On the Carousel of Writers Block

Heere we goo agaaain. Ah, looks like Summer vacations haven’t given me any inspiration to write. Or maybe it did?

If you’ve been on this blog before, you may know that this is probably the 3rd post about writers block that I do.

I just can’t help it.

Like, why does it happen? Why cannot I get over it? I have about 3 different drafts I just did but I didn’t like them. Why can’t I like them? What’s missing from them? What’s missing from me? More inspiration? More ideas? More will to do something? But how can I get that inspiration? How do I get those ideas? How do I get a will to do something about it? I don’t know.  I’m on this carousel of block again. But it’s been a few days since I last posted and I have that urge to post something. I want to but I can’t. Why? Because I have nothing interesting on mind.

Nothing has happened, I haven’t seen anything that catches my attention, no interesting conversations-wait.

Oh my lord.

I just remembered a great TV show that I love to watch. Well, guess I know what to write about tomorrow.

Hmm. Guess that writing about writers block is helpful.

Fortune Telling Tea

Have you ever seen the leftover tea leafs at the bottom of your cup forming a specific shape? Well, that’s the tea trying to tell you something through it’s leafs.

So, although I may not really like tea that much, whenever I have it, whether if I’m in the mood or I was offered some, I always anticipate looking into my cup when I’ve finished my tea because if there are any tea leafs inside, I will get to look at them and make something out of them.

As in, trying to make an image of what my tea leafs are telling me about my future.

So, what is this called?

Image result for tea leaf reading

Tasseography or Tasseomancy is the ability of reading tea leafs to tell somebodies fortune. They will form a specific shape but, do tea leafs really tell your fortune though? That’s up to you to test out and decide.


Anyways, a form of divination is reading tea leafs and the way that you do this is by making tea and not straining it, then sipping it and leaving the tea leafs at the bottom along with a tiny amount of water still left so that the leafs can move around a bit.

Or, you can make the tea, not strain it, and drink away all of the water not leaving anything behind, both methods work, but the way that I know it is by leaving just a tiny bit of water at the bottom.

So anyways, after this is done, you shake your cup around a couple of times and then look at it. Your tea leafs should look like something.

Your tea leafs can form a dog, bird, cat or even a person. There are many symbols and it’s up to your fortune teller or yourself to interpret them.

Related image
Here’s a little image with some of the symbols and their meanings. 🙂

Or just google them. 😛

Now, there are some specially made tea cups that you can use for this like the Zodiac symbol tea cup, which is a tea cup with the Zodiac symbols inside. These usually come with a little book that will help you interpret what the symbols mean. According to which symbols your tea leafs are on, your future will be determined.

There is also the normal Symbol cup which has the most commonly seen figures painted inside it to help interpret the symbols and it also comes with a little book to tell you what they mean. You can also use these cups the same way that you would use the Zodiac ones, as in, seeing where the leafs are placed and interpreting from there.

Although the most common way to do this is by using normal, regular tea cups and seeing what the tea leafs form.

This is a very fun thing to do in my opinion, lol.

It may not be true, it may all be a lie, it may not be a lie but whatever, I think it’s a very fun thing to do and experiment with because why not? The future is written somewhere in the stars, the future does exist, it is very real and it will happen. You CAN indeed know your future, it’s not impossible.

The only issue is finding HOW to know it. So in the meantime, why not have fun with it? Whether you believe it or not, it’s pretty cool to sip your tea and see that your tea leafs are forming some figures. So next time you sip that tea, take a look!

Image result for tea leaf reading
Beautiful, aye? Source


This was a very random post, but I saw that the daily prompt today is ‘Tea’ and I decided to do this post. I hope you learned something new!

Thank you for reading.~


Dead Tree

When I was the weird, hyperactive 9 year old child back in the day, there was a tree at school that me and my friends decided to name: Dead Tree. It was a dead tree.

Childhood is that time in life where nothing really matters. All you want is to just, go outside and play, probably break an arm, climb a tree and basically whatever you feel like doing, ya’ know? Well, when I was a child, in my Elementary school from 4th to 5th grade, all the way at the end of the baseball field, standing alone was a tree. It was a tree that one time in it’s life had leafs but now it had nothing but a bunch of old branches. Yup, the tree was dead.

Hence, me and my friends decided to make it our hangout spot during recess because it was away from all the evil teachers that would yell at us to not jump off the slide. We decided to name the tree and what better name for a dead tree than Dead Tree?

