Blossom with Pride!

If you don’t know, June is LGBT Pride month! Yay! Are you against it? Or are you in favor? Why?

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As a child, I was told to always believe that man and woman is what is right. My mother and father were against all homosexuals ( No worries, my parents are now in favor! ).  I would see a man kissing a man on television and hear my father say how wrong it was and I would always think:


Even though as a child I was told to never be like that, that it was wrong, and that I should be against it, I never understood why.

What’s wrong with it? Image result for gay pride

People who are against it have a good time saying it’s wrong but have a bad time saying why it’s wrong. Or, the only thing that they pull up is “The bible says it”.

Look, I also grew up being taught to believe in God and Jesus and the Virgin Mary. I was baptized by the Catholic church, I assisted to a Sunday Church school for like, 3 years and all the other stuff.

But, from what my own religion and from what my own parents have taught me…We are all human beings, and we all deserve to be loved. 

So, why not let man love man? Why not let woman love woman? You wanna be Transsexual? Go for it. Gender-fluid? Sure! Pronouns? Just tell me which ones to use.

That’s another thing- Gender identities. I may not understand the whole pronoun thing, I may not understand your gender identity, but that doesn’t mean I have to disrespect you because of something that I do not understand.

One more thing- I identify as a female. Up and down, sideways, standing or sitting, I am a female. A Pansexual one. Which yes, it is a type of sexuality!


A Pansexual person is a person who doesn’t care about what sex, gender or sexuality you are, all I will ever care about is that you’re a human being and I will love you for that. I will love you for your heart.

I think that due to me being raised taught to disagree with something made me into something that my parents would never approve of. Until now, of course. My parents have learned to accept homosexual people.

Now, instead of my parents telling my little sisters that it isn’t right, they tell them that it’s okay to love and be loved, no matter what.

Because love is an illusion. A beautiful one. Ya see, the problem here is that due to it being an illusion, it can be different for everybody (does that make sense?). And there are many people in this world who fear that that is different, who do not like it. Which is why all this hatred towards people who love differently than what we are taught exists.

Image result for gay prideBe open minded, be accepting, be loving, be caring. Who knows, maybe what you hated is what your kids or you yourself may turn into or end up liking.

Of course, if you are straight and have nothing against homosexual people then good for you. All I’m saying is to respect those who are different. 🙂

Don’t be scared to love, be brave about it! Be proud of who you are! Don’t be embarrassed about it, appreciate it instead.

That was it for today, thanks for reading. ^^



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