Song A Day Challenge-Day 1: Oblivion

So I was challenged my ManvsLoneliness to post a song each day! Now, if you have sticked around, you know I  have a veeery diverse taste in music. So let’s do this! So, from my understandings, it will be a total of 5 songs posted for 5 days as in, one song per day for 5 days. You gotta share the lyrics or a bit of the lyrics and write down the meaning that they have for you. 🙂

We’re starting off with Grimes- Oblivion. One of my most favorite songs by Grimes, who is a synthpop artist. Ahh, such loveliness. I have spoken about her multiple times on this blog and lots of my post have been inspired by her music. Anyways, Oblivion is a song with a bit of an 80’s, maybe 90’s vibe and sound to it.

Oblivion is a song with lots of meaning, it talks about how Grimes was able to overcome her sexual assault that caused her a fear towards men, reason why in the music video she is around many men (Video is down at the bottom!). The song was her way of getting her fear out of her life. The music is so bright and happy but the lyrics let you know that it’s not all happy.

To me this song means that you cannot live in fear forever. You gotta come out one day, because even though your room may seem dark and cold, out there is a world filled with light and sun. Don’t let something take over your life, use it to make you stronger. Overcome your fears, don’t be afraid to do so and if you need help, ask. Speak up. Don’t be afraid to tell someone to help you back up. Sometimes we can’t do things ourselves so we look for help.

Life has to keep on going, you cannot just give up.


I never walk about, after dark, It’s my point of view
‘Cause someone could break your neck.
Coming up behind you, always coming and you’d never have a clue.
I never look behind, all the time
I will wait forever,
always looking straight. Thinking, counting, all the hours you wait.
See you on a dark night
See you on a dark night
See you on a dark night
See you on a dark night
And now another clue, I would ask, if you could help me out?
It’s hard to understand,’Cause when you’re running by yourself It’s hard to find someone to hold your hand.
And now it’s good to be tough on me
But I will wait forever
I need someone else to look into my eyes and tell me Girl you know you gotta watch your health
To look into my eyes and tell me La la la la la To look into my eyes and tell me La la la la la La la la la la La la la la la

You just gotta love this girl. xD She’s one of the few artist to always have something unique. All her songs sound different from each other and they can even range from genres. Like, she has a song that’s more of a pop song and then she has a song that’s more on the electronic type music. Actually, that song, the electronic one, was originally written by her for Rihanna but she rejected the song. Good thing she did! Because Grimes decided to sing it herself and damn, beautiful. The song is called GO for anybody that is interested. ^^

Anyways, before I end up writing down her whole biography or list of songs, it’s best to end this post here! Thanks for ManvsLoneliness for challenging me! Make sure to check out his blog for his 5 songs and why not read some of his other posts?

And I would love to see Benjamin from PBIY do this little challenge 😛


4 thoughts on “Song A Day Challenge-Day 1: Oblivion

  1. Glad you’re taking on the challenge! This is a nice song. I can’t say cute because of the context but…it’s so goddamn poppy I’m so surprised by its conception. Also of how high her voice is. I was expecting something hoarser and more grungy. I love the fun, poppy, but also slightly eery and spacey effects of synth.

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    1. It will be a fun challenge! Really enjoy her songs, her new stuff is a bit more upbeat but I love it all 😛 Another song of hers I really like is Reality. She has a song, Nightmusic, you can really appreciate the synth in that one.

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