How do Homeless Women Deal with Periods?

I’ve always asked myself this question. What do they do? Do they ask around for pads or tampons? Do they use something else? Do people help them?

So, I decided to go on the great and all mighty YouTube and search it up. Gladly, I found a video and my question found an answer.

The problem now is that, it made me feel both sad and angry at the situation. It’s hard for these women living on the streets.

The video I found was done by the channel Bustle. It interviews multiple women in New York City, USA. It is sad to see these women are worried every month because their cycle is coming or it has arrived. It’s amazing how something that women need is so hard to get for these women. Women need these feminine hygiene products every month to keep clean and to in a way “control” the bleeding. No folks, menstruation isn’t something that we can stop, it isn’t something we can decide whether or not it should happen. It’s a thing that we just do because it’s our nature and it demands to be done every month. But through these products, we can keep it under control until it’s gone.

It’s sad to know that, there are places where you can get condoms for free but not pads nor tampons.

Now, you tell me:

What’s really a necessity? A condom, or a tampon?

I understand that condoms are great to avoid STD’s and pregnancies especially in homeless people, but…I don’t know.

Seems kinda unfair in a way?

Like, a condom isn’t really something you MUST have, it isn’t a necessary object like toilet paper or toothpaste. Meanwhile, a pad or a tampon, is something that a woman needs to take care of period blood from getting everywhere or avoiding smells or infections.

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These women have been really creative using things such as t-shirts, socks and toilet paper/napkins as sanitary pads. It isn’t always the greatest option though. Like mentioned in the video, these women are exposing themselves to infections. It isn’t as clean, it isn’t as sanitary to use these items instead of actual pads or tampons, but what else can they do? What other options can they get?

I know that there are such things as Dollar Stores where they can find the things that they need and I know that in some places there is help for these women such as homeless shelters that can provide them with what they need, and some public restrooms even carry them. But I guess that every situation is different. I guess that not all of them can afford to buy from a dollar store, who knows how much they make. Some may not have access to homeless shelters, either.

But wherever these women are, may they find help. Ladies, if you see a homeless woman on the streets and she needs a pad or tampon, don’t hesitate. Give them one. I’m sure most women carry one around and if not, help them out with buying a box for them. Imagine if you were in their situation, you would want help, no?

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Appreciate what you have because there are women out there who cannot have it and have it hard during those days of the month. Always appreciate and remember to always have a helping hand. We girls gotta help each other out.

But remember: we all have to help out one another no matter genders in the end. We just have to see each other as human beings, and nothing else. If you see a homeless person either man or woman, give them a helping hand. They will appreciate it. And don’t judge them just because they’re on the streets. Don’t instantly assume they’re alcoholics or druggies, they all have a different story.

Just like we each have our life story, so do they.

Just a slightly more different. 😛

What do you think?




Busy Busy Busy…But With What?

Have you ever been so busy that you don’t know what else to do but that’s when you realize…what am I even busy with?

Today during lunch break, I saw a cute boy sitting by himself in front of me and my friend group. We always eat next to the volleyball court and after eating we play. Well, my friends invited the boy to play with them and he said “yeah, sure.”

But….classes had already started? Our teacher was going to arrive a bit late so there was time for a few rounds but, what about his classes?

After a while our teacher arrived and we entered class. The boy asked one of my friends if we could play after our class and we said sure.

We had two hours of the same class, and at the end of the first one he was already there. We told him to wait, so after that he walked by at least 2 or 3 times.

….Don’t you have a class to go to?

At the end of the school day (For me and my class, Wednesdays we have a half day) me and my friends went to the cafeteria and, he was at the cafeteria. He bought a water bottle and sat down at one of the tables. Finished his water, got up, left.

Then he came back and sat down again after about 15 minutes.

That’s when a friend said that she has seen him always sitting in front of the volleyball court doing nothing or in other random places throughout school, also doing nothing.

Then, before we left the school, we saw these girls trying to get him to get up and go to class with them but they failed. We asked the girls what the heck was up with this guy and they said:

“He always says that he’s busy”.


With what?! You don’t even go to class, dude! All you do is roam around school campus! He literally walked by my classroom like, 3 times during class hours.

Just…he doesn’t do anything.


What does he do that keeps him busy?

Who is he?

Is he even a student there? He wears the uniform and all but…wtf?

His friends trying to drag him into the classroom, why?

Why don’t you just go?

Is he scared?

But is he scared of all teachers?

Or is he just lazy?

Does he even care?

What is he busy with?

So much questions.


Is Giving Children at A Young Age Technology A Good Idea?

