Song A Day Challenge-Day 3: Hold On Till May

I’m feeling nostalgic today! So today I bring you a favorite from my favorite band Pierce The Veil: Hold On Till May.

Time to get your emo out!

The song, it is dedicated to one of Vic Fuentes (the singer) ex girlfriends. The first part about the tree is what got him to write the song. His ex would get ignored by her parents as a kid so she would sometimes go and hide in a tree for hours hoping for her parents would come and search for her but they never did. And as for the rest of the song, talks about their ups and downs.

And as for the song title, this song gets it name from a girl who committed suicide, she would always hold her deadline to May but when May came, she didn’t have the courage so she would wait until next May. Sadly, people (people, not life) took her down before she got to May, but now she’s in peace.

This song reminds me of lots of stuff. Both good times and bad times. It’s mostly that type of song that makes me feel sad but nostalgic at the same time(?).

If I were you I’d put that away
See, you’re just wasted
And thinking ’bout the past again
Darling, you’ll be okay

And she said:

“If you were me, you’d do the same
‘Cause I can’t take anymore
I’ll draw the shades and close the door
Everything’s not alright and I would rather…”



13 thoughts on “Song A Day Challenge-Day 3: Hold On Till May

      1. Is that just my age showing then? Emo when I was in high school were the really long baggy black pants that covered your shoes. And they had chains like everywhere. It was crazy. Grunge made you look like you lived in a garage. Just all plaid and ripped denim. Hahah.


      2. Well 90s grunge was you know, the ripped jeans, the plaid shirts, lots of leather. It was supposed to be dirty and very ‘I don’t care’ and you know, Seattle punk. Murky and mucky. Hahah.
        Oh btw, I tweeted you the bucket pic!

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