How to: Your Own Blog Background with Microsoft Paint: Pattern

Want to spice up your blog with a personalized background? No worries! Here I’ll teach you how to create your own blog background through 3 different methods, all easy! No skills of any kind required!

Example of method 3: Words

I’ve gone through various blog backgrounds, some I have done myself  and I don’t even use any type of professional graphic design software or any of that.

So, what you will need for this is:

  • An image of your choice
  • Microsoft Paint
  • A blog
  • Creativity

Skill level required: None!

Alright! So, lets start!

Here are the three methods:

  • Method 1: Copy and Paste– Use an image from the internet
  • Method 2: Create- Create your own image
  • Method 3: Words– A background with words instead of an image

Feel free to skip ahead to whichever method interests you the most!

Method 1: Copy and Paste

1.- Go on Google because no one uses Yahoo or Bing (hahaha..don’t take this seriously) and think of what you would like as a blog background. Once you thought of it, type it in the search bar and head into Google images.


*NOTE: take your time to look for the perfect background!

2.- Once decided, copy the image and paste it to a new file in Paint. From here, resize the image to your liking.


3.- Place the image anywhere you want and to make a pattern, repeat the image like so:


*note: Once you resized the image, if you click outside the little dotted box that is around the image, you will no longer be able to select it. If this happens, use the select tool and select the image. Then, right click and click on copy. Paste the image and move it to create your pattern. If you haven’t clicked out of the box, right click> copy> paste and move.

You can also just leave the image in one place.

4.- Save the image, go on your blog to “My Site” and go into the customize option save.PNG

From there, go to “Colors and Background”

save2click on “Change”, and select your background image that you created.

5.- Select it, and click on okay to see your background. 🙂

Now, if you don’t like it, whether if it’s out of place, too big or doesn’t look good, go back into Paint, open up a new file and re-paste your image and resize it and place it where you think it would look better or, select a new image.

After that save it as the same name as the original image to replace it or save it under a different name and add it to your blog like in step 4.

And there you have it! ^^ Your background is now a lovely pattern!



Method 2: Create

Want to make your own pattern with a color scheme and everything? Here ya go:

1.- Open up a new file on Paint.

2.- You can select one of the little figures from this box:


3.- Once you select a figure, click and drag on the white part/ canvas to draw the figure, once drawn let go and edit it out by changing the colors, filling, length, thickness, etc. :


tutorial5once you click out the box anywhere on the canvas, you can’t change the length, width, thickness.

tutorial2to fill in a shape, click on the bucket tool  and click on the center of the shape. You can change the color at any moment.

tutorial3 to change the shapes outline color, when you’re done drawing the image, change the color. Once you changed the color to the color of your liking, click anywhere on the canvas. Or you can use the bucket tool, just click on the lines with the tool and the color will change. You can change the outline color at any moment.

tutorial4to change the shapes outline thickness, once done drawing the shape, click on the size tool and select a size. Once you selected a size of your liking, click anywhere on the canvas.

tutorial6 to change the background color, use the bucket tool, select a color and click anywhere on the canvas to change the color. You can change the background color at any moment.

4.- Make sure to order the shapes appropriately. For example, on my blog backgrounds, I want to make sure that the image I selected doesn’t interfere with any text, I want all text to be visible and for nothing to block it.

To prevent that, you can change your blog text colors or, fix up your background.

That’s why, choose the order carefully! As well as colors!

5.- Once done, save the image, go to WordPress and set is as your background.

If any editing must be done, go back into the file and edit the image.

Here’s an example with grey stars:


Method 3: Words

Add words as your background, like so:


This one, is my favorite!  

To do this, I recommend you use light colors! You don’t want any colors to block out any text, or you can just switch up your blogs color palette. So be careful when using this one!

1.- As always, open a new file on Paint.

2.- Use the text tool, click on it and then go to the canvas. Click and drag to create a text box.

3.- In that text box, type down whatever text you feel like displaying on your blog:


Remember: If you click outside the text box, you will not be able to edit the text and may have to start again or undo it, but by using the undo tool, the text disappears anyways..

4.- Select the text that you want to edit:words2

to change fonts, text sizes, apply bold letters, italic letters or underline letters, use the tools from this box:


You can give each line of text a different font, size, color, etc. :


You can also overlap text.

To change the text color, select the text you want to edit and choose a color.

*Remember to use soft, light colors! Well, it’s more recommendable! But do as you wish.

*Also, I know I keep mentioning it but, careful with clicking outside the text box! If you do, you will not be able to edit that certain text.

5.- Continue to insert text boxes and text in them until you get the result you like.


Add whatever text you want to add! Get crazy with it! You can simply add your blog name all over or keep it in a corner or in the center for a watermark or just fill the whole thing up with words!

6.- Save the file, go to WordPress and set the image as your background.


And that is it! 😀

Pretty simple, right? At least I tried to make it as simple as I could. If you are having any troubles, feel free to contact me! You can either leave me a comment on this post, contact me through my contact page or by email at

That is all for now, thank you for reading, and have fun with your blog!



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