Dead Tree

When I was the weird, hyperactive 9 year old child back in the day, there was a tree at school that me and my friends decided to name: Dead Tree. It was a dead tree.

Childhood is that time in life where nothing really matters. All you want is to just, go outside and play, probably break an arm, climb a tree and basically whatever you feel like doing, ya’ know? Well, when I was a child, in my Elementary school from 4th to 5th grade, all the way at the end of the baseball field, standing alone was a tree. It was a tree that one time in it’s life had leafs but now it had nothing but a bunch of old branches. Yup, the tree was dead.

Hence, me and my friends decided to make it our hangout spot during recess because it was away from all the evil teachers that would yell at us to not jump off the slide. We decided to name the tree and what better name for a dead tree than Dead Tree?

Image result for dead tree
**Not actually Dead Tree, this is just a random tree off Google.

Pfft, yeah, I know! Creativity to the MAX LEVEL. 

William Shakespeare who? Yo, we talking real creativity here with my tree buddy Dead Tree.

Anyways, we did so much with Dead Tree. We climbed it, we would race to it, and once we even planted skittles under it, hoping that a skittles tree would grow.

Now, what’s the point of this story?

That when you’re a child, even a dead tree at your school is your bests friend. I saw that the daily prompt today is ‘Soil’, it reminded me of the time that we tried to revive Dead Tree, even though to us, he was still alive.

And yes, the tree was a boy.

What’s sad is how we grow up, and we forget about these little things in life. Of course, there is always somebody who will forever remember them.

And in that case, it would be me.

One of my most favorite books is the book Ida B: and Her Plans to Maximize Fun, Avoid Disaster, and (Possibly) Save the World by Katherine Hannigan. It’s a children’s novel about a girl named Ida B. who is homeschooled and her only friends are her apple trees. What’s awesome bout it is that she talks to the trees and the trees “talk” to her. Image result for ida b bookSadly, her mother falls sick in Cancer and her father needs to sell some of their land to get money for her mother. Part of the land that he sells is part of her apple trees which, they are all destroyed and taken down for the new owners to build their home there. Ida B. falls into depression and changes her personality quite drastically because everything she loved was being destroyed, from her mother, to her family, to her only friends.

This book, is a wonderful book to me because it is the first book that I read in my childhood that actually left memories of it in me. I love to read, and as a kid I would always read a bunch of those typical children’s books like Captain Underpants, The Berenstein Bears (I refuse to accept the Mandela Effect), The Magic school bus and all that other stuff. Yeah, I do have memories of those as well same with all the plant books and history books I would always read because I had a thing for plants and history (still do) but, Ida B and Her Plans to Maximize Fun, Avoid Disaster and Possibly Save the World is the first ever book that actually gave me feelings and emotions for as a child.

And I related more to that book because of my friend, Dead Tree.

Dead Tree lives in Las Vegas, Nevada in the United States of America. I hope that he is still standing in his place. One day I shall go visit him and hopefully, I’ll see him with leafs like I always wanted to.

And if he’s still dead then whatever, Dead Tree is still the most awesome tree in the world.

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…….Maybe they have a tree friend named Alive Tree?


Sometimes I think About Certain Events

Sometimes, I think about certain events. I think about situations in which, specific things can happen. For instance, that woman standing close to the subway train tracks.

I can just push her right now. 

And nobody will notice, as there is nobody but us two in the subway station right now. It’s late at night, and I have to get home.

5 years ago, strange occurrences started to happen. I sometimes go unconscious. I black out.

I don’t know why it happens, though. I’ve gotten analyzed multiple times but, no answer. Everything seems to be fine with me, but when I regain consciousness, things are different. It’s like I wake up in another dimension or something. People are different, they’re sad. There’s commotion, people disappear, etc.

“Ugh, he’s such a looser!”

