Do Subliminal Audios Really Change Your Body?

Subliminal audios can be found on YouTube by just looking them up. If you want to grow your hair, lose weight or change your eye color, just listen to them for 10 minutes.

That’s right- today we’re gonna talk about subliminal audios that change you completely.

What are subliminal audios?

So far, from what I have picked up, they are songs (or noises) with affirmations playing lowly under the music/noise. Affirmations are a series of phrases being said at the same time that say positive things about what you want to change so that your subconscious can pick them up and start to believe them, leading to your body doing as requested.

For example, if you want to change your eye color from brown to grey, the affirmations that will be playing under the music can say:

  • My eyes are grey
  • My eyes are beautiful
  • My eyes are changing
  • etc.

Now, you cannot hear the affirmations, which is why music is placed over the affirmations. The reason you cannot hear them is so that your subconscious accepts the affirmations, which is why music is played over them, so it can trick your mind into thinking that all you’re listening to is music when in reality- you’re listening to a bunch of phrases that will benefit you. In other words, these affirmations are convincing your mind that they are true to the point in which changes actually start to happen.

Now, there is a huge haul of these audios for everyone’s needs. From losing weight, changing your eye color, getting a deeper voice, getting smarter, getting a better memory, growing longer hair, getting a prettier nose, bigger lips, thinner lips, you name it, there is a subliminal for it.

Of course, there are testimonies for all of this, for example, this one:

This is the video that introduced me to the world of subliminal audios. Now, I would never try a subliminal for changing my eye color, but what I have tried is:

Hair growth.

And guess what? It did grow. My hair grew after listening to this one subliminal audio for about a week. Now, I don’t have pictures for it because I was just doing it out of straight curiosity BUT I am willing to go on and track my progress in my hair growth after listening to these audios.

Do they work then? According to comment sections, yes they do if you believe that they will work and to keep in mind that some people may get results slower than others. Some may get results in months while others in weeks and some in days.

Basically, keep your hopes up.

Also, you gotta stick to it. You gotta listen to these audios as much as you can and stay consistent with them.

So, what are y’all thoughts on all of this? Skeptical? Possible?

I in the personal do know that we have the power to transform everything in our surrounding, so why not interpret that as our mind having the power to transform us into what we desire?

Do you think I’m crazy or would you also try this out?

In the end, remember that us as humans, don’t understand how our minds work to the fullest. There are still things about humans that science cannot explain, and may never be able to. I think it’s good to open up to new things, to new possibilities. Even if we don’t believe, it is still good to explore, ya know? Learn something new and interesting.

I hope that this post was that something new and interesting that you learned today. 🙂

Thank you for reading.


Cacophony In The Mind

Everyday I get up and go

Everyday I walk and I run

I’m here I’m there I’m everywhere

I’m always hearing everything of everything

Chitter chatter, laughter, music, everything

From kids screaming to kids crying

I can work it out, though

I can quiet all the noises

But there is a problem:

How can I quiet the mind?

Sometimes at night all I hear is my thoughts

Sometimes I hear my dreams

Which I don’t mind

But sometimes I hear the memories

The bad ones

So vividly and clear

And many, many times

I just hear them all talking at once

A cacophony of sounds from memories

Of things I will never forget

But things that I am grateful of

In a way, I am.



Please Bury Me Six Feet Deep Now

You know when you do something or attempt to do something and it all goes wrong and you are left embarrassed and shamed and the experience will haunt you forever?

*flashback to something embarrassing* 

It’s moments like these when you want to just…stick your head in the ground like an ostrich or like the title of this post reads, bury yourself six feet deep into the ground.

Not speaking seriously of course don’t…don’t do that. I don’t why you would do that but no it’s just an expression so…yeah. Don’t.

Most of the times when we do something, we don’t think it’s embarrassing at all until a few days, weeks, maybe even months or years pass by and you are suddenly remembered many, many things that you regret. Or we realize we just turned into the center of attention in a bad way in the moment of doing whatever the fuck you’re doing that went wrong.

Well guess what? I wish I hadn’t done that is just an expression, because the feeling of WHY DID I DO THIS is a reality.

When you do something embarrassing, you don’t want to even remember it. You get kinda annoyed when a friend mentions it, you start to try to distract them or everybody from the topic. But do you know what’s the worst?

When these freaking memories of embarrassment hit you randomly in the middle of class, at 3:00 AM, during dinner, at anytime basically. Like, why does that happen?

Do these embarrassing moments come back to us all of a sudden to remind ourselves of how stupid we are (or can be)? We try to bury all these moments of our life into the deepest black hole ever but they suddenly make themselves come out again.



daily prompt.

If I Could Sail

If I were to sail the world, if I could, I would go to many, many places and do many things while I’m at it.

But do you know where I would go first? Where I would go and observe the beauty?

To the middle of the ocean.

Just, go with a sail boat to the middle of the ocean, lay a towel on the boats floor and lay there watching the birds and the clouds go by, as I feel the ocean waves rocking my boat.

Feel the suns rays while they shine on me, how warm the hugs from the sun feel. How they burn my skin, and make me even more sun kissed than what I already am.


