I Don’t Know

Going up the elevator early in the morning, time for me to get to school. I have a test to take today. I have a friend to see, I have sports training to do. What could go wrong?

As the elevator door opened, I saw him standing there. “Hey”, he said to me. I said hello back to him. We decided to walk together. Getting to my classroom I noticed that he was suddenly gone. I didn’t even notice him leave but, oh well. Must have ran off.

I go inside my classroom and sit at my desk and talk with my friends. The teacher comes in and everything seems okay up until now. A classmate heads out to the bathroom.

She hands out the test sheets.

I start to answer.

All of a sudden…

No one is there.

The test sheet is gone.

My friend who sits next to me is nowhere to be seen.

Nothing but empty seats.

Where did everybody go?

In fact….WHEN did everybody go?

I don’t know.

I walk out into the hallway and rush to the bathroom. My classmate is in there. I start to tell her that everybody randomly disappeared and she started to laugh and said:

“So did I”.

And she was gone before my eyes could blink.


Nothing but silence.

I rush out into the street and all I see is now gone.

There is nothing.

No cars, no people, I feel lost.

All I can hear are voices and sounds and nothing more.

What’s happening?

What is this!?

I don’t know!

I look into a mirror and I am also gone.

Where did my reflection go?

…I can’t see.

I start to panic.

I am in a feeling of despair… everything is disappearing behind and in front of me.

What is going on?

What is this that is happening?

Am I going blind?

I don’t know.

I am scared when something falls out of my pocket.

I look down and there is something on the floor.


Oh, woops. Silly me, I just forgot to wear my glasses again.

*Puts glasses on*

Oh, well.




….Dammit I missed my test.



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