Art Of Le Week-Week 5

I think It’s week 5? Anyways, look at this weeks drawing! Perfect for the holiday, eh?


This Week’s are is done by Loputyn on DeviantArt. Why did I choose this as this weeks art? Well, because why not? Look at it! It’s creepy but cute, seems right to me. Sometimes we gotta consider different measures and appreciate things that seem weird. It is art after all, art is supposed to be whatever we want it to be.

And also, a skeletal bunny in a broken egg is not something you would expect for Easter, you would expect something cute, right? Not me.

This Artist, has amazing art. From what I can tell, her art is usually kind of, different in her own way. Some are creepy, some are cute, some make you think, but they all capture your attention. Especially the color scheme she uses. They’re not bright colors, usually she uses pastel/light and dull colors which make her illustrations stand out more.

Credit/ Social Media of creator:

*Make sure to check more of her work out!*

Post: Happy Easter by Loputyn

DA: Loputyn

Prints: Art Prints

Tumblr: Loputyn on Tumblr

I Don’t Want Straight Hair

Tangles and tangles and tangles.

Oh, how I would love to have curly hair!

I would have beautiful, bouncy curls.

I would wear my hair in high, puffy ponytails.

I wouldn’t have to brush my hair at all!

Because that’s how curly hair works…right?

Frizz and frizz and frizz.

Oh, how I would love to have straight hair!

I would have beautiful, long, shiny hair that would fly in the wind!

I would wear my hair in straight ponytails that would unravel smoothly.

I would brush my hair all the time!

but, you know what?

I love my curly hair.

And I also love my straight hair.



Sooo….I was born with curly hair but my curls turned into straight hair as I grew up. Why? I don’t know, they just did. I still have a few curls underneath my hair though. Recently I decided that I didn’t want straight hair anymore though, I wanted to get permanent curls.

So I did.

And guess what happened?

I was complaining about it the first week I had them.

Now that it’s been about 2 months, I love my curly hair. I came to realize that we always want what we don’t have and when we have it, we don’t want it anymore.


Because we got used to not having it. 😛

So what other option do you have? Accept it! It’s what you wanted, right? Now that you have it, enjoy it!

Like me and my curly, bouncy, awesome hair. It looks beautiful! Just like my straight hair did. As long as I’m happy, why should I regret something?

It was my decision in the first place!

Peace out, thanks for reading~~~




I Don’t Know

Going up the elevator early in the morning, time for me to get to school. I have a test to take today. I have a friend to see, I have sports training to do. What could go wrong?

As the elevator door opened, I saw him standing there. “Hey”, he said to me. I said hello back to him. We decided to walk together. Getting to my classroom I noticed that he was suddenly gone. I didn’t even notice him leave but, oh well. Must have ran off.

I go inside my classroom and sit at my desk and talk with my friends. The teacher comes in and everything seems okay up until now. A classmate heads out to the bathroom.

She hands out the test sheets.

I start to answer.

All of a sudden…

No one is there.

The test sheet is gone.

My friend who sits next to me is nowhere to be seen.

Nothing but empty seats.

Where did everybody go?

In fact….WHEN did everybody go?

I don’t know.

I walk out into the hallway and rush to the bathroom. My classmate is in there. I start to tell her that everybody randomly disappeared and she started to laugh and said:

“So did I”.

And she was gone before my eyes could blink.


Nothing but silence.

I rush out into the street and all I see is now gone.

There is nothing.

No cars, no people, I feel lost.

All I can hear are voices and sounds and nothing more.

What’s happening?

What is this!?

I don’t know!

I look into a mirror and I am also gone.

Where did my reflection go?

…I can’t see.

I start to panic.

I am in a feeling of despair… everything is disappearing behind and in front of me.

What is going on?

What is this that is happening?

Am I going blind?

I don’t know.

I am scared when something falls out of my pocket.

I look down and there is something on the floor.


Oh, woops. Silly me, I just forgot to wear my glasses again.

*Puts glasses on*

Oh, well.




….Dammit I missed my test.

Are You Afraid of Death?

So, are you? It’s a very scary topic to many people, to others, it’s mysterious and to others it’s nothing. Well, we should all see it as a natural and normal thing that happens to every single living thing.

Everything that begins must end, right?

That includes us as human beings. Death is kind of an outlying topic, so let’s talk about it today..?

To me, I like to believe that our body is like a temple, like a house. What lives inside? Our soul, our spirit, our ghost. I like to believe that when the body dies, our soul leaves it’s home and is free to do whatever. Our bodies are just a house for our soul that permits us to live in the physical world and interact in it.

But, where do we go when we die?

What if there is nothing?

Look, here’s the thing: I’ve got two ways of seeing this:

Maybe, whatever you believe that there is after death is what there will be. If you say that there is nothing, just pitch black darkness and silence, when you die you’ll see nothing but that. Meanwhile if you believe that there is a heaven, you will go to that heaven. Do you get it? Basically you create what you want to believe.

