So this is the first Music review I do. Let’s see how it goes!
For the first review, we will be reviewing singer Chris Corner and his solo musical project, IAMX.

IAMX is a musical project that focuses on visual arts and experiments with different genres, from Electronic rock music to ballads and burlesque music.

If you have ever seen “How to Get Away With Murder” on TV (or anywhere), then I’m pretty sure you have heard of this guys music as his songs were featured in that series.

IAMX started in the year of 2004 in London. IAMX Stands for ” I am X”, as in, the singer Chris Corner is the X. Chris Corner explained that the meaning of the X is always changing like a variable in a mathematical equation.



He may not be societies cup of soda (yes, soda) since it’s not what we hear on the radio all the time. All of his songs are different from each other due to them being different genres and he always knows how to bring the visuals in his music videos and live performances.

Like in his song, “Bernadette”, where he is in the middle of the woods and everything is spinning around except him. It is a very trippy music video indeed, but very unique.

A scene from “Bernadette”            Source

His live performances always feature weird stage outfits, body painting, and stage props made by him and his live band members. Due to all of the outfits and settings, performances are very theatrical and very energetic.

Corner writes, produces and mixes ALL of his songs.

To me, a person that can master different musical genres as well as produce, write and mix his/her own songs, is a musical genius. Not any singer can do that. Lots of singers songs are written, produced and mixed for them, they don’t really do it by themselves. Meanwhile Chris Corner takes the time to do everything his way.

Well, he definitely knows what he’s doing!

Everything about him is so different. The beat to his songs mixed with the brilliant lyrics make you feel so many emotions. And not to forget- his amazing voice.

His voice is what ties everything together.

Now, who is behind IAMX? Well, the creator of this project is Chris Corner.

Who is Chris Corner?

Christopher Anthony Corner is a record producer, songwriter, multi instrumentalist, 69834f376cd33d951d1e74874325230fsinger and video artist born in England.

He first started off with his band, Sneaker Pimps and from there moved on to his solo musical project, IAMX where he is currently in.


Did I mention that that the lyrics to his songs are amazing?

The song linked above, Spit It Out, it has such lovely lyrics. What I can decipher from the song it is that it’s about a man that loves a woman, but it’s a bit hard. Here’s a bit of the lyrics:

“And if you’re hurting
I will replace the noise with silence instead,
Flushing out your head

If you like it violent,
We can play rough and tumble.
Fall into bed
And I won’t breathe so you can recover

When you’re in pieces,
Just follow the echo of my voice.
It’s okay
Tune into that frequency”

Now, of course, you need to listen to the song to see what I mean by how the lyrics, music and his voice make the song a perfection.

Another example of his lyrics is the song Volatile Times.

For the song Volatile Times, at least to what I understand, it talks about those times in which you feel like you have lost it all, when you have no money, nothing left. But it expresses it in a very unique way, here’s a fragment of the song:

“Look at me, what have I become?
I am lost I was once, a gentleman.
But a thief came out, in my London town, so I must leave you know, but I will remember, those up’s and downs.”

So, in general, if you’re looking for something new, something different to listen to or just by curiosity, I would really recommend you try out IAMX. Even if it isn’t for you, at least give it a go! 

I feel like he deserves more attention, to be noticed and to be appreciated more than he is, which is why I titled him a “Hidden Diamond” 😛 

But sometimes the good stuff are safer if they’re hidden, right? 

That’s it for today, hope you enjoy. 🙂


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