3o Days of Blogging Challenge!-Day 1

Writers block? Running out of ideas? This is the 30 days of blogging challenge, care to join in?

So I recently have stopped posting after I would post almost everyday and I don’t really like that, after about 2 weeks without posting I feel bad soo I have decided to blog for 30 days straight!

Now, how will this work?

I will be blogging everyday (except maybe Saturdays, since that day I go and help out my aunt at her restaurant) for 30 days.

If I miss a day, then the next day I must make up for it by posting two times.

Why am I doing this?

Because, like I said, I want to post more on my blog. I have become a bit irresponsible with it and I do not like that. My blog is something that I enjoy, that I love. It makes me feel happy to share my life with everybody. I want to share my life stories, my skills and tips, everything I can with as many people as possible in order to spice up somebodies life a little bit…or maybe a lot. 😛

Also, I think it will be a good way to combat writers block. I sometimes don’t post because I have no idea what to write and if I do start writing something it will end up in my drafts. I currently have 37 drafts and I don’t want to add more to that list.

I also think that it will be a good way to open up my mind more, discover new things and to be more creative!

Now, what will I post?

Literally anything. xD I have so many things planned for this! I will be posting:

  • Blog tutorials: How to make your own blog backgrounds, header images, add pictures to your site through widgets, etc.
  • Music reviews: Because why not? From the start of Karuchan I had said that I would do this so it’s time for it!
  • Arts and Crafts: I am quite a very crafty and artistic person. From DIY projects to drawing tutorials! 🙂
  • Story-time: Just, random life stories. 😛
  • Stories, poems: Stories and poems that I sometimes write 🙂
  • Math tutoring: Need help with math? You got a math wiz here! Yes, I love math. ❤ and I don’t mind helping out any student in need. :v
  • Studying tips: Need help on studying for a test or you just want to review everything you learned at school? No probs, I got lots of studying tips that should be effective for you!
  • Random thoughts: This will be for when I run out of ideas or don’t know what to post. Just…randomness. 😛

So, why not join in on the fun and come with me along these 30 days of blogging, eh?? ^^

And yes, I am counting this post as day 1. :v

Tomorrow will be a new day for blogging, and so will the next day, and the next day, and the next day…..


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