Good Artist Copy; Great Artist Steal

As said by Steve Jobs, “Good Artist Copy; Great Artist Steal”.

And it’s true, sometimes.

What do you think? Is it true? Is it not? Sometimes?

Look, take it this way:

A news reporter does a story, another copies it and gets a good story. Meanwhile, if the news reporter were to steal the story, maybe he/she would get a great story? If the original author of the story publishes his/her story, he/her would be only a good reporter, Since the one who stole the story, is already the great one.

Does it make sense?

Or a singer- Copies another singers song, gets a good song. If the singer steals a song though, top hit. Meanwhile the original singer, if he/she releases something similar or the same song, it would be copying, because the other singer is already ahead.

Not always will this be the case, though. There are many great artist out there who are where they are because of their own, original work, they never saw the need to steal or copy from anybody for their own success.

But, then there’s other people, who to get from the roots of the tree to the leaves closer to the sun, copy somebody else’s work, or even steal it if necessary.

Hey, some people will do anything to get to the top. In Steve Jobs case, he stole the computer mouse from Xerox because it was exactly what he needed. After adding the computer mouse to his work, he fulfilled his needs and then received all the credit for the invention of the computer mouse.

But in reality, he didn’t create it.

Which is the next case-

If you steal somebodies work, claim it as yours, the person who is actually responsible for the work will never receive any credit or recognition of any kind. Maybe they will, but all the attention will be centered on the person who stole the work anyways.

So….what makes a good artist?

Their originality? Their ideas? Their creations?


But…what if it isn’t even theirs?

What if they just copied it from someone else, or even stole it all?

But why would they do that?

Maybe because what they needed, someone else had it, so they decided to take it away from them, hey, it’s the easiest solution, right?

But is it truly the right solution?

Hmm….Well, no. Not really. Not at all.

So, are they great artist?

Yes, yes they are.

Because they went ahead of everybody else, and had their “own ideas and creations” 

And that is what an artist is noted for…right?


A Year of Blogging

Oh, it’s April 21st today. Well then. Hmm….


one year of blogging

I enjoy blogging very much, I really do. On my way, I’ve come across many amazing blogs and made great friends, I appreciate it all and I feel very pleased with having my blog. It’s nice to find something new and try it out, I wasn’t really much into writing until I started this blog, now, after a year, I have came to learn to enjoy what I do here and I will keep on enjoying it!

I remember being sad the day I started this blog, lol.

And I’m happy now!

But I still want my french fries sooo….

*Gets depressed*


Thanks for a year of blogging! ^^

More to come~






I’ve Been Having Tempting Thoughts…

I’ve been having such hot, delicious thoughts about you recently..

At night, when I’m alone in my bedroom, covered in coldness, I think about you.

Your so hot, so slim, so long….

It makes me hungry for you….

I just want to shove you all inside my mouth..

And taste that salty goodness.

But my closest McDonald’s isn’t 24 hours.

So my order of fries will have to wait.



This is what happens when you see an ad for fries on TV….isn’t it?

I want fries.

Daily prompt: Fry


…What If I Jump?

Sitting besides the river, the bridge in front of me.

What would happen if I jumped?

I would just get carried away by the water.

And feel relaxed and happy.

Sooner or later I would start to sink, not because of rocks.

But because of my heavy tears.

I bet I would disappear into the ocean sooner or later.

I bet the sun will feel great shining on my face.

Or on my back, whichever way I start to float.

I would fall asleep quickly, won’t I?

I would flow with the fishes, be one of them, yeah?

My skin will no longer glisten and shine.

My smile will no longer exists.

And my eyes, my eyes would close as I start to fall asleep.

My hair will flow beautifully.

My eye lashes will have water drops.

The sun will shine down on me.

And finally, for once, I will feel beautiful again.

Here I am, sitting at the edge of a bridge.

What if I jump?

If I were to jump, who would care?

Would anybody care?

No, no one would.

I bet the cold water will feel like sharp shards of glass.

How they would hurt and sting with every movement.

I have a jolt of excitement, thinking about it.

I would see the birds flying up above me, how the clouds move with them.

And I will be happy.

Oh, but I cannot jump now…

Someone else wants to jump with me.

But what fun will that have?

I want to suffer on my own.

No, not suffer…




I went swimming yesterday to this very beautiful river that’s kind of hidden that had such crystalline water, fishes and many nature and, there was a bridge crossing it. I was sitting on the edge of the river looking up at that bridge and I wondered, how many people have jumped from it?


