So I read a post over at PBIY about a game called “Guess The Scene” and it reminded me of a game called Basta! That I really enjoy! So, here are the rules and how to play!

Basta! Is a very common game here in Mexico. It’s a game for all ages and you can play with one or more people. I really like this game because it makes you think and it makes you kind of realize how much you know.

Here’s the only materials you will need:

  • A pen, marker, pencil, anything to write with
  • Paper

You have 5 categories: Name, Surname, City, state or country, flower or fruit (plants and trees can be included), a thing and an animal.

Write those categories down like so and make a chart:

Feel free to print this chart out if you feel like it! If not, just copy it onto a sheet of paper.

The number of rows are the rounds that you will play. In the last column, “Total”, is where you will write doew

The rules are:

1.- Someone in the group of players will recite the alphabet and another player will say “Basta” (which means stop) on a letter and the letter that they say stop on will be the chosen letter.

2.- Once the letter is chosen, you have to write a name, surname, city, state or country, flower or fruit, a thing and an animal that start with that letter.
3.- When a player finishes, he/she starts to count “basta 1, basta 2, basta 3…” until whatever number, lets say 10. If the player gets to 10, the round stops no matter if you’re not done writing down a word in a category.
4.- If two or more players have the same word written down in the same category, it’s 50 points in that category. If someone has something different, 100 points and if someone has something completely out of context, o points. At the end of, lets say, 12 rounds, whoever has the most points wins.


I choose the letter “B

I write down:
Name: Britney
Surname: Benitez
City or Country: Berlin
Flower or Fruit: Banana
Thing: Boat
Animal: none

You write down:
Name: Bernadette
Surname: Bustamante
City or Country: Buenos Aires
Flower or Fruit: Black berry
Thing: Bar
Animal: Bat

I would have a total of: 500 points for the round
You would have a total of: 600 points for the round, therefore, you would win the round.

*At the end of each round, sum up the total of points, at the end of all the rounds, the player who wins will be the one with most points summed up.

Therefore, you would win the round.

Hope it was easy to understand and have fun playing!




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