Student Record to Criminal Record

A straight A student in a university. At least for the record. No one beats him in anything, he’s the scientific mastermind. He’s so smart, he’s intelligent, he’s charming, he’s got the looks.

Always the one to pass all exams with an excellent grade. “Congrats”, is what he’s used to from his teachers. He never fails, at anything. All questions asked, he knows the answers to.

Not to mention he’s got a way with the ladies, eh?

One after an another.

He’s got his own place in school.

At least for the record.

But all records are beaten, right?

Well, that’s what happened with him. One day, he answered a question on an exam incorrectly. He tried to not make a big deal about it. “Eh, I’ll pass with my assignments and projects..” is what he would say to everybody.

Well, he did pass. But not with Straight A’s. He got a B in that class.

His very first B.

The whole school was spreading the rumor, everybody was asking him, “What went wrong?”.

And you’re right, what did go wrong?

A straight A student offering his teacher to do anything he wanted in exchange of not letting his record be broken. Of course, as a good and respectful teacher, said no.

He couldn’t sleep at night.

He walked down the hallways with everybody looking at him.

He couldn’t take the pressure.

So he’s in jail now.


Because he decided to stab the teacher that gave him a B in the parking lot because he refused to change the grade to an A.

Students started to ask once again, “What went wrong?”

And you’re right, what did go wrong?

Such a respectful student, such a dedicated, smart, generous, kind student that had such a bright and successful future ahead of him, with everything in his hands already promised and assured.

But faces we see, hearts we don’t know.

His record was broken.

But hey, he started a new record, right?

A criminal record! 


*Based on true events*


10 thoughts on “Student Record to Criminal Record

  1. Interesting.
    It’s sad that people do not accept failures. When they dropped below their standards, they try all ways and means to patch it up, even offering to trade-offs. This is sad.
    Haven’t they heard of Failure is the mother of success? To fail, you will experience the taste and become humble.
    We know of many A graders as their IQ is good. How about EQ? There are many of them, after past their schools, achievements in the working society may be just so so…or even worse. Of course, there are some remarkable ones who scores As in their academic as well as their working/family lives.

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    1. Yes, it is sad when someone doesn’t know how to take failure, which can cause them to loose friends on their path as well affect their future lifes once they get a job.
      Maybe schools should consider EQ a bit more?


  2. “faces we see, hearts we don’t know.” 😦 This is so true.

    I’ve found these kinds of scenarios heartbreaking. There have been news about students who decide to give up on life for failing an exam that they have studied for their entire life.. Well, board exam to pass in their careers. Even if it’s not that, just a major exam.

    The amount of pressure to reach a high marks has taken its toll on their minds. It’s like, they cannot deal with failure in the right way at all. They are not prepared for it, being used to always getting the highest.

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    1. It is very heartbreaking. I’ve come across students and classmates that end up crying because they failed a subject or a class. Even I went through that pressure at one point.
      Teachers say to go after what we learn, not after a grade. In the end, a grade is just a letter or number, yes it is important to get a good score but it also is important to learn something, in this case, to learn how to take failure correctly.
      Unfortunately, we still go after getting a good grade.
      I have a friend that’s used to getting A’s and B’s, but when someone gets a better grade than her, she can get to the point where she acts mean towards that person.
      And in my case,. if I get lower than a B I’m in trouble back at home, I get grounded but my parents have brought me up teaching me that if I fail at something, it was for a reason that I have to accept.
      Sadly, there’s people who don’t accept it.

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