Jeez. This woman standing near the tracks is very annoying. She’s become quite notorious to me. She’s always here at this hour. Always talking to her friends about different boys and criticizing her own “friends” through her phone.

You know….there’s no one here at the moment. I can just…push her and walk off and nobody will notice.

Like when my girlfriend was to get married, I remember thinking about sending her boyfriend far away. I still loved her. One day I went dizzy in my flat and…when I woke up, he was gone! And nobody ever noticed he was missing until 3 days later when suspicion came. He never came back.

She cried for a month but, she fell into my arms once again and we are happily together. We never found out where her ex went though but, whatever. Good thing he’s gone.

….Ugh. This girl with her annoying, snotty voice.

…….Oh no. It’s starting to happen again. Everything is spinning around! I can’t pass out now! I’ll miss the-




….Where am I? What happened? What’s the whole commotion about!? Oh no…

“Sir! Are you okay?”

…Wha-why are there paramedics and police officers here? Why is there yellow tape everywhere!? Why-

Oh no.

The annoying girl….

She got pushed into the subway tracks.

But…Oh. It must have happened while I was blacked out!

Sigh….I wonder who would do such an awful thing.

I know I thought of it.

But I would never do such thing.


Hey-yo! Been a while since I last posted, aye? I haven’t the time but in the end, I’ll always find time for what I love.

it’s also been months since I wrote a story of some sort so, I decided to get back to it!

Hope you enjoyed!! 🙂

Thanks for reading~* ^^

I Don’t Know

Going up the elevator early in the morning, time for me to get to school. I have a test to take today. I have a friend to see, I have sports training to do. What could go wrong?

As the elevator door opened, I saw him standing there. “Hey”, he said to me. I said hello back to him. We decided to walk together. Getting to my classroom I noticed that he was suddenly gone. I didn’t even notice him leave but, oh well. Must have ran off.

I go inside my classroom and sit at my desk and talk with my friends. The teacher comes in and everything seems okay up until now. A classmate heads out to the bathroom.

She hands out the test sheets.

I start to answer.

All of a sudden…

No one is there.

The test sheet is gone.

My friend who sits next to me is nowhere to be seen.

Nothing but empty seats.

Where did everybody go?

In fact….WHEN did everybody go?

I don’t know.

I walk out into the hallway and rush to the bathroom. My classmate is in there. I start to tell her that everybody randomly disappeared and she started to laugh and said:

“So did I”.

And she was gone before my eyes could blink.


Nothing but silence.

I rush out into the street and all I see is now gone.

There is nothing.

No cars, no people, I feel lost.

All I can hear are voices and sounds and nothing more.

What’s happening?

What is this!?

I don’t know!

I look into a mirror and I am also gone.

Where did my reflection go?

…I can’t see.

I start to panic.

I am in a feeling of despair… everything is disappearing behind and in front of me.

What is going on?

What is this that is happening?

Am I going blind?

I don’t know.

I am scared when something falls out of my pocket.

I look down and there is something on the floor.


Oh, woops. Silly me, I just forgot to wear my glasses again.

*Puts glasses on*

Oh, well.




….Dammit I missed my test.

Journey to Astral Projection because Why Not- What it is and My Little Experience

Astral Projection is when your soul leaves your body voluntarily into the 4th dimension/astral realms while your physical body sleeps. You are completely aware, conscious and in control of everything. You can fly, meet demons and angels, go anywhere you want, gain things such as knowledge, wisdom, intelligence, better memory, etc.

*Please note that I’m no expert in this lol*

This post will be sectioned in 4:

  • What is Astral Projection?
  • Why Did I Decide to Try This?
  • What are in the Astral Planes?
  • Is it Dangerous?

Feel free to skip ahead to which ever section you feel more interested in 🙂 Each section will be marked with a *.

*What is Astral Projection?

Are you supposed to do it? Not really. You weren’t trained for it, we weren’t brought up taught that we can leave our physical body whenever we feel like it.