But hey, I’ll enjoy it. Do you know why? Because I’ve never seen the ocean.

Being so close to it, literally 2 hours away, I haven’t gone.

If I could sail the world, I would go to many islands and sit on the sand, collect seashells and watch the sunset. I would go swimming in the oceans water, dive into coral reefs and even though I find sharks cute, let’s try to stay away from them.

This summer I would love to go to the beach and see the ocean, but sadly, once again…

The closest to an ocean that I will be getting to is a pool, rivers and springs.

Oh well, I do enjoy walking in the middle of the jungle to get to a spring! I love driving for 2 hours to get to Crystalline water-filled rivers, and I enjoy getting chlorine in my eyes at pools ().

But one day, one day.

I’ll be on a sail boat.

In the middle of the ocean.


Not alone of course that would probably scare me after sometime hahahaha…..

Are You Afraid of Death?

So, are you? It’s a very scary topic to many people, to others, it’s mysterious and to others it’s nothing. Well, we should all see it as a natural and normal thing that happens to every single living thing.

Everything that begins must end, right?

That includes us as human beings. Death is kind of an outlying topic, so let’s talk about it today..?

To me, I like to believe that our body is like a temple, like a house. What lives inside? Our soul, our spirit, our ghost. I like to believe that when the body dies, our soul leaves it’s home and is free to do whatever. Our bodies are just a house for our soul that permits us to live in the physical world and interact in it.

But, where do we go when we die?

What if there is nothing?

Look, here’s the thing: I’ve got two ways of seeing this:

Maybe, whatever you believe that there is after death is what there will be. If you say that there is nothing, just pitch black darkness and silence, when you die you’ll see nothing but that. Meanwhile if you believe that there is a heaven, you will go to that heaven. Do you get it? Basically you create what you want to believe.

BUT on another term, I do like to think that there is a heaven, a God and that we will live happily forever in peace flying around all over the place as spirits.

Now, another question: Are you afraid of dying?

Okay…personally, no. I just find it, weird. I had a dream where I was going to die…or maybe I WAS dying. It felt peaceful. It felt calm. It felt relaxing. Hahahaha, I know, weird.

A quick summary:

A boy tricked me to jump off a building and I felt scared until I saw a beautiful starry night sky and I felt calm and I was feeling the breeze and I looked down to see the ground and I knew I was going to die but I felt happy about it. I knew it was the end, but I started to smile and enjoy the breeze and that’s when I hit the floor BUT It wasn’t a hard floor I fell on to, I went through the concrete floor into very cold, blue water where I was drowning and it felt very peaceful and relaxing to drown. Then, the same boy that made me jump off the building pulled me out of the water.

After that dream, I thought about death and I think that when the time comes I will just simply drift off, I will feel calm and relaxed and everything will be silent for a moment.

And I will enjoy the silence.

And from there, let’s see what happens?

I don’t know, guess that this is kinda a hard topic to talk about. I’m not really scared of dying, because I know that one day it’s going to happen. It’s better to accept it than to be scared of it forever.

We are scared of the unknown because we don’t know what it is (duh), we are scared of things that we can’t experience everyday and death is one of those unknown things that we are scared of. Some people say “One day I will no longer exist”, others say “What will happen? Will I just fall asleep?”, I think that it’s better to believe what you want.

Like a friend that thinks that the second that we die, we are born again to start over. I personally don’t like to think that because that would be something that would scare me: Having to start another life. I don’t want to forget my family, friends and the things I like and my memories, yo! I want to have them forever! Even when I die.

Therefore, if this topic worries you, don’t. Think of it this way: Your body dies, but your soul goes on. You won’t stop existing, only your body will. Think of death in a way that comforts you, not in a way that will make you scared.

Remember to always give thanks for another day of life, okay? Because not everybody woke up today. Let’s hope that we get to live many more days! Until we’re old and look like raisins, right? Hahaha, no worries, you have a long life ahead of you. Don’t think of death now, think of living.

Thanks for reading, feel free to come back tomorrow.

And remember that life is the biggest gift you have.




Quote Of The Week #4

“You only hear the music when your heart begins to break”
-MCR “The Kids From Yesterday”, 2010

What does this mean?

Have you ever been sad, and you hear a song and realize the meaning of the lyrics? It’s because the lyrics relate to you. You don’t even have to be sad to realize what the lyrics of a song mean, just by listening to one you can come to realize many, many things.

Like me for instance, I realized I was friendzoned (ouch) when I listened to the song “Instant Crush” by DaftPunk Ft. Julian Casablancas. Or when I was really, really sad this one time until I listened to the song “Illusion” by VNV Nation.

If you’re feeling down, I really recommend that song.

That song hit me like a damn rock.

Do you get what I’m saying?

When you’re sad, when you feel down, when you’re depressed, a song can make you feel many things. Why? Because the mood that you were in made you hear the music.

It can be for good, it can be for bad.

That’s what I understood from this quote from the song “The Kids From Yesterday” by My Chemical Romance (MCR).