Image result for dead tree
**Not actually Dead Tree, this is just a random tree off Google.

Pfft, yeah, I know! Creativity to the MAX LEVEL. 

William Shakespeare who? Yo, we talking real creativity here with my tree buddy Dead Tree.

Anyways, we did so much with Dead Tree. We climbed it, we would race to it, and once we even planted skittles under it, hoping that a skittles tree would grow.

Now, what’s the point of this story?

That when you’re a child, even a dead tree at your school is your bests friend. I saw that the daily prompt today is ‘Soil’, it reminded me of the time that we tried to revive Dead Tree, even though to us, he was still alive.

And yes, the tree was a boy.

What’s sad is how we grow up, and we forget about these little things in life. Of course, there is always somebody who will forever remember them.

And in that case, it would be me.

One of my most favorite books is the book Ida B: and Her Plans to Maximize Fun, Avoid Disaster, and (Possibly) Save the World by Katherine Hannigan. It’s a children’s novel about a girl named Ida B. who is homeschooled and her only friends are her apple trees. What’s awesome bout it is that she talks to the trees and the trees “talk” to her. Image result for ida b bookSadly, her mother falls sick in Cancer and her father needs to sell some of their land to get money for her mother. Part of the land that he sells is part of her apple trees which, they are all destroyed and taken down for the new owners to build their home there. Ida B. falls into depression and changes her personality quite drastically because everything she loved was being destroyed, from her mother, to her family, to her only friends.

This book, is a wonderful book to me because it is the first book that I read in my childhood that actually left memories of it in me. I love to read, and as a kid I would always read a bunch of those typical children’s books like Captain Underpants, The Berenstein Bears (I refuse to accept the Mandela Effect), The Magic school bus and all that other stuff. Yeah, I do have memories of those as well same with all the plant books and history books I would always read because I had a thing for plants and history (still do) but, Ida B and Her Plans to Maximize Fun, Avoid Disaster and Possibly Save the World is the first ever book that actually gave me feelings and emotions for as a child.

And I related more to that book because of my friend, Dead Tree.

Dead Tree lives in Las Vegas, Nevada in the United States of America. I hope that he is still standing in his place. One day I shall go visit him and hopefully, I’ll see him with leafs like I always wanted to.

And if he’s still dead then whatever, Dead Tree is still the most awesome tree in the world.

Thank you for reading.

https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/soil/ click on these blue letters to be taken to the daily prompt and check other peoples posts.

…….Maybe they have a tree friend named Alive Tree?

Please Bury Me Six Feet Deep Now

You know when you do something or attempt to do something and it all goes wrong and you are left embarrassed and shamed and the experience will haunt you forever?

*flashback to something embarrassing* 

It’s moments like these when you want to just…stick your head in the ground like an ostrich or like the title of this post reads, bury yourself six feet deep into the ground.

Not speaking seriously of course don’t…don’t do that. I don’t why you would do that but no it’s just an expression so…yeah. Don’t.

Most of the times when we do something, we don’t think it’s embarrassing at all until a few days, weeks, maybe even months or years pass by and you are suddenly remembered many, many things that you regret. Or we realize we just turned into the center of attention in a bad way in the moment of doing whatever the fuck you’re doing that went wrong.

Well guess what? I wish I hadn’t done that is just an expression, because the feeling of WHY DID I DO THIS is a reality.

When you do something embarrassing, you don’t want to even remember it. You get kinda annoyed when a friend mentions it, you start to try to distract them or everybody from the topic. But do you know what’s the worst?

When these freaking memories of embarrassment hit you randomly in the middle of class, at 3:00 AM, during dinner, at anytime basically. Like, why does that happen?

Do these embarrassing moments come back to us all of a sudden to remind ourselves of how stupid we are (or can be)? We try to bury all these moments of our life into the deepest black hole ever but they suddenly make themselves come out again.



daily prompt. https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/bury/

If I Could Sail

If I were to sail the world, if I could, I would go to many, many places and do many things while I’m at it.

But do you know where I would go first? Where I would go and observe the beauty?

To the middle of the ocean.

Just, go with a sail boat to the middle of the ocean, lay a towel on the boats floor and lay there watching the birds and the clouds go by, as I feel the ocean waves rocking my boat.

Feel the suns rays while they shine on me, how warm the hugs from the sun feel. How they burn my skin, and make me even more sun kissed than what I already am.


