About Karuchan

I’m like one of those 200 piece puzzles but different. I’m an endless puzzle. You see me, you think it’s nice and you decide to give me a chance. You open me up and start to put the pieces together when you realize that there’s lots and lots of puzzle pieces missing. You look for them but can’t find them. Where are they? That’s when you realize, that the puzzle pieces appear by themselves. They all just slowly start to appear and build up and start fitting in together until in the end you have a nice picture-but wait! This ain’t a picture!  It’s not over! You may think that it’s over, but a puzzle piece just randomly pops up once again, saying that you have to keep on going. You may get mad, you may get sad, but in the end you’ll just laugh it off, be happy and continue, that is if you want to. Who knows what the picture will turn out being in the end. It can be anything. There’s only one way to discover that and that one way, is getting to know me. I’m not like a painting, because i’m the one who paints my own picture, not somebody else. I’m not a photograph, because I am never standing still. I may be like a book, since the story is always being written. But even that own book is part of this never ending puzzle.

So, why don’t you decide to open up the box and start placing each and every puzzle piece today? You can if you want, you may abandoned me in the future, but that’s ok, because even that will be added to the puzzle.

My name is Karuchan. So get ready for this puzzle. Grab yourself a nice cozy blanket, prepare yourself a mug of coffee and play some music. Start getting cozy, new blog post everyday!

Join the Dark side today! We have cookies. :3 

***** Edit on 17/7/2017 : What the fuck is this About page. I was like, 15 when I wrote this. Hey, I thought it was cool and edgy. Anways, I’m still gonna leave it here. So, hi! I like pizza and cats follow my blog for quality content, thank you. 🙂   

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Enjoy your tree picture!! 🙂 

-Karuchan *****