Art of The Week- #4

exito 2.jpg

This weeks art is special, it’s a wonderful photo by photographer Anette Augestad (Hestefotograf) on DeviantArt! I haven’t featured a photo as Art of The Week, until I saw this photo! Isn’t it beautiful? I love everything about this photo, the colors, the horse, the model, the pose, everything looks amazing. Such outstanding photo!

Here is the link to the original image on DeviantArt:

Exito 2 by Hestefotograf

And here’s all the links where you can find more photos from this photographer and many more, make sure to head over to any of the links and check out more of her amazing photos!

1.- Website:

2.- Facebook Page: Hestefotograf on FaceBook

3.- DeviantArt: Hestefotograf (Anette)- DeviantArt

She also offers her photography services for horses! So if you need a photographer to photograph a horse for you for a magazine, poster, website, etc., feel free to contact her. 🙂 She is amazing at what she does and does it with love and passion.
Here I leave her e-mail address:

Thanks for another week of art. 🙂 See ‘ya next week!


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