But hey, I’ll enjoy it. Do you know why? Because I’ve never seen the ocean.

Being so close to it, literally 2 hours away, I haven’t gone.

If I could sail the world, I would go to many islands and sit on the sand, collect seashells and watch the sunset. I would go swimming in the oceans water, dive into coral reefs and even though I find sharks cute, let’s try to stay away from them.

This summer I would love to go to the beach and see the ocean, but sadly, once again…

The closest to an ocean that I will be getting to is a pool, rivers and springs.

Oh well, I do enjoy walking in the middle of the jungle to get to a spring! I love driving for 2 hours to get to Crystalline water-filled rivers, and I enjoy getting chlorine in my eyes at pools ().

But one day, one day.

I’ll be on a sail boat.

In the middle of the ocean.


Not alone of course that would probably scare me after sometime hahahaha…..

Blossom with Pride!

If you don’t know, June is LGBT Pride month! Yay! Are you against it? Or are you in favor? Why?

Image result for gay pride

As a child, I was told to always believe that man and woman is what is right. My mother and father were against all homosexuals ( No worries, my parents are now in favor! ).  I would see a man kissing a man on television and hear my father say how wrong it was and I would always think:


Even though as a child I was told to never be like that, that it was wrong, and that I should be against it, I never understood why.

What’s wrong with it? Image result for gay pride

People who are against it have a good time saying it’s wrong but have a bad time saying why it’s wrong. Or, the only thing that they pull up is “The bible says it”.

Look, I also grew up being taught to believe in God and Jesus and the Virgin Mary. I was baptized by the Catholic church, I assisted to a Sunday Church school for like, 3 years and all the other stuff.

But, from what my own religion and from what my own parents have taught me…We are all human beings, and we all deserve to be loved. 

So, why not let man love man? Why not let woman love woman? You wanna be Transsexual? Go for it. Gender-fluid? Sure! Pronouns? Just tell me which ones to use.

That’s another thing- Gender identities. I may not understand the whole pronoun thing, I may not understand your gender identity, but that doesn’t mean I have to disrespect you because of something that I do not understand.

One more thing- I identify as a female. Up and down, sideways, standing or sitting, I am a female. A Pansexual one. Which yes, it is a type of sexuality!


A Pansexual person is a person who doesn’t care about what sex, gender or sexuality you are, all I will ever care about is that you’re a human being and I will love you for that. I will love you for your heart.

I think that due to me being raised taught to disagree with something made me into something that my parents would never approve of. Until now, of course. My parents have learned to accept homosexual people.

Now, instead of my parents telling my little sisters that it isn’t right, they tell them that it’s okay to love and be loved, no matter what.

Because love is an illusion. A beautiful one. Ya see, the problem here is that due to it being an illusion, it can be different for everybody (does that make sense?). And there are many people in this world who fear that that is different, who do not like it. Which is why all this hatred towards people who love differently than what we are taught exists.

Image result for gay prideBe open minded, be accepting, be loving, be caring. Who knows, maybe what you hated is what your kids or you yourself may turn into or end up liking.

Of course, if you are straight and have nothing against homosexual people then good for you. All I’m saying is to respect those who are different. 🙂

Don’t be scared to love, be brave about it! Be proud of who you are! Don’t be embarrassed about it, appreciate it instead.

That was it for today, thanks for reading. ^^


I Need Your Help!

HELP I’M STUCK IN THE OVEN Now that I got your attention, mind sharing your thoughts with me, please?

Hello! It’s been a while since I posted. School keeps me busy, especially with all my finals going on. Anyways, today I ask all of you:

What do you understand by “Horizons: Art with hope”?

Now, the reason to this is because I have entered a contest in the category of Artistic Drawing and the topic of the drawing that I have to present is that one, Horizons: Art with Hope.

But, what do I understand from it?

I think about a drawing that expresses hope, you know, like finding hope when you’re stuck somewhere.

But, what do you understand?

Would you please help me build an image in my mind?

I will be posting all updates, photographs of the drawing process, materials, etc. until the day of the event! Obviously, the drawing will also be shown here on my blog. I have a total of 10 days to start and finish my drawing.

**All thoughts given will be part of the text document in which I will explain how I got the inspiration for the drawing I will create. Of course, I will mention that I got thoughts and opinions from everybody that helps out with this. The drawing that I present will be based on the comments that are given to me.

Thank you! And I hope to hear from you!

-Karuchan~ x ❤