Sigh, It’s very sad to think that such a beautiful place like that, can be the scenery of such a sad event.

Running away from your issues won’t fix anything, you’ve gotta confront them, get face to face to them and show them who’s better. Don’t let problems take you away, okay? Be strong, be wise, be smart.

And everything will be okay.

Art Of Le Week-Week 5

I think It’s week 5? Anyways, look at this weeks drawing! Perfect for the holiday, eh?


This Week’s are is done by Loputyn on DeviantArt. Why did I choose this as this weeks art? Well, because why not? Look at it! It’s creepy but cute, seems right to me. Sometimes we gotta consider different measures and appreciate things that seem weird. It is art after all, art is supposed to be whatever we want it to be.

And also, a skeletal bunny in a broken egg is not something you would expect for Easter, you would expect something cute, right? Not me.

This Artist, has amazing art. From what I can tell, her art is usually kind of, different in her own way. Some are creepy, some are cute, some make you think, but they all capture your attention. Especially the color scheme she uses. They’re not bright colors, usually she uses pastel/light and dull colors which make her illustrations stand out more.

Credit/ Social Media of creator:

*Make sure to check more of her work out!*

Post: Happy Easter by Loputyn

DA: Loputyn

Prints: Art Prints

Tumblr: Loputyn on Tumblr

I Don’t Want Straight Hair

Tangles and tangles and tangles.

Oh, how I would love to have curly hair!

I would have beautiful, bouncy curls.

I would wear my hair in high, puffy ponytails.

I wouldn’t have to brush my hair at all!

Because that’s how curly hair works…right?

Frizz and frizz and frizz.

Oh, how I would love to have straight hair!

I would have beautiful, long, shiny hair that would fly in the wind!

I would wear my hair in straight ponytails that would unravel smoothly.

I would brush my hair all the time!

but, you know what?

I love my curly hair.

And I also love my straight hair.



Sooo….I was born with curly hair but my curls turned into straight hair as I grew up. Why? I don’t know, they just did. I still have a few curls underneath my hair though. Recently I decided that I didn’t want straight hair anymore though, I wanted to get permanent curls.

So I did.

And guess what happened?

I was complaining about it the first week I had them.

Now that it’s been about 2 months, I love my curly hair. I came to realize that we always want what we don’t have and when we have it, we don’t want it anymore.


Because we got used to not having it. 😛

So what other option do you have? Accept it! It’s what you wanted, right? Now that you have it, enjoy it!

Like me and my curly, bouncy, awesome hair. It looks beautiful! Just like my straight hair did. As long as I’m happy, why should I regret something?

It was my decision in the first place!

Peace out, thanks for reading~~~




I Don’t Know

Going up the elevator early in the morning, time for me to get to school. I have a test to take today. I have a friend to see, I have sports training to do. What could go wrong?

As the elevator door opened, I saw him standing there. “Hey”, he said to me. I said hello back to him. We decided to walk together. Getting to my classroom I noticed that he was suddenly gone. I didn’t even notice him leave but, oh well. Must have ran off.

I go inside my classroom and sit at my desk and talk with my friends. The teacher comes in and everything seems okay up until now. A classmate heads out to the bathroom.

She hands out the test sheets.

I start to answer.

All of a sudden…

No one is there.

The test sheet is gone.

My friend who sits next to me is nowhere to be seen.

Nothing but empty seats.

Where did everybody go?

In fact….WHEN did everybody go?

I don’t know.

I walk out into the hallway and rush to the bathroom. My classmate is in there. I start to tell her that everybody randomly disappeared and she started to laugh and said:

“So did I”.

And she was gone before my eyes could blink.


Nothing but silence.

I rush out into the street and all I see is now gone.

There is nothing.

No cars, no people, I feel lost.

All I can hear are voices and sounds and nothing more.

What’s happening?

What is this!?

I don’t know!

I look into a mirror and I am also gone.

Where did my reflection go?

…I can’t see.

I start to panic.

I am in a feeling of despair… everything is disappearing behind and in front of me.

What is going on?

What is this that is happening?

Am I going blind?

I don’t know.

I am scared when something falls out of my pocket.

I look down and there is something on the floor.


Oh, woops. Silly me, I just forgot to wear my glasses again.

*Puts glasses on*

Oh, well.




….Dammit I missed my test.