Image by: Everfunart, so awesome!

How the hell is a collection of rocks considered “Modern Art”? How is some guy who ripped out all the pages of a telephone book and put them in frames considered an Artist? What the hell? Why do I even spend 5 hours doing a watercolor painting when I can just cut a sheet of paper into shreds and name it “Art”?wtf art


Meanwhile we got some dude who hanged lots of wigs on a rack and called it a statue and sold if for lots of greens.

But…I came to realize that those type of “artist” are smart people…because they use the definition of abstract art and modern art to their advantage and create things with no sense whatsoever and sell it for lots of money to art galleries. Those type of artist are people who found the easy way to business.

But….C’mon dude.

*warning, swear words ahead!*

There’s so called “Artist” who just organize a bunch of bottle caps by color and say “Boom, fuck you, it’s art, give me my money” meanwhile there is Actual art out there.

Lot’s of people say that abstract art and/ or Modern Abstract art is nothing but lots of paint splattered everywhere and that it makes no sense.

Abstract art isn’t supposed to make sense.

But I bet that a bunch of paint blobs make more sense than modern art.

Here, which do you think is true art?:

This one:

colorsImage by: Christeas

Or this one:

Drawing a blankImage by: Alternative-right

Which do you find to be actual art that had effort put into it?

The paint splattered beautifully or the blank canvases?

Now, I’m not saying that ALL modern artists are effortless, it’s just that there’s some that play tricks on people at art galleries and the saddest part is that the people in art galleries see it as art because it’s in a gallery…

There are people who don’t know nothing about art but just because they saw some rocks scattered inside an art gallery they found out that they can literally take a text book to an art gallery and call it their art and get paid for it.

There are people who have been artists their whole life, who have dedicated everything to it. Me myself am one, since a child I loved to draw and paint. In fact, I taught myself how to draw. I’ve been drawing for about 6 years.

And I’m not the only one.

There are lots of people out there who have taught their self how to draw, people who were born with it, people who love it, who enjoy getting covered in paint and graphite on their hands from pencils. Who actually do it with passion, not with greed and laziness.

And lots of those people, cannot get a chance at an art gallery, do you know why?

Because some asshole brought a burnt match for display and some “Art genius” approved of it.


Oh well.

Here’s one my favorite abstract art works done by Japanese artists Yayoi Kusama:

Infinity Mirrored Room
Obliteration Room

That was it for today, what do you think?

Thanks for reading!


4 thoughts on “Is Today’s “Abstract Art” Even Art?

  1. I couldn’t agree more. Although I myself flat out prefer representational art, I think you’re spot-on when you note the skill level difference between a well made piece of Abstract Art and the majority of ridiculous Modern Art installations out there. Double-Woot for noting the monetizing aspect. (There’s a famous quote from an early 20th Century art critic that goes, “Abstract Art happened when somebody looked at a naked woman and thought, ‘I can do better’.” He was not a fan, lol…)

    When Abstract Expressionism really started coming into its own in the early 1900’s, it was’t confined to the visual arts. Simultaneously you had Modern Dance spring up, Modern Film (like the famous Dada-ist and Surreal examples), and the poetry version: blank and free verse. I must admit, I particularly loathe blank and free verse poetry for pretty much for the same reasons you gave in this post about art: people (“poets”, writ small) just throw anything up there and expect to be applauded. And sadly, often they are. The audience has been duped – and willingly.

    Fight the good fight, sister!


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    1. Thank you for understanding! It’s just a bit ridiculous really how anybody can be an artist and be more successful than actual artists nowadays. I feel like they just throw whatever and say that it represents something or where they got the inspiration from and use that as an excuse. I’ve never hear of blank and free verse poetry, I shall check it out!
      And yup, the audience is in fact duped. As long as it says “Art” or is popular, they buy it.
      Thanks! I’ll make sure to keep on fighting!

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