My True Desires

Morning hits the road.

You and I, sitting in the backseat of my car.

Turning around to see you, staring at your dazzling eyes.

Run from everything.

Underneath the bed hides the black cat.


Desires are what I have for you.

Emerald eyes.

Sun kissed skin.

In real life, did it all matter?

Run baby, run.

Eventually you’ll catch up.

So…what were your true desires?

Wind blowing in my hair, sitting on the beach.

In real life…what did happen on the beach?

Lust? No…


Never to be seen again by your eyes.

Eternally yours.

Victory for you.

Every single day waiting for you to come home.

Resting on the bed.

Betsy sleeping by my side.

Everything in silence…

Papa, where’s mother?


So then I realize.

So then I see.

I don’t have any desires for her.

But because of her..

Life took me into a golden cage.

Every day I wonder…

Are we even happy?


Your desires?

Our desires?


Are you even for me?

Run away?


No, as I notice that…

Our relationship was nothing but lies, also known as:

True desires.

False desires.


Right now I noticed.

Marriage is nothing but a piece of paper…

Especially when there are true desires.

So, what are MY true desires?

Of course..


Running away from you with the kid.


I’m sorry.

Life takes it’s turns.

Out of my reach.

Victory for none of us, but…

Everything will be fine.


Out of my reach, as none of this will never happen.

Until the day I change, my true desires.


Inspired by Grimes-My Wait is U. 🙂

Sorry if this post doesn’t make sense, it’s kind of not supposed to.

Thanks for reading!

30 days of blogging- day 13? I’m starting to loose count…


……My true desire is to eat a nice slice of cheese pizza right now…




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