With October just a few days away, with it comes the monthly challenge for artists- Inktober! Do you like to draw? Join in!


Official Site

What is “Inktober”?

Inktober is the worldwide yearly challenge that takes place during the month of October which consist of a daily ink drawing for the whole month. It follows a list of daily prompts since the year of 2016 and has rules to it. Rules, prompts and a video explaining more are set below!

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What is the purpose of this challenge  ?

The purpose is to practice the skill of drawing. Drawing everyday for a month is a great way to practice the skill in order increase your abilities.

Why do it?

Like I said in the first question, the purpose is to get better and better at the art skill of drawing, which would be one of the main reasons as to why do this challenge. Another great reason would be to be able to explore different art styles, try them out, learn them, and see which one fits best to us. In short terms, discover our art style. Also, it can really help with drawers block!

Also, if you have no art skills and would like to learn, this is also a great way to learn to draw and in general, learn! Even if it’s just a thing or two. 🙂

Why am I doing it?

Well, by coincidence, I have drawers block. .-. So yeah, that’s honestly my main reason. Another thing that I have: Writers block. So, writing bout this, sharing my artwork and all that stuff may give me some sense of inspiration to write, right?

How can I do it?

Just simply draw something using ink, take a picture, posted online anywhere that you please and hashtag it with #Inktober and #Inktober2017. Here’s a video:

Also, in question of materials- You do not need any fancy materials to do this. I will be using my cheap pens that I use at school and my cheap, regular sketchbook. You can do a pencil base first and ink it later. 🙂


Note: you can do it daily, or go the half-marathon route and post every other day, or just do the 5K and post once a week. What ever you decide, just be consistent with it. INKtober is about growing and improving and forming positive habits, so the more you’re consistent the better.                      Taken from Inktober official site found here.

Official prompt list: 

Each day of the month has it’s prompt, just like WordPress has it’s daily prompt! Taken from the official Inktober site found here.


The challenge will start on Sunday, October 1st of this year and will end on Tuesday, October 31st.

This is my first year doing this challenge. Now, I’m that type of person that always tries to do these daily challenges and fails Like my 30 days of blogging challenge…. but this time I do want to really complete this challenge.

I will not lie, I do think that there will be days in which I won’t be able to draw but I will always try to catch up! Even if it’s just a quick sketch.

I want to invite every artist out there, whether if you’re a professional, intermediate or beginner to participate! You can post in all types of social media- Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, WordPress, Pinterest, Tumblr, DeviantArt, etc. Just make sure to tag it with the hashtags:



Also, I would love to see your artworks, so feel free to tag me in your post!

Any questions? Feel free to comment them down below and I will reply as soon as I can!

I hope to see many of you participating in this year’s Inktober! 🙂

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I can smell bacon coming from the kitchen. Hm.



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