I Need Your Help!

HELP I’M STUCK IN THE OVEN Now that I got your attention, mind sharing your thoughts with me, please?

Hello! It’s been a while since I posted. School keeps me busy, especially with all my finals going on. Anyways, today I ask all of you:

What do you understand by “Horizons: Art with hope”?

Now, the reason to this is because I have entered a contest in the category of Artistic Drawing and the topic of the drawing that I have to present is that one, Horizons: Art with Hope.

But, what do I understand from it?

I think about a drawing that expresses hope, you know, like finding hope when you’re stuck somewhere.

But, what do you understand?

Would you please help me build an image in my mind?

I will be posting all updates, photographs of the drawing process, materials, etc. until the day of the event! Obviously, the drawing will also be shown here on my blog. I have a total of 10 days to start and finish my drawing.

**All thoughts given will be part of the text document in which I will explain how I got the inspiration for the drawing I will create. Of course, I will mention that I got thoughts and opinions from everybody that helps out with this. The drawing that I present will be based on the comments that are given to me.

Thank you! And I hope to hear from you!

-Karuchan~ x ❤


Art of The Week- Week #1

Here is the long awaited art of the week! So the first ever art of the week that I bring you is this drawing by my best friend Madison over at cooly_kid666 on Instagram. I felt like the first art of the week should be hers since I find her work very unique and I just love it.
Feel free to check out more of her work!

Want to participate in art of the week? Click here! to visit the post in which I explain what this is and how it works.

Send in your work at karuchan90@gmail.com and set the subject as “Art of The Week”. All type of art is welcomed! Photography, paintings, drawings, everything!

So get creative, send in your work and you may appear as the art of the week and may win as the art of the month. Both art of the week and art of the month will appear on my blog front page. ^^

Thanks, and see ya next week with another work or art!

Art of the Week

*ANNOUNCEMENT!!!* I will start doing this weekly and monthly thing in which, every week a selected piece of art whether if it’s a drawing, painting, doodle, photography, clay statue, nail art, makeup, designs of whatever, etc. will be selected to be the “Art of the Week“. At the end of every month, the best pieces of art work will be selected and counted down from 1-10 as the “Monthly Art rates “. The art work that didn’t make it into an Art of the Week will also be featured in the Monthly art rates. In the end, one will be selected as the “Art of the Month“! Both art that was selected as an Art of the Week and art that didn’t make it can win the Art of the Month. If you want to participate, feel free to send in your work to: Karuchan90@gmail.com!!  All art work will be credited of course! In order to participate,  you must include the following:

  • Name (Doesn’t have to be full name, it can be a code name/ nick name)
  • Age (you can send in your age as ? if you don’t want to give it out)
  • Gender
  • Name of art work
  • Website (Optional; Blog, Facebook page, DeviantArt, Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter, etc.)
  • Contact info (Optional; Email, Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, etc.)
  • Description of art work ( Optional)

*This info will be published along with the art work. 

Everyone is welcomed to participate! No matter what type of artwork you send in, every type of artwork is accepted! Please feel free to participate!