Sleepy, Starry, Rainy Nights

Sleepy nights, starry nights,

Oh so bright up above.

Nothing like a sip of coffee from your mug,

As you watch the rain from your balcony.

Families watching Master Chef, as others make calls on their phones.

The dogs barking every know and then, a few cars driving by your home.

What’s the rush, what’s the rush?

Sleepy, starry, Sunday nights.

Teenagers laughing while others are sad.

Oh, Monday is coming, Monday is coming.

Parents going to sleep on their blue bed sheets, while others sleep on white ones.

Nice and silent rain, nice….and silent.

As a family cries, a member goes up above.

But, it’s beautiful up there, isn’t it?

Sleep tight, good night.

We’ll see each other one day.

As we are all heading towards the sky.

To enjoy these rainy, sleepy nights together.


…*.:.*For my dear friends Grandpa that just past away…*.:.*.:
May he rest in peace.

Have a good night, thanks for reading.


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