The Effects Of Music In Us

Ah, you know that one song that you would cry yourself to sleep with? Or the one that made you feel like running outside and dancing? Yep, we all know those songs.

Don’t we?

Music is sound. It’s waves of noise, that’s all it is. Music doesn’t exist *physically*. You cannot touch it, you cannot see it. You can represent it with notes I guess, but, it’s just a representation, isn’t it? You can play an instrument, sing, whatever.

But, music is nothing but sound. audio3

Beautiful sound.

So beautiful that it can cause emotions in us that we don’t understand.

We all have that one song that makes us feel sad, happy, mad, confused. In my case, I have songs that by listening to them I’ve realized things like “…shit I have a crush on him” or “Ah I’m an idiot”, you get the picture, right?

“You only hear the music when your heart begins to break”
                                                            -MCR, The Kids From Yesterday


But the point here is:

Music makes you feel.

But, why? Why can music do this?

Okay, let’s get explaining!

We human beings (yes, that includes you too) have this thing in us called Serotonin. Now, Serotonin is believed to be a magical thing. You know why? Because Serotonin is thought to be what makes us feel. It can make you feel love, mad, sad, happy, depressed, sexual desire, sleepy, hunger/appetite and all that stuff. It also has to do with your pain receptor, if I recall correctly. Serotonin is commonly known as the ‘Happy brain chemical”.

Now, when you listen to a song, it can make you feel lots of stuff. According to scientific research, If a song makes you feel happy, it’s because the song you’re listening to made your Serotonin levels increase. Now, if you’re listening to a song that makes you feel sad, your Serotonin, decreased.

Basically, songs affect your serotonin levels which are the ones that are said to be in charge of your mood. In fact, many anti-depressants contain this chemical. A large portion of this chemical is located in the nervous system.

Music traces our mood through our ears. When you listen to a song that you love, it makes you feel amazing, it makes you feel happy, you’re in a good state, or maybe it makes you feel sad or like going on a freaking rampage.

Music can make you feel empowered, crazy, wild, calm, etc. In fact, it can even trigger memories or thoughts, reflections.audio1

Take for instance, this song here by one of my all-time favorite Musical Artist- Grimes. What does it make you feel?

To me, it makes me feel relaxed.

Music can even inspire you, which is my case:

I can listen to a song, it will give me a certain mood, and I will start to interpret the song as an image that I will lay out on paper. To help, I listen to the song that inspired me while drawing, so that the image I’m creating won’t get lost.

Actually, lots of my blog posts are inspired by songs too, like this post. 🙂

Music plays a major role when it comes to feelings, at least in my view. People write songs for others when in love, they dance to them when the music gets to their bones, they use songs to relate to each other, they use them to confess feelings to others, they use them to make fun of people, to express a statement, etc.

Send shivers down my spine 

Make my eyes water

Give my ears your vibrations 

And make me open my eyes to your words.

Aaaah, I love this.

But sometimes it’s just not the music itself that gives you the feels, it can also be the music videos. The visuals, styles, images depicted, etc. Take for instance this music video by Melanie Martinez, a singer and songwriter who is very unique in all her ways.

*Warning! If you’re a bit squeamish towards blood and um… skin getting peeled off of someone for plastic surgery, then, there’s a small scene in this where that happens so, just to let ya know!

What did that one make you feel? Did it make you think? Reflect? Remember?

In fact, I met a psychologist once that gave an MP3 player to one of his young patients since music would help him with his social anxiety and, so far it’s working. 🙂

Music in the end, it has many effects on us. It can make us go and do stuff, say stuff, act a certain way, feel many things and much, much more.

What do you think?

Anyways, I hope that this made sense!

====================What type of music do I like?============================== 

I’m into some kinda different styles of music from what you hear on the radio. I love Synthpop, Synthwave (Gotta thank ManvsLoneliness for introducing the genre to me!). Really recommend those two genres, it gives you an 80’s-90’s feel!

I also love Heavy Metal music, Slipknot being my favorite. But my number one favorite band is Pierce The Veil, which is a post-hardcore band.

for modern everyday Pop, Lady Gaga is my all-time favorite since childhood. There are many other singers like Melanie Martinez, Kimbra and more that have songs that I enjoy too.

I can enjoy some Hip Hop and Rap songs as well, especially the ones with a thousand swear words in them, those are perfect for singing at school during classes!

Thank you for reading~

-Karuchan90 ❤



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