Where Did My Life Go?


One sunny August day in Delaware I was born.

All of a sudden I’m in Kindergarten. And now I’m learning to divide in Elementary school.

When did I get here?

In fact…why am I in Las Vegas, Nevada?

Oh, some kids are playing basketball. I want to join the team.

I joined! Now I just gotta jump as high as I can and shoot the ball!

…well, I did jump as high as I could but I didn’t shoot the basketball..looks like I’m a cheerleader now.

And I’m in Middle school?

When did I even move from Las Vegas to Mexico? Did time really go by that fast?

Well, I’m still young, right?

And I’m bored…So I’ll just get drawing.

Sigh….I wish I would grow up faster.

Oh, look. Now I’m in High school. Looks like I made it into one of the most prestigious high schools.

It’s 4th semester now, I’m in the career of programming and I changed cheerleading for dance school. Good! I didn’t even like cheer.

Ah, another day for school-what.


I already graduated high school?

What am I doing in college? I’m only 16…right?


Looks like I’m older now.

But I don’t feel ready for this yet…I still feel like a little girl.

Hmm…I hope I don’t grow up too quick.

Sigh…If only I could go back to high school and play volleyball with my friends.

Well, at least I’m in college right? I gotta focus on-


Never mind, I already graduated as an engineer.

Oh, and I’m working now? What?

But I feel like I’m only 13….

But I’m older?

I feel nervous…I feel stressed.

Dancing always helps me! …And one-two-three-spin!

…yeaaah I spinned to see the face of some grumpy dude yelling at me at work.

I’m just going home.

…This house is mine? Wow.

Oh look, a photo of me when I was 17!

Wait-I feel sick-ah great I’m pregnant.

But…but…when did I get married!?

Hmm…so there’s my wedding photo.


I feel tired.

Who’s that in the mirror?

Is that…ME!?

How old am I!?

What happened to my black hair!?

What happened to my soft skin!?

Where did these wrinkles come from?

Where did this gray hair come from?

I’m old.

Sigh…If only I could age slower.

Where did all those years go?

What happened?

Why am I like this now?

I was literally 8 years old playing basketball 5 minutes ago…wasn’t I?

Why does time go by so quickly?

Why can’t it go slower?

I guess it’s part of an ordinary life..

To just blink…

And die.


So I was at school this morning staring at my computer screen at the computer lab after spending two hours trying to solve a program error in an android app. I kind of lost my patience so I just sat there for another 5 minutes reflecting on my life decisions.

And then I started to realize that I’m growing up.

And that I once set my curtains on fire trying to cook an egg.


*Insert thinking face here*













































Soooo I was at school and I couldn’t solve a program for an android app I’m creating after about two hours of trying so I just got to the point in which I did nothing but sit there staring at the computer screen and reflecting about my life decisions.

…..Dammit, I’m growing up and I already set my curtains on fire after my failed attempt of making an egg. Hmm. *Insert thinking face here*


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