Is is safe? Yes, the only thing that stops you is yourself. If you don’t want it to be safe, it won’t. If you want it to be scary, it will be scary. BUT, if you want it to be happy, exciting, positive, it will. It just takes bravery and knowing that your only limit, is YOU.

Is it bad? Nope.

Does it hurt? Not at all.

Is it real? Yes. Here, let me explain it a bit more:

First of all, what exactly is astral projection? It is when you, your spirit, your soul leaves the physical body whenever one desires and may come back when they want to. It is similar to lucid dreaming, but it’s not.

Astral Projection and Lucid dreaming are sometimes said to be the same, but they’re not. There’s a few differences. They are very similar, but very different.

Lucid dreaming, is that you’re in a dream, lets say you’re dreaming of being a famous singer or battling in outer space when all of a sudden you stop and say “Wait….this is a dream.” and then you realize, that you are dreaming and in control.

Astral Projection (AP), or OBE (Out of Body Experience) is when by meditating or relaxing, you fall into a state in which you trick your body to believe that it is sleeping, but your mind is still awake and fully conscious. If you break the cycle, you can fall into sleep paralysis which can be scary to some people. Once in your “Spirit body” or “Astral body”, you can visit any country, speak to entities like ghost and whatever, fly or just hang out.

Basically, the  differences in between AP and Lucid dreaming are:

  • In Astral Projection, you are conscious of everything happening while in a meditative/ relaxed state from start to finish and are in complete control of what to do, where to go.
  • In Lucid Dreaming, you are conscious of everything happening while sleeping when waking up during a certain point of a dream when you come to realize that you are actually dreaming which usually, you cannot change the scene in which you are or go to certain places, since your mind has already put you somewhere.
  • In Astral Projection, you can spy/see the living, see what they’re doing, who they’re with, where there at, etc. and they won’t see you. It’s like you’re a ghost.
  • In Lucid Dreaming, you cannot see the living, because you are dreaming.


When we sleep, we are not conscious of anything. We don’t realize the moment in which our soul/spirit comes out of the body. But that does not mean, that we can’t do it by will. Yes you can, and yes you will….if you want to of course 😛 All though it can happen by accident.

But if you ARE conscious, you will see your physical body sleeping and you hovering over it. You are free, you can go anywhere you want, explore the universe, go to space, etc. You are invisible to the human eye so no one will see you unless if they are also in the astral realms.

Just remember….

You don’t want to invade peoples privacy….

You will never loose your body, you are always attached to it no matter what until the day you die. You are connected to your physical body with a silver cord that is unbreakable and can stretch to infinity and it will NOT break until you die.

Now, how do you do this? Well, there are many techniques out there that you can try, in the end it’s the one that you decide that works best for you and your mind.

…Does this make sense?? .-.

*Why did I decide to try this? 

A few months ago, I fell asleep when I got home from school. I was quite tired from exams so, why not take a nap? That’s when, my eyes opened and I was able to see how my left arm was rising up and everything was blurry. I was like “Oh hi what’s this?” Then,  I woke up. I thought it was very weird but cool, then I just forgot about it.

Until about one day ago… Continue reading “Journey to Astral Projection because Why Not- What it is and My Little Experience”

⋆✮A Million Stars✮⋆

⋆ Oh it’s been a long time. ⋆

°⋆   ✮ It’s been a long time since the last time we saw each other.

Until tonight, of course.⋆ ✦✴✶

We finally meet again. 

⋆✲ °I find, a place where you are hiding.

You’ve been watching me all these years, haven’t you?⋆ ✲°✮ ⋅

And where have I been?

Too busy living, I guess.

I always look for you but never seem to find you.

Until today. 

In between a million stars…⋆ ✦✧✲✶✮.⋅.⋅⋅

…✦✮ All looked the same to me… ✦✮

In between a million stars..

