Sometimes I think About Certain Events

Sometimes, I think about certain events. I think about situations in which, specific things can happen. For instance, that woman standing close to the subway train tracks.

I can just push her right now. 

And nobody will notice, as there is nobody but us two in the subway station right now. It’s late at night, and I have to get home.

5 years ago, strange occurrences started to happen. I sometimes go unconscious. I black out.

I don’t know why it happens, though. I’ve gotten analyzed multiple times but, no answer. Everything seems to be fine with me, but when I regain consciousness, things are different. It’s like I wake up in another dimension or something. People are different, they’re sad. There’s commotion, people disappear, etc.

“Ugh, he’s such a looser!”

Jeez. This woman standing near the tracks is very annoying. She’s become quite notorious to me. She’s always here at this hour. Always talking to her friends about different boys and criticizing her own “friends” through her phone.

You know….there’s no one here at the moment. I can just…push her and walk off and nobody will notice.

Like when my girlfriend was to get married, I remember thinking about sending her boyfriend far away. I still loved her. One day I went dizzy in my flat and…when I woke up, he was gone! And nobody ever noticed he was missing until 3 days later when suspicion came. He never came back.

She cried for a month but, she fell into my arms once again and we are happily together. We never found out where her ex went though but, whatever. Good thing he’s gone.

….Ugh. This girl with her annoying, snotty voice.

…….Oh no. It’s starting to happen again. Everything is spinning around! I can’t pass out now! I’ll miss the-




….Where am I? What happened? What’s the whole commotion about!? Oh no…

“Sir! Are you okay?”

…Wha-why are there paramedics and police officers here? Why is there yellow tape everywhere!? Why-

Oh no.

The annoying girl….

She got pushed into the subway tracks.

But…Oh. It must have happened while I was blacked out!

Sigh….I wonder who would do such an awful thing.

I know I thought of it.

But I would never do such thing.


Hey-yo! Been a while since I last posted, aye? I haven’t the time but in the end, I’ll always find time for what I love.

it’s also been months since I wrote a story of some sort so, I decided to get back to it!

Hope you enjoyed!! 🙂

Thanks for reading~* ^^


6 thoughts on “Sometimes I think About Certain Events

  1. I love this story! For a moment I thought it was real…because sometimes don’t we all wish how the annoying people would go away 😀 Haha, maybe the person who blacked out did do the deed…you just never know when you are in a half-awake, half-asleep state of mind. Great piece of writing 🙂

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