The Wind Whispers

“You only hear the music when your heart begins to break”

– “The Kids from Yesterday”

                                                                               by My Chemical Romance.

Tick, tock, the time goes by.

I don’t even remember what we used to do all day.

The leaves start falling off the trees sooner or later.

And with the leafs, you fall.

A summer within, lost in heaven.

The leaves of the trees swing to the rhythm that you beat.

They dance with the rhythm that you dance, they follow your every move.

They even fall, along with you.

They even fly away in the wind, along with you.

I swear that I can still hear you in the wind.

I swear that I still see you dancing with the trees.

Are you out there?

Your voice resonates throughout paradise.

But it haunts throughout my dreams.

But I swear, that I am still listening.

A million branches, and she loved every one.

A few dead trees, but to her they are all evergreen.

You had to leave me, huh?

Running through the wind.

Flying with the birds.

A blueberry pie for your birthday.

It was your favorite.

But you rejected me and decided to accept the apple pie.

And the apple pie was given to you by a sinner…

Who decided to be the one to take you from me…

But you were the one who decided to leave in the first place.

And now you are stuck in time, up ahead in the skies flying high.

Your soul is evergreen now.

You are dancing with the flowers, and your every move gets me going.

You are whispering to me in the wind, as in trying to lure me to you.

I am always hearing, oh all the many things that you say to me.

Don’t worry, I will always keep you alive in my heart, but now it’s time for the leafs to leave with the wind.

And with the wind, you.

But when you come back, don’t worry, I’ll always be waiting.

But this time you won’t come back with the seasons, this time you’ll come back with the wind.

And with the wind, my memories.

And with the wind, the rain.

And with the rain, your tears.

Don’t worry, I forgive you.

It is never too late to forgive.

You caress me with a breeze, and that’s how I know it’s you.

When the wind comes around, I start to see you wandering through the forest.

I start to hear your voice in the wind.

I swear that I can still see you.

 I swear that I can still feel you.

I swear, that I can still hear you.

Please don’t hesitate in speaking to me.

I have forgotten what your voice sounds like, so please remind me.

I’ll always be listening.

I’ll always be watching.

I’ll always be yours.

And one day, you will take me with you.

 This was inspired by Pierce The Veil’s song: Hold on Till May and Gold Medal Ribbon. 

Taking the lyrics “A million branches and she loves everyone” from Hold on Till May and “I swear that I can hear you in the wind” being from Gold Medal Ribbon.

Gold Medal Ribbon is a song dedicated to the girlfriend of the lead vocalist of the band Pierce the Veil (Vic Fuentes) who passed away during the recording of their newest album Misadventures.

Hold on Till May is a song dedicated to one of Vic’s friends who would get neglected as a child and would always climb up a tree and hide there until late to see if her parents searched for her.

I suggest checking out the songs, as they are both very heart touching and make me sad sometimes due to such lyrics..which is when I remembered the lyrics “You only hear the music when your heart begins to break” from MCR’s song The Kids from Yesterday which I also recommend. ^^ Note that Pierce The Veil is a post-hardcore band and MCR ( My Chemical Romance) is a rock band, but the music genre doesn’t matter if you know how to appreciate a good song and good lyrics. ♥

By the way…is it leaves or leafs?



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