Deep Doodles

A sheet of paper.

White, crispy clean. It gives you goosebumps when you run your fingernails down it.

A nice, sharp pencil. How sharp it is, perfect for adding details.

Every stroke you give the paper, like a caress.

Now now, erase gently, you don’t want the paper to loose it’s texture.

One, two, three, moving your wrist back and forth.

Drawing with the heart, not with the hand.

Your eardrums can only hear the music that gives you inspiration, but at the same time all you hear is silence in the background.

It’s like the world doesn’t exist. 

You feel at ease, you feel…calm.

All of your stress is gone. It is amazing what a doodle can do.

One, two, three. Picking different tones of the same color.

People may only see the same color, but to your eyes, it’s more than just one color.

Observing with your mind, not with your eyes.

So many colors to choose from…

Reds, greens, blues, even grays. 

Some aren’t even visible to some eyes. 

But they are seeing with their eyes, not with there heart and mind.

The depth of a dark blue color, how it adds dimensions.

The perfect flawless skin you gave the woman, using orange, pink, yellow and purples. 

Those eyes full of light and emotions.

Your doodle has more life and meaning than most humans. 

One, two, three, different paint brushes.

How the colors bleed.

How you are able to dominate them.

Drawing is not just going to some art class…

Drawing is having the passion. 

Drawing gives you more skills like painting and coloring.

It allows you to master art material, all surfaces and all colors.

Ah, but keep in mind that a good artist doesn’t need the most expensive tools.

A true artist never blames his or hers tools. 

A true artist doesn’t need the best tools. They work with that they have.

A true artist, starts on their own. With no one to help. 

They take risk, ah, how wonderful is the feeling of mixing colors that you never thought possible to mix and blend well together since they don’t “match each other”

Every color matches with each other. 

There is no such thing as an ugly color.

Artist, like to go in depth.

And are not afraid to go in it.

And that depth, is there mind, there heart, there passion, there senses. 

Not everyone is blessed with the skills of mastering a pencil.

An artist explores their imagination, an artist makes the dreams that they see come into reality. An artist draws what he or she hears, what he or she sees, what he or she smells, what he or she touches, what he or she tastes, what he or she remembers.

We are able to even draw people who don’t even exist in reality, but they do in our mind.

And we let them come out and play, to let them see the world and for the world to see them.

We let the world know what we feel, what we see when we close our eyes.

Our emotions. 

It’s like the only way we can express ourselves. 

Our only escape.

Artwork by Madison, Instagram: cooly_kid666 visit her Instagram to view more amazing artwork from her

Inspired by my friend Madison who is the gal who drew that illustration, isn’t it amazing?

Please check her out!


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