I’ve Been Having Tempting Thoughts…

I’ve been having such hot, delicious thoughts about you recently..

At night, when I’m alone in my bedroom, covered in coldness, I think about you.

Your so hot, so slim, so long….

It makes me hungry for you….

I just want to shove you all inside my mouth..

And taste that salty goodness.

But my closest McDonald’s isn’t 24 hours.

So my order of fries will have to wait.



This is what happens when you see an ad for fries on TV….isn’t it?

I want fries.

Daily prompt:ย Fry



11 thoughts on “I’ve Been Having Tempting Thoughts…

  1. I would direct you to look at McDonald’s in Japan and check out their Mega Potato size order of french fries. It’s ridiculous. And they also have the ‘shaka shaka’ fries with different seasonings. AND A WHITE AND DARK CHOCOLATE DRIZZLED FRIES.

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