Your Ex is Having A Child?

I lasted 1 year and about 2 or 3 months with my ex boyfriend. We broke up after I found out that he had someone else. He’s dating her now but…I feel a bit disappointed.

He broke up with me after saying “I wasn’t the same no more”, to which I accepted and said okay to. About a week later he asked if we could get back, I refused. I decided to give him another chance in the end so I went out with him only to find out he was dating someone else and I felt embarrassed. After that, I never went out with him again, or have seen him.

Until recently…

I think it’s been a year since we broke up and I think he’s been dating the other girl for about 10 months. Well, turns out his girlfriend is pregnant and it made me feel disappointment.

He was in college. He had great grades, very smart. He was in the career field of Civil Engineering. He’s almost 20, but he was in school and was very determined to finish his career because he wanted to give his mother a better life.


He dropped out of college after getting his girl pregnant, he works now at some kind of shitty job but, oh well.

A child is a blessing from God, but I think that a child should come when a couple that is married wishes for it, or at least be smart and use protection. I mean C’mon, we all went to school, we all have been talked about it. And even if we haven’t, it’s everywhere, commercials on tv, ads in the newspaper, etc.

His face of shame.

I do wish them the best, I hope he considers going back to school because that worries me the most. I wanted to see him succeed in his career, to not worry about money or anything, to have it all, especially now that he will have a family. Times are hard, especially when having an unexpected child coming soon out of the oven. Here in Mexico, if you don’t get a career, it may suck for you. There are many opportunities, but some people don’t want them and end up dropping out.

It’s sad to see an 18 year old girl and a 19 year old boy like that, when they had no reason to. Can’t you wait? Or at least be responsible? What’s the urge? Go sit outside instead. Get busy some other way. Jeez. xD

It’s amazing how things can change so quickly. I honestly never expected this little surprise. All this time I thought he was in school, doing some sort of Engineer stuff or something but nope.

You know what they say, Faces we see, intentions we don’t know?

I don’t know. I felt disappointment. Oh well, like I said, may they have a lovely life. They screwed up, so what? Nothing you can do about it now but accept your mistakes, right?



At least I was smart and never did anything of any type 😛 I ain’t risking it, my parents would disown me. ;-;

Just be careful and be smart, think it through, dammit!


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