I’ll be waiting

I tried, I tried, to make you cry, to make you love me.

All you had to do was say yes.

You don’t see it, but I do see it.

But when will you see it.

But don’t worry, I’ll wait. You will eventually see it.

Do I have to make you see it?

You don’t deserve to be treated like this.

Please don’t force me to do it.

This girl isn’t good for you, but if you want t be with her, it’s for a reason.

I may seem like a sweet person,

but every sweet person has a dark side.

Don’t worry, I will not make you forget about her.

She doesn’t need you, she doesn’t deserve you.

If you are happy with her, then I am happy.

What do I have to do to make you realize that?

All I want to see is you smiling.

Don’t force me to do it, please.

I’ll be waiting for you.

I know the perfect way to make you love me.

Sometimes you don’t remember that you have me, though.

Please don’t force me to do it.

But don’t worry, I will always be there for you.

Well, I have no choice. Too bad.

I know that you do care about me.

The deepness of an intelligent mind.

I know that you’re always busy with your lovely relationship.

Me realizing that I am dying slowly.

But I am always there whenever she’s not.

While you live on happily, but with the wrong person.

And I will always be there.

I need you by my side.

I’ll be waiting for you.

I must have you for me, therefore,

I must get rid of everyone who is in my way.

The sun, the sun, how it illuminates my skin.

A plan.

How it makes me see you clearly.

A well planned plan.

The realization of you coming closer to me.


One day you will realize that i’m the one for you.

She will have to go.

And no one else.

Don’t worry, she’ll be fine with me for a few days.

I just have to give you and your gal sometime.


Patience is the key.

She is gone.

Oh well, she didn’t want to accept to leave you alone,

so I had to get rid of her.

I’ll be waiting.

Don’t worry, I’m not stupid.

I will make sure to hide all the evidence.

Flowers, so colorful and filled with live and vivid dreams.

I must always be with you.

I cannot let anything get in my way.

How the petals fall into the palms of your hands.

I’ll make it look like a suicide, I promise.

You know, if you were to say you loved me…

Don’t worry, she didn’t suffer. She didn’t die slowly.

Oh I would say yes.

Don’t cry, now. Remember that you have me.

I would say yes.

You have always had me, but you’re just blind.

How beautiful do the lights look on your dark, black eyes.


How they illuminate your smile even more.

I’ll make sure that you forget about her.

The rain, how it pours down so happily.

Ah, I knew it. I knew that my plan would work.

It washes away all of the sadness.

It was all just part of my mind, though.

To give us a new start.

This is just what I imagine it will be like.

School, everything seems so normal.

Remember that I’m a woman.

The only difference is people ranting over problems.

I can easily make you fall for me.

They have seemed to affected you.

You’re so adorable, so clueless.

Don’t worry, I’m here for you, remember?

But I love you!

Not like your little lover, who just left you.

And you will finally be mine.

She treated you badly, anyways.

No more having to watch how you embraced

that other girl.

Now you start to see it.

Now I will be the one to embrace you.

But don’t worry, i’ll be waiting for you.

Everything at it’s time.

Aw, what a nice day to take a hike.

Just wait for it.

We found a river, with crystal clear water.

In the meantime, I shall lure her into me.

We sat along the edge of the river together and held hands.

She fell for it.

You seem sad about your girlfriend not appearing, though.

She knows it’s me who is doing this to her.

Don’t worry, I promise she will be okay, she will come back.

Like I imagined, a suicide.

That seemed to make you happy, and we held hands.

One, two, three.

Do you remember?

My face is the last thing you will see.

Do you remember me now?

Wow, what a sad day today.

It is finally done.

I picked out a black dress today.

I must pretend that i’m sad.

Not for you, but for her.

I made sure to pick out something lovely.

Why did she leave you like this?

Ah, what a nice weather!

I understand her sadness, though.

She spent her last days sad.

We have all gone through bad times, but some people go through worse.


And decide there’s only one way out.

My desperation.

My hug to you made you seem happier, though.

But it was worth it.

My hug made you cry, but made you feel warm inside.

Because a well made plan, brings

it’s  awards.

Don’t worry, like I said before, I will always be there for you.


My wait is for you.


Time has gone by, a few months.

I hope you feel good about yourself.

I have helped you to move on, i don’t want to see you sad.

You are falling for me..

You are happier now, which is my happiness.

Ah, how love has it’s ways!

Today we shared a stare into each others eyes.

It is time.

I think I’m ready now.

Come to me.

My wait is you.

But that wait, is now over.

You finally realized that I love you.

Patience and determination is the key to everything.

We have embraced each other ever since then.

Things happen for a reason.

Ah, the greatness of a dark mind!



Well, sorry if it doesn’t make sense. It’s supposed be like, told through 2 different ways. One that she wants the dude to see, and the other is what she actually sees. Hope it made sense. c:











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