When I was 9 years old, my dad took me to a pawn shop to show me the laptop that he had chosen out for me, which is the one I’m using to this date, the one I’m using right now, and the one I use for creating my programs, databases, html websites and phone apps.

So, at the age of 9 I was to get a laptop. It was used, but I loved it and I still do, it works perfectly fine. Around the age of 10 we finished paying for it and I took it home with me.

My father sat me down at the table, slid the laptop in front of me and said:

“Learn it. Be smart. Learn to use it for good.”

To which I ignored and started playing dress up games and being on Facebook until the day I got bored of it.

That’s when I was welcomed to Onling RPG games and that’s where I learned how to download and install anything that I want.

I was 10 years old, at the age of 11 I was investigating how to solve virus problems by myself and how to give my laptop maintenance without my dad’s assistance.

At the age of 13, I was on a Nintendo DSi social network platform doing HTML coding from a laptop for designing profiles for the users of that platform in exchange of the platforms currency so that I could play games.

At 14, I was learning to use Photoshop, Blender, Paint tool SAI, Gimp and many other graphic design programs.

And now, I’m at the age of 16 and I’m in my second year of High School in the technical career field of Technical Programming. I am learning Programming Languages, I’m creating programs, websites, apps for phones, Databases and I still have many more to learn. I am two semesters away from graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Programming and as a Physician, after that, I’m off my way to college for Computer System Engineering.

And all of this, because my dad decided to place a laptop in front of me, at a young age.

He wanted me to be smart, to learn how to use a computer to it’s maximum. I took computing in 6th grade where I learned to type. Ya know, correct hand and finger placement on the keys and how to type at a high speed without looking at the keyboard, etc.

And all of the things I learned on my own along with my crazy computing teacher teaching me how to type on a keyboard correctly, are what have helped me get to where I’m at.

And why…?

Because my dad decided to place a laptop in front of me at the age of 10.

So, is giving children technology at a young age a bad thing?


If you, because you are the adult *probably* that gave their child a tablet isn’t responsible to how and what your child does on that tablet, the child may not learn it for good.

But if you have a curious child like me then, don’t worry. Just don’t scold him/her when you walk in to find your child with a screw driver screwing off the back of your laptop just to see what’s in there or cutting headphones to investigate how the cables transmit the audio to your ear.

We live in a generation in which technology is taking over, in which technology is a must-have. Technology is part of the future.

Of course, make sure to go outside, enjoy life and to not become a slave to your phone.

You’re the owner of the phone, you have the control, not your phone.

The more a kid learns how to use a computer or a phone, the better his academical life will be since nowadays kids work on computers a lot or get on the internet to investigate homework…..or play games. Yes, I know I was a little computer nerd when I was younger but hey, I would also play games!  It will be easier for them, it will make their learning a bit more advanced, since they won’t have to go through the instruction to, let’s say, type in a URL. They already know where the URL goes and how to put it in and how to access it, they will know how to access internet, etc.

But remember to make sure that they just don’t sit around and play games, make sure they go outside!

Sure, a world filled with technology, but it’s also a world filled with people. Make sure your child socializes, gets physical activity, everything!

All I’m trying to say is that:

Don’t prohibit your kids from technology. You can even put parent control settings if you’re unsure about it. If they don’t learn, when will they? Of course they can learn on their own pace as time goes by.

Do you agree?
Of course this is my point of view considering my own experience and what I am seeing with my sisters who are aged 9 and 10. So far, they are doing great. 🙂

Thanks for reading.~~

30 days of blogging- day 11?

Le Quote of Le Day #2

“It’s a  good thing to be strange, normalness leads to sadness.”
-Phil Lester, a.k.a. Amazingphil,
Internet Personality.

Philip Michael Lester, says that being normal will lead to sadness. What does this mean?

The way I see it, being normal is like being like everybody else in the world in the way of following trends, doing what everybody is doing, etc. Just to fit in.

Sometimes we do certain stuff only for us to fit in, the problem is that we become so dependent of it that we have to do it, if we don’t then we will feel sad, ashamed, embarrassed of ourselves.

Sometimes girls wear makeup to feel “pretty”, they get so dependent that they cannot see themselves without it on, when they don’t have it on they feel sad, depressed.

Or when a guy joins a sports team only to make his father proud, but he doesn’t like that sport. He does it only for his dad, but doesn’t enjoy it, so he feels sad.

It’s like that, does it make sense?

Being “normal” can mean, being like everybody else just to fit in even if it means that you don’t enjoy it or do enjoy it but too much that sometimes you go crazy when not being “normal”.

Meanwhile, being “strange”, is being yourself. And what would make you happier? Doing, wearing, listening, reading, watching what you love? Or doing the opposite?

