…What If I Jump?

Sitting besides the river, the bridge in front of me.

What would happen if I jumped?

I would just get carried away by the water.

And feel relaxed and happy.

Sooner or later I would start to sink, not because of rocks.

But because of my heavy tears.

I bet I would disappear into the ocean sooner or later.

I bet the sun will feel great shining on my face.

Or on my back, whichever way I start to float.

I would fall asleep quickly, won’t I?

I would flow with the fishes, be one of them, yeah?

My skin will no longer glisten and shine.

My smile will no longer exists.

And my eyes, my eyes would close as I start to fall asleep.

My hair will flow beautifully.

My eye lashes will have water drops.

The sun will shine down on me.

And finally, for once, I will feel beautiful again.

Here I am, sitting at the edge of a bridge.

What if I jump?

If I were to jump, who would care?

Would anybody care?

No, no one would.

I bet the cold water will feel like sharp shards of glass.

How they would hurt and sting with every movement.

I have a jolt of excitement, thinking about it.

I would see the birds flying up above me, how the clouds move with them.

And I will be happy.

Oh, but I cannot jump now…

Someone else wants to jump with me.

But what fun will that have?

I want to suffer on my own.

No, not suffer…




I went swimming yesterday to this very beautiful river that’s kind of hidden that had such crystalline water, fishes and many nature and, there was a bridge crossing it. I was sitting on the edge of the river looking up at that bridge and I wondered, how many people have jumped from it?


Sigh, It’s very sad to think that such a beautiful place like that, can be the scenery of such a sad event.

Running away from your issues won’t fix anything, you’ve gotta confront them, get face to face to them and show them who’s better. Don’t let problems take you away, okay? Be strong, be wise, be smart.

And everything will be okay.


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