Goodbye, Kitty- Letter to God

Dear Lord,

I would like you to take very good care of my cat. I’m very sad that he had to leave to go with you, but it’s okay. I know that he won’t suffer never with you. Please, take good care of him. Here’s a list for you to know how to care for him, please memorize it:

First off, he eats Whiskas. He doesn’t like the little red squares, he always leaves those but no worries, in the end he does eat them. Also, he likes to beg for food whenever he sees somebody eating, so when you’re eating, please give him a bit. He loves spaghetti, pancakes, ice cream especially vanilla, he likes cookies, cereal and bread soaked in milk. As for meats, he eats them all. Chicken, pork, cow, fish, you name it, he’ll eat it.

Make sure to give him fresh water.

He likes to be pet. Please pet him gently on his head and neck. He also likes it when you scratch his head and neck gently. I have long fingernails, so that’s probably why, but it’s okay, he’ll like your nails, too. Don’t pet him on the stomach though, he will bite you and attack.

Play with him please. He loves to chase around ribbons and shoelaces. If you can, grab a shoelace and tie a little cat teddy bear on it and use that to play with him, that way he can have a replica of his favorite toy that me and my sisters made. If not, give him a stuffed teddy bear to chew and carry around in his mouth. He will also sleep with it.

Oh and, he also likes to play fetch…but don’t expect him to bring whatever you threw at him back because well, he won’t.

Let him sleep on the sofas, please. Every morning let him lay with you in bed and sleep, hug him while you do so and cover him up with your blanket.

When he bites you, let him bite you. Don’t worry, he has all his shots. And it doesn’t really hurt.

Also, he has fleas sooo take those out, okay?

Thanks for having my cat stay with you until it’s my time to go meet up with him. In the meantime, please keep this list near so that you know how to care for him, although I’m pretty sure you already know how.

I know that you would never want me to be sad, but I cannot help it. You know perfectly that me, sisters and my parents loved that cat so much, but now all I can do is imagine him and miss his beautiful meow. My sisters don’t know that he died and is with you, and I don’t want to tell them as they will be heartbroken. They are children, anyways.

I mean, they’re still looking for the cat. It’s been three days in a row that they go out on their bikes in search for him.


Thank you for reading this,

Love, Karuchan.


RIP Spacey the Cat. He was a strong space ranger that came to me deep from the unknown galaxies of space.

This cat will continue to have a place in my heart forever. I will miss having his scratches and bites all over my hands.

Spacey 04/04/2017- 28/08/2017


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