BUT on another term, I do like to think that there is a heaven, a God and that we will live happily forever in peace flying around all over the place as spirits.

Now, another question: Are you afraid of dying?

Okay…personally, no. I just find it, weird. I had a dream where I was going to die…or maybe I WAS dying. It felt peaceful. It felt calm. It felt relaxing. Hahahaha, I know, weird.

A quick summary:

A boy tricked me to jump off a building and I felt scared until I saw a beautiful starry night sky and I felt calm and I was feeling the breeze and I looked down to see the ground and I knew I was going to die but I felt happy about it. I knew it was the end, but I started to smile and enjoy the breeze and that’s when I hit the floor BUT It wasn’t a hard floor I fell on to, I went through the concrete floor into very cold, blue water where I was drowning and it felt very peaceful and relaxing to drown. Then, the same boy that made me jump off the building pulled me out of the water.

After that dream, I thought about death and I think that when the time comes I will just simply drift off, I will feel calm and relaxed and everything will be silent for a moment.

And I will enjoy the silence.

And from there, let’s see what happens?

I don’t know, guess that this is kinda a hard topic to talk about. I’m not really scared of dying, because I know that one day it’s going to happen. It’s better to accept it than to be scared of it forever.

We are scared of the unknown because we don’t know what it is (duh), we are scared of things that we can’t experience everyday and death is one of those unknown things that we are scared of. Some people say “One day I will no longer exist”, others say “What will happen? Will I just fall asleep?”, I think that it’s better to believe what you want.

Like a friend that thinks that the second that we die, we are born again to start over. I personally don’t like to think that because that would be something that would scare me: Having to start another life. I don’t want to forget my family, friends and the things I like and my memories, yo! I want to have them forever! Even when I die.

Therefore, if this topic worries you, don’t. Think of it this way: Your body dies, but your soul goes on. You won’t stop existing, only your body will. Think of death in a way that comforts you, not in a way that will make you scared.

Remember to always give thanks for another day of life, okay? Because not everybody woke up today. Let’s hope that we get to live many more days! Until we’re old and look like raisins, right? Hahaha, no worries, you have a long life ahead of you. Don’t think of death now, think of living.

Thanks for reading, feel free to come back tomorrow.

And remember that life is the biggest gift you have.




Song A Day Challenge-Day 5: Instant Crush

Aw, the week is over once more. Time to rest, go out with friends and enjoy the weekend, isn’t it?
So I went swimming today with my class (field trip!) And whenever I go swimming, after I take a shower I start to get sleepy so, I just want to drop my phone and lay on the cold floor and sleep right now hahaha xD

Anyways, today I bring you a very calm song that I think is perfect to end the day ( and challenge) with: Instant Crush by Daft Punk ft. Julian Casablancas

So this song is about getting friendzoned. Ya know, you have a crush on a friend but he/she doesn’t like you so it’s weird. I’ve been through this and still am(?).I have a crush on a very close friend but he’s not into me, or atleast that’s how I see it. He’s the kind of guy to always be joking around and I’m the type to always be joking around too so, sometimes I don’t take him seriously and sometimes he don’t take me seriously.

He has given me signs of possible liking but…eh. I don’t know. I’m clueless when it comes to love. I’m not romantic, yo!

And this song is the song that threw a rock at me with a piece of paper tied to it that said “you friendzoned” xD I’m over it already though so, gotta throw that rock back.

Also, I love this music video. It’s the best. So sweet.

Thanks for joining in on this challenge, it was fun!

Song a Day Challenge-Day 4: The Girl Is Mine

Excuse me, can I please talk to you for a minute? Today’s song is 99 Souls Ft. Destiny’s Child:  The Girl Is Mine.

This song reminds me of when I was starting my blog. I was listening to this song all the time during the first months of this blog. xD

I love this video a lot too. It pictures a dude in a world where everything progresses backwards and he seems to be the only one that’s brave enough to go his own way: Forward. But, people always give him weird looks and try to get him to go backwards (As in, not progress in life, they don’t want him to go on) so he decides to go to a clinic where they can teach him to walk backwards but fails when he meets a girl who also progresses forward so they both decide to leave that clinic and continue going forward.

And it has a nice beat to it, too. 😛



Take a minute girl, come sit down
What’s been happening? What’s been happening?
Take a minute, take a minute girl
Take a minute girl, come sit down
What’s been happening? What’s been happening?
Take a minute, take a minute girl
Come too far for you to feel alone
Don’t let him walk over your heart
We’ve come too far for you to feel alone
In your face I can see passion
It’s not hard to see, the girl is mine
It’s not hard to see, the girl is mine
It’s not hard to see, the girl is mine
It’s not hard to see, the girl is mine
Excuse me, can I please talk to you for a minute?
Oooh tomorrow is the last day for this challenge…I wonder what song I’ll choose. Thanks for reading~!