I’m not saying that it’s a bad thing to try and fit in, we all have wanted to fit in, but just remember that in the end, your personality speaks more than your appearance, your true self is always better than the costume.

So that’s why you should do whatever the fuck you want to do without a care in the world of what people may think of you.


30 days challenge- Day 9

Favor For A Favor?

You know that one friend who never has money asks you for some and it bothers you every time? Well don’t forget that he/she has done things for you, too.

Yes, it does bother me how my friends ask me for my homework sometimes, but then I remember: I’ve asked them many more times for homework. .-. So that’s why I just do them a favor.

Whether if you need a cover up, money, an excuse, anything, remember that your friends will always be there for you and will do so, so you better do the same! It wouldn’t be fair for you to just use them to your advantage and when they need you, you decline. If you do so, one day when you’ll need something, you won’t get help.

Remember that we all need something from someone.

That’s why in the end it’s better to forget all your egoism and just give a hand (Actually, I think that  that would depend on what the favor is! ). But if a friend that never pays you back needs money for food, just give him/her some. Remember that he/she is the one who always picks you up from school or something so that you don’t have to walk (example).

Sigh, well, it’s better to help out sometimes, right?

Or what do you think?

Favor, or no favor?

*30 days of blogging- Day 6

Is Valentines Day a Stupid Holiday?

Oh yay it’s that time of the year in which I say I love you to my mother and give her something to show her that I really love and appreciate her since ya’ know I don’t show it to her everyday until this day!

Okay, so Valentines day is a day in which love and affection towards friends and loved ones is celebrated by giving gifts, getting together, going out on a date, spending time with your family, etc.

But…can’t we do that some other day? Do we really have to just do that on Valentines Day?

No. If you want to give someone a gift because you love them, because you want them to know that you care about them and appreciate them, do it on some other day that isn’t Valentines day.


Because, if you do it on a random day, it can be a surprise for that person. It can be more meaningful to them because you didn’t give them something on a day that is meant for giving.

You did it on a day that you decided to show your affection.. Does it make sense?

Now, you CAN give a special loved one a gift or go out with them on Valentines Day if you feel like it. It is a day of love and you can take advantage of it and ask someone out or give a gift to someone with a “valid reason”.

So, in the end, I don’t know.

What would you like more:

Receive on Valentines Day, or on a random Monday?

I think that both would make me happy, what about you?

So, is it a stupid holiday? Personally, I don’t really think any holiday is stupid. It’s better to get into the festive spirit and join in on the fun or just watch it all than to be complaining about it all day long!

It’s only a day, you can go through it.

Anywho, thanks for reading. 🙂

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Teachers DO Have a Favorite Student: Teacher’s Pet

Remember when your teacher said that he or she doesn’t prefer some students more than others? Well, they lied. Teachers do have their favorites and their least favorites.

So, in my time in school, I’ve always been that one student who teachers get attached to, mostly in Middle School and right now in High School. Am I currently a teachers pet? Not really. Do some teachers seem to like me more? Yep.

But, why? What is it that makes teachers take notice of some students? Well, I think I know.

It’s because they stand out the most to them.

Is it the looks? No. Smartness? Nope. Popularity? Nuh-uuuh! Grades? Pffft. Money? Omg. Okay okay I get it, but what is it then?

I honestly don’t know.

What? I know I said I knew and I do, its because some stood out the most to them. Why do they stand out the most? I don’t know. Some students just create a nice relationship with their teachers.

Whether if it’s their simplicity, their quirkiness, their intelligence, their shyness, how outgoing they are,  whatever. But if a teacher seems to like you more than others, feel special about it.

Yes, the others will feel jealous, but it’s not your fault, okay?

Is it wrong to have a favorite? Yes, yes it is. Should you not? Well, that depends on the teacher. Do they have a favorite? Of course they do. All teachers have one, even if they don’t admit it.

Honestly, I don’t really see a problem with that unless if the Sensei isn’t treating everybody else the same way as his or her favorite student(s). No matter what, the teacher must always treat everybody the same way, with the same respect.

Sure, they can be more friendly with others or seem to talk more to certain students, but as long as they don’t treat the rest like crap, it’s alright. Or some teachers just stick to after school or class to chat with their favorite students, not mixing their relationships with their work that much, ya’ know? As long as everybody is being given the same chances, the same education, the same respect, it’s all okay.




Btw, glad to be posting again! ^^ Finally, after two busy and long weeks of school, it’s finally over! These two last weeks were my last weeks of 3rd semester in high school. This was a great semester.
Can’t wait to enter my 4th semester! 🙂