Good Artist Copy; Great Artist Steal

As said by Steve Jobs, “Good Artist Copy; Great Artist Steal”.

And it’s true, sometimes.

What do you think? Is it true? Is it not? Sometimes?

Look, take it this way:

A news reporter does a story, another copies it and gets a good story. Meanwhile, if the news reporter were to steal the story, maybe he/she would get a great story? If the original author of the story publishes his/her story, he/her would be only a good reporter, Since the one who stole the story, is already the great one.

Does it make sense?

Or a singer- Copies another singers song, gets a good song. If the singer steals a song though, top hit. Meanwhile the original singer, if he/she releases something similar or the same song, it would be copying, because the other singer is already ahead.

Not always will this be the case, though. There are many great artist out there who are where they are because of their own, original work, they never saw the need to steal or copy from anybody for their own success.

But, then there’s other people, who to get from the roots of the tree to the leaves closer to the sun, copy somebody else’s work, or even steal it if necessary.

Hey, some people will do anything to get to the top. In Steve Jobs case, he stole the computer mouse from Xerox because it was exactly what he needed. After adding the computer mouse to his work, he fulfilled his needs and then received all the credit for the invention of the computer mouse.

But in reality, he didn’t create it.

Which is the next case-

If you steal somebodies work, claim it as yours, the person who is actually responsible for the work will never receive any credit or recognition of any kind. Maybe they will, but all the attention will be centered on the person who stole the work anyways.

So….what makes a good artist?

Their originality? Their ideas? Their creations?


But…what if it isn’t even theirs?

What if they just copied it from someone else, or even stole it all?

But why would they do that?

Maybe because what they needed, someone else had it, so they decided to take it away from them, hey, it’s the easiest solution, right?

But is it truly the right solution?

Hmm….Well, no. Not really. Not at all.

So, are they great artist?

Yes, yes they are.

Because they went ahead of everybody else, and had their “own ideas and creations” 

And that is what an artist is noted for…right?



2 thoughts on “Good Artist Copy; Great Artist Steal

  1. ‘There is nothing new under the sun.’ I think it’s a pretty crap saying, but then again Steve Jobs was a crap person. He did steal the credit for everything he’s now ‘known for’ and he was a complete egomaniac. But…because he ‘stole’ he claimed ownership. Copying means you left behind the original and people know who you copied. Stole means you took it away from someone. Which did lead to his success. So maybe it’s also about if you want to succeed and get ahead, you have to be a terrible person.

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    1. Very true. Jobs was a very egocentric, straight-forward, rude person. Well, Bill Gates also stole from Steve Jobs to make Windows better lol. When Steve found out, he got super mad but Bill reminded him that he did the same thing with many things that he needed. But still, Steve Jobs was a pretty, crap person, which I guess, did in fact lead him to his success?

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