Is Valentines Day a Stupid Holiday?

Oh yay it’s that time of the year in which I say I love you to my mother and give her something to show her that I really love and appreciate her since ya’ know I don’t show it to her everyday until this day!

Okay, so Valentines day is a day in which love and affection towards friends and loved ones is celebrated by giving gifts, getting together, going out on a date, spending time with your family, etc.

But…can’t we do that some other day? Do we really have to just do that on Valentines Day?

No. If you want to give someone a gift because you love them, because you want them to know that you care about them and appreciate them, do it on some other day that isn’t Valentines day.


Because, if you do it on a random day, it can be a surprise for that person. It can be more meaningful to them because you didn’t give them something on a day that is meant for giving.

You did it on a day that you decided to show your affection.. Does it make sense?

Now, you CAN give a special loved one a gift or go out with them on Valentines Day if you feel like it. It is a day of love and you can take advantage of it and ask someone out or give a gift to someone with a “valid reason”.

So, in the end, I don’t know.

What would you like more:

Receive on Valentines Day, or on a random Monday?

I think that both would make me happy, what about you?

So, is it a stupid holiday? Personally, I don’t really think any holiday is stupid. It’s better to get into the festive spirit and join in on the fun or just watch it all than to be complaining about it all day long!

It’s only a day, you can go through it.

Anywho, thanks for reading. 🙂

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