Fortune Telling Tea

Have you ever seen the leftover tea leafs at the bottom of your cup forming a specific shape? Well, that’s the tea trying to tell you something through it’s leafs.

So, although I may not really like tea that much, whenever I have it, whether if I’m in the mood or I was offered some, I always anticipate looking into my cup when I’ve finished my tea because if there are any tea leafs inside, I will get to look at them and make something out of them.

As in, trying to make an image of what my tea leafs are telling me about my future.

So, what is this called?

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Tasseography or Tasseomancy is the ability of reading tea leafs to tell somebodies fortune. They will form a specific shape but, do tea leafs really tell your fortune though? That’s up to you to test out and decide.


Anyways, a form of divination is reading tea leafs and the way that you do this is by making tea and not straining it, then sipping it and leaving the tea leafs at the bottom along with a tiny amount of water still left so that the leafs can move around a bit.

Or, you can make the tea, not strain it, and drink away all of the water not leaving anything behind, both methods work, but the way that I know it is by leaving just a tiny bit of water at the bottom.

So anyways, after this is done, you shake your cup around a couple of times and then look at it. Your tea leafs should look like something.

Your tea leafs can form a dog, bird, cat or even a person. There are many symbols and it’s up to your fortune teller or yourself to interpret them.

Related image
Here’s a little image with some of the symbols and their meanings. 🙂

Or just google them. 😛

Now, there are some specially made tea cups that you can use for this like the Zodiac symbol tea cup, which is a tea cup with the Zodiac symbols inside. These usually come with a little book that will help you interpret what the symbols mean. According to which symbols your tea leafs are on, your future will be determined.

There is also the normal Symbol cup which has the most commonly seen figures painted inside it to help interpret the symbols and it also comes with a little book to tell you what they mean. You can also use these cups the same way that you would use the Zodiac ones, as in, seeing where the leafs are placed and interpreting from there.

Although the most common way to do this is by using normal, regular tea cups and seeing what the tea leafs form.

This is a very fun thing to do in my opinion, lol.

It may not be true, it may all be a lie, it may not be a lie but whatever, I think it’s a very fun thing to do and experiment with because why not? The future is written somewhere in the stars, the future does exist, it is very real and it will happen. You CAN indeed know your future, it’s not impossible.

The only issue is finding HOW to know it. So in the meantime, why not have fun with it? Whether you believe it or not, it’s pretty cool to sip your tea and see that your tea leafs are forming some figures. So next time you sip that tea, take a look!

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Beautiful, aye? Source


This was a very random post, but I saw that the daily prompt today is ‘Tea’ and I decided to do this post. I hope you learned something new!

Thank you for reading.~



Are You Afraid of Death?

So, are you? It’s a very scary topic to many people, to others, it’s mysterious and to others it’s nothing. Well, we should all see it as a natural and normal thing that happens to every single living thing.

Everything that begins must end, right?

That includes us as human beings. Death is kind of an outlying topic, so let’s talk about it today..?

To me, I like to believe that our body is like a temple, like a house. What lives inside? Our soul, our spirit, our ghost. I like to believe that when the body dies, our soul leaves it’s home and is free to do whatever. Our bodies are just a house for our soul that permits us to live in the physical world and interact in it.

But, where do we go when we die?

What if there is nothing?

Look, here’s the thing: I’ve got two ways of seeing this:

Maybe, whatever you believe that there is after death is what there will be. If you say that there is nothing, just pitch black darkness and silence, when you die you’ll see nothing but that. Meanwhile if you believe that there is a heaven, you will go to that heaven. Do you get it? Basically you create what you want to believe.

BUT on another term, I do like to think that there is a heaven, a God and that we will live happily forever in peace flying around all over the place as spirits.

Now, another question: Are you afraid of dying?

Okay…personally, no. I just find it, weird. I had a dream where I was going to die…or maybe I WAS dying. It felt peaceful. It felt calm. It felt relaxing. Hahahaha, I know, weird.

A quick summary:

A boy tricked me to jump off a building and I felt scared until I saw a beautiful starry night sky and I felt calm and I was feeling the breeze and I looked down to see the ground and I knew I was going to die but I felt happy about it. I knew it was the end, but I started to smile and enjoy the breeze and that’s when I hit the floor BUT It wasn’t a hard floor I fell on to, I went through the concrete floor into very cold, blue water where I was drowning and it felt very peaceful and relaxing to drown. Then, the same boy that made me jump off the building pulled me out of the water.

After that dream, I thought about death and I think that when the time comes I will just simply drift off, I will feel calm and relaxed and everything will be silent for a moment.

And I will enjoy the silence.

And from there, let’s see what happens?

I don’t know, guess that this is kinda a hard topic to talk about. I’m not really scared of dying, because I know that one day it’s going to happen. It’s better to accept it than to be scared of it forever.

