Fortune Telling Tea

Have you ever seen the leftover tea leafs at the bottom of your cup forming a specific shape? Well, that’s the tea trying to tell you something through it’s leafs.

So, although I may not really like tea that much, whenever I have it, whether if I’m in the mood or I was offered some, I always anticipate looking into my cup when I’ve finished my tea because if there are any tea leafs inside, I will get to look at them and make something out of them.

As in, trying to make an image of what my tea leafs are telling me about my future.

So, what is this called?

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Tasseography or Tasseomancy is the ability of reading tea leafs to tell somebodies fortune. They will form a specific shape but, do tea leafs really tell your fortune though? That’s up to you to test out and decide.


Anyways, a form of divination is reading tea leafs and the way that you do this is by making tea and not straining it, then sipping it and leaving the tea leafs at the bottom along with a tiny amount of water still left so that the leafs can move around a bit.

Or, you can make the tea, not strain it, and drink away all of the water not leaving anything behind, both methods work, but the way that I know it is by leaving just a tiny bit of water at the bottom.

So anyways, after this is done, you shake your cup around a couple of times and then look at it. Your tea leafs should look like something.

Your tea leafs can form a dog, bird, cat or even a person. There are many symbols and it’s up to your fortune teller or yourself to interpret them.

Related image
Here’s a little image with some of the symbols and their meanings. 🙂

Or just google them. 😛

Now, there are some specially made tea cups that you can use for this like the Zodiac symbol tea cup, which is a tea cup with the Zodiac symbols inside. These usually come with a little book that will help you interpret what the symbols mean. According to which symbols your tea leafs are on, your future will be determined.

There is also the normal Symbol cup which has the most commonly seen figures painted inside it to help interpret the symbols and it also comes with a little book to tell you what they mean. You can also use these cups the same way that you would use the Zodiac ones, as in, seeing where the leafs are placed and interpreting from there.

Although the most common way to do this is by using normal, regular tea cups and seeing what the tea leafs form.

This is a very fun thing to do in my opinion, lol.

It may not be true, it may all be a lie, it may not be a lie but whatever, I think it’s a very fun thing to do and experiment with because why not? The future is written somewhere in the stars, the future does exist, it is very real and it will happen. You CAN indeed know your future, it’s not impossible.

The only issue is finding HOW to know it. So in the meantime, why not have fun with it? Whether you believe it or not, it’s pretty cool to sip your tea and see that your tea leafs are forming some figures. So next time you sip that tea, take a look!

Image result for tea leaf reading
Beautiful, aye? Source


This was a very random post, but I saw that the daily prompt today is ‘Tea’ and I decided to do this post. I hope you learned something new!

Thank you for reading.~



15 thoughts on “Fortune Telling Tea

  1. That sounds so interesting and fresh!!! A unique tradition. Though I can relate it at some level, as here where I live we are quite fond of fortune telling on coffee remainders on the bottom of the cup! We even have an App for it. You upload the pic of your cup and get commented on your future. I guess it would’ve worked for tea as well.

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    1. I also know about coffee reading but I grew up practicing it on tea. So it’s like a tradition where you live? That’s nice! Cool, I never thought I’d hear of an app like that, I’ll make sure to check it out and test it on some tea!

      Liked by 2 people

      1. “I also know about coffee reading but I grew up practicing it on tea.”
        *Hears about app that does coffee readings- “I’ll make sure to check it out and test it on some tea!”

        Karuchan… Always going at it against the crowd huh XD

        I’ve never heard of such a thing before. Very interesting indeed. Maybe you can read mine for me in future 😉

        Your pal,

        Liked by 1 person

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