He was my Companion

I met him at summer camp. I was crying under the rain sitting beneath a leafless tree.

He came up to me, and said “Hey, what’s going on?”. I looked up to see the most beautiful face ever.

His hair was black and was long, it was a bit past his ears, and he had a fringe that was swept beautifully to the right, his hair was wavy and he had black framed glasses. He was tall and slim. Slim, but fit.

He stood there in his  black skinny jeans and white shirt with a red flannel tied around his waist staring at me. He sat down next to me in the rain and said “Don’t worry, you don’t have to tell me. Everything will be okay”.

After that, we became the most closest friends anyone could ever see. It was amazing how close we were. He made me feel safe, he made me feel good, he made me feel loved.

One night we decided to run away. My parents were out of town, I was alone at home. He climbed up to my balcony that was outside my room on the second floor. What a surprise. He decided to take me out for a little late night stroll.

I left with him. We wandered into the forest together and played the most scariest but the most amusing hide and seek together in the darkness. He took me to a fast food restaurant for late night dinner and we ate it at the beach in front of the ocean. He made a bonfire and we sat in front of it.

We spent all night at the beach. Before the fire went out, we sat in front of each other next to the fire. We gazed into each others eyes. Our hands touched, so did our lips. We looked at each other, his white skin trembling and his cheeks blushing red.

We hugged each other and watched the sunrise on the beach. Before the sun came out completely, he hugged me one last time, looked at me and whispered “Don’t worry, everything will be okay”. He kissed me one last time. When I opened my eyes, he was gone.

I stood up and started to panic. Where was he? Where did he go? He was with me just now! I searched for footprints in the sand but there was nothing. I screamed out to him, hoping that he was nearby. He wasn’t.

I started to run back home.

At home I went onto my Facebook page and searched for him. His profile never existed. I called my mother and asked if he didn’t call her, mother replied with “Honey…he never existed.” I started to go crazy. How could he not exist? He clearly always did! He was with me all this year! We were the best of friends….why would he leave me….?

I started to cry, as I didn’t believe it. I didn’t believe that I was the only one who could see him. I got on my bicycle and rode to his house. When I got there…his house was abandoned. The door and windows were blocked with wooden planks. But why? I managed to bust the back door open. As I went in…I couldn’t believe it. The house that I would spend my Saturdays at was abandoned. Everything was left behind, dusty, dirty. I went up the stairs to his room. Ah! It was his red flannel and glasses lying on the floor!

I went up them and as I picked up the red flannel, beneath it hid a newspaper article.

He and his family had died in a car accident near the summer camp we met 3 years ago.

I couldn’t believe it. I immediately started to cry and scream. I was slowly going crazy. I left the abandoned house with the red flannel in one hand and glasses in the other.

I ran all the way to the outskirts of town where this camp was. It was deserted as I thought it would be, the summer camp was to begin the next day. I went in and I went to the place in which I had met him, the old leafless tree. It started to rain.

I was crying in the rain sitting beneath a leafless tree. Like I initially was. I buried my face into his flannel. I just couldn’t believe it.

That’s when a familiar voice said “Hey, what took you long to get here?” I looked up…it was him. He sat next to me and whispered “It’s okay, everything will be alright….I have to go now, I was supposed to leave earlier but I had to see you once more. You have set me free, thank you. I promise you that I will always be here with you, watching over you. We will meet again soon…I promise”.

He hugged and kissed me. When I opened my eyes, he was gone.

He… was my companion. 



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