We are scared of the unknown because we don’t know what it is (duh), we are scared of things that we can’t experience everyday and death is one of those unknown things that we are scared of. Some people say “One day I will no longer exist”, others say “What will happen? Will I just fall asleep?”, I think that it’s better to believe what you want.

Like a friend that thinks that the second that we die, we are born again to start over. I personally don’t like to think that because that would be something that would scare me: Having to start another life. I don’t want to forget my family, friends and the things I like and my memories, yo! I want to have them forever! Even when I die.

Therefore, if this topic worries you, don’t. Think of it this way: Your body dies, but your soul goes on. You won’t stop existing, only your body will. Think of death in a way that comforts you, not in a way that will make you scared.

Remember to always give thanks for another day of life, okay? Because not everybody woke up today. Let’s hope that we get to live many more days! Until we’re old and look like raisins, right? Hahaha, no worries, you have a long life ahead of you. Don’t think of death now, think of living.

Thanks for reading, feel free to come back tomorrow.

And remember that life is the biggest gift you have.




Journey to Astral Projection because Why Not- What it is and My Little Experience

Astral Projection is when your soul leaves your body voluntarily into the 4th dimension/astral realms while your physical body sleeps. You are completely aware, conscious and in control of everything. You can fly, meet demons and angels, go anywhere you want, gain things such as knowledge, wisdom, intelligence, better memory, etc.

*Please note that I’m no expert in this lol*

This post will be sectioned in 4:

  • What is Astral Projection?
  • Why Did I Decide to Try This?
  • What are in the Astral Planes?
  • Is it Dangerous?

Feel free to skip ahead to which ever section you feel more interested in 🙂 Each section will be marked with a *.

*What is Astral Projection?

Are you supposed to do it? Not really. You weren’t trained for it, we weren’t brought up taught that we can leave our physical body whenever we feel like it.

Is is safe? Yes, the only thing that stops you is yourself. If you don’t want it to be safe, it won’t. If you want it to be scary, it will be scary. BUT, if you want it to be happy, exciting, positive, it will. It just takes bravery and knowing that your only limit, is YOU.

Is it bad? Nope.

Does it hurt? Not at all.

Is it real? Yes. Here, let me explain it a bit more:

First of all, what exactly is astral projection? It is when you, your spirit, your soul leaves the physical body whenever one desires and may come back when they want to. It is similar to lucid dreaming, but it’s not.

Astral Projection and Lucid dreaming are sometimes said to be the same, but they’re not. There’s a few differences. They are very similar, but very different.

Lucid dreaming, is that you’re in a dream, lets say you’re dreaming of being a famous singer or battling in outer space when all of a sudden you stop and say “Wait….this is a dream.” and then you realize, that you are dreaming and in control.

Astral Projection (AP), or OBE (Out of Body Experience) is when by meditating or relaxing, you fall into a state in which you trick your body to believe that it is sleeping, but your mind is still awake and fully conscious. If you break the cycle, you can fall into sleep paralysis which can be scary to some people. Once in your “Spirit body” or “Astral body”, you can visit any country, speak to entities like ghost and whatever, fly or just hang out.

Basically, the  differences in between AP and Lucid dreaming are:

  • In Astral Projection, you are conscious of everything happening while in a meditative/ relaxed state from start to finish and are in complete control of what to do, where to go.
  • In Lucid Dreaming, you are conscious of everything happening while sleeping when waking up during a certain point of a dream when you come to realize that you are actually dreaming which usually, you cannot change the scene in which you are or go to certain places, since your mind has already put you somewhere.
  • In Astral Projection, you can spy/see the living, see what they’re doing, who they’re with, where there at, etc. and they won’t see you. It’s like you’re a ghost.
  • In Lucid Dreaming, you cannot see the living, because you are dreaming.


When we sleep, we are not conscious of anything. We don’t realize the moment in which our soul/spirit comes out of the body. But that does not mean, that we can’t do it by will. Yes you can, and yes you will….if you want to of course 😛 All though it can happen by accident.

But if you ARE conscious, you will see your physical body sleeping and you hovering over it. You are free, you can go anywhere you want, explore the universe, go to space, etc. You are invisible to the human eye so no one will see you unless if they are also in the astral realms.

Just remember….

You don’t want to invade peoples privacy….

You will never loose your body, you are always attached to it no matter what until the day you die. You are connected to your physical body with a silver cord that is unbreakable and can stretch to infinity and it will NOT break until you die.

Now, how do you do this? Well, there are many techniques out there that you can try, in the end it’s the one that you decide that works best for you and your mind.

…Does this make sense?? .-.

*Why did I decide to try this? 

A few months ago, I fell asleep when I got home from school. I was quite tired from exams so, why not take a nap? That’s when, my eyes opened and I was able to see how my left arm was rising up and everything was blurry. I was like “Oh hi what’s this?” Then,  I woke up. I thought it was very weird but cool, then I just forgot about it.

Until about one day ago… Continue reading “Journey to Astral Projection because Why Not- What it is and My Little Experience”