to imagine that it’ll be a fun experience. Hahaha.

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