A Tour Through My Imagination

Are you looking for somewhere to go pull up a tourist face in a gift shop? Do you not know where to go because you’ve been to all the places that I want to go to but probably won’t go to in like 10 years? No worries, because you can take a tour through the most amazing and scary place in the world:


Oh, whats that? You got tickets to go to some cool beach? Yeah, well too bad. Now get in my mind!

Welcome to my imagination! I hope you enjoyed my cheesy introduction, but we are just getting started. So step right up and hop into the boat as we start our tour!

First stop: Memories.

So, first we have the Memories stop. This part plays a very important role in my imagination since memories are what get’s my inspiration and such going. Sadly, some bits of it are missing. Why, you may ask? It’s because all the missing memories are stored away somewhere deeper…

Second stop: Creativity.

Obviously, having an imaginations means having creativity, some people have it more than others but that’s alright. My creativity starts from my inspiration and ideas that I get, lots of creativity I like to unleash it onto some paper with a pencil or a paint brush and many beautiful colors, or write it down here in this blog.

Third stop: Daydreams.

Ah, the daydreams haunt me. I’m a veeery imaginative person. Throughout all day I am daydreaming without even wanting to or anything. It starts off with a certain thought, emotion, aspiration or ambition which then evolves into a new story that is going on in my mind. What do I dream about during daytime? Well, there is always something new. I can day dream about me getting a good score on an exam, me becoming famous, the end of the world, what would happen if I had super powers, mystical lands that don’t exist anywhere only inside my mind where rainbows are everywhere and unicorns are exploding and a very creepy song is playing with a certain word haunting me for days. I am slowly going crazy. Moving on!

Fourth stop: Ideas.

No it’s not the same as creativity, creativity is having the ability to think and act creatively if that makes sense and creativity first starts up with an idea. I can have good ideas and bad ideas, but I usually tend to think about it first before I destroy humanity or something. Ideas include ideas for my blog post. Now, ideas are made possible due to inspiration or a situation, which is what births out the ideas. Then, depending on the idea, you can use creativity to make it a thing. Isn’t it amazing how you can think of something and create it? That is if you don’t mess up though….

Fifth stop: The dark.

So this is where all my fears live in my imagination. I know it may contain my fears and awful thoughts, but that’s also from where I get some inspiration sometimes for certain drawings or blog post. Mostly for drawings.

Sixth stop: Dreams

So this is the part when I dream while asleep. Most of my dreams are weird but I like to think of them as a parallel universe in which I get to visit and live in inside my sub conscious. Sometimes dreams are based of things that have happened in my life, sometimes they give me messages like the one I talk about on  the  Dream Diaries: Falling post ( click 2 read, m8 ). That dream I believe gave me a religious message, as in the end of falling and hitting the pavement to my death I hit against a body of cold water in which I’m drowning and appear in a beautiful white dress instead of the black dress I had on beforehand. I’m not even religious. But oh well, thanks for the dream, God!

I think that dreams play a huge part of my imagination, since from them I can get inspiration and think about it and realize stuff and replay them. In some dreams, I can control the world around me ( also known as Lucid dreaming, when you realize you are in a dream and control the world), or in others I don’t know what happened until they come back to me in real life as a form of a Déjà vu. Weird.

Seventh stop: Your stop.

Alright, trips over. I know it was probably cheesy, even more cheesy than the word cheesy which probably makes you cringe but hey at least it was free, right? Now, run along now, fellow reader! Go out and enjoy your summer vacations at a nice beach with white sand and the beautiful ocean!

Unless if you work at a retail shop then….yeah I don’t think you know what vacations are…probably.

I’m sorry. Thanks for reading!



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