No one seems unique… ✦ ✧..⋅⋅✲ ✶✮..⋅

I’ve been looking for you.

°..✲ ✶ I’ve been searching for you.

Where have you been?

You’ve always been here.

I was just too blind to notice you..°⋅⋆

Out of a million stars…

✦ ✧  ✲ ✶ ✮ You are the most unique.  ✦ ✧  ✲ ✶ ✮

Out of a million stars..

✦ ✧⋅⋅..✲ ✶ ✮ You were the one that stood out to me most. ⋆✦✧✲ ✶ ✮

In between a million stars…

Many to choose from…⋆✦✧✲ ✶ ✮

Many bright ones. ✦✮

⋆✲ ✶ ✮ Many small ones.

♥..✦✧✲.✶ °✮ You were the only one that captivated me.  ✦°✧.✲✶✮..♥

Just like when you were here with me.. ✦ ✧  ✲ ✶ ✮

In this place so called earth.  ✦ ✧  ✲ ✶ ✮

✦ ✧  ✲ ✶ ✮ In this thing that we call life.

But up above where you are..

✦ ✧  ✲ ✶ ✮ In a place called heaven. 

In a place that you call paradise.  ✦ ✧  ✲ ✶ ✮

You take care of me from above.

You come out at night, hoping for me to see you.

✦ ✧  ✲ ✶ ✮ And I hope to one day be able to join you. ✦ ✧  ✲ ✶ ✮

In between a million stars…

Lies the most beautiful star… ✦ ✧  ✲ ✶ ✮

In between a million stars…

⋆⋆ were the smallest one of all…⋆⋆

Out of a million stars…

✦✧✲✶✮~ you were the one that flickered and shined the most the moment I saw you. ~ ✦ ✧✲✶✮

Out of a million stars…

I finally found you once again.  ✦°✧✲✶✮..

Out of a million stars…

✦ ⋆ Your simplicity was the one that brightened my night ✦⋆

Out of a million stars…

⋆✦~you are the one that I will see every single night.~⋆✦

Out of a million stars…

°✦✧⋆✲ ✶°✮ You are the one who speaks to me. ✦°..✧⋆ ✲ ✶ ✮

Out of a million stars…

✦✧ °⋆✲✶✮ You are the only one who listens to me. ✦ ✧°⋆ ✲ ✶✮..°

Out of a million stars…

You……… ⋆✦°✧ ..✲ ⋆✶ ✮ ⋆°

A Million Promises

You promised me Friendship.

And you did it.

You promised me Friendship.

And you broke it.

You promised me Happiness.

And you did it.

You promised me Happiness.

And you broke it.

You promised me Love.

And you did it.

You promised me Love.

And you broke it.


You promised me Sadness.

You’re still doing it.

Out of a million promises.

Only one has been accomplished:

You promised me a good time.

And honestly, you were that good time.

The Original One


Two twins were born.

Two males born together.

Two exact copies of one another.

You can’t tell the difference.

One named Paul.

The other named Pete.

Paul and Pete are happy together.

But Pete doesn’t really like his name.

He wishes that he could be named Paul.

How he wishes for it.

One day, Paul has an accident.

Pete is the only one who was there when it happened.

On his way back, crying to tell his mother, he stops and thinks:

“….Is this my wish come true?”

Two twins were born.

Two males born together.

Two exact copies of one another.

You can’t tell the difference.

One named Paul.

The other named Pete.

Pete had an accident one day.

And Paul was the only one who was there when it happened.

On his way back, crying to tell his mother, he stops and realizes:

“…He’s dead.”

Now Pete is dead.

Paul is still alive.

Thank god he is.

But the question here is…

Is he really Paul?

Or was Paul the one who died?

Two twins were born.

Two males born together.

Two exact copies of one another.

You can’t tell the difference.

One named Paul.

The other named Pete.

One day Paul died.

And Pete took his place.

So in the end,

Who was the one who died?

Who is the original one?