Is Giving Children at A Young Age Technology A Good Idea?

When I was 9 years old, my dad took me to a pawn shop to show me the laptop that he had chosen out for me, which is the one I’m using to this date, the one I’m using right now, and the one I use for creating my programs, databases, html websites and phone apps.

So, at the age of 9 I was to get a laptop. It was used, but I loved it and I still do, it works perfectly fine. Around the age of 10 we finished paying for it and I took it home with me.

My father sat me down at the table, slid the laptop in front of me and said:

“Learn it. Be smart. Learn to use it for good.”

To which I ignored and started playing dress up games and being on Facebook until the day I got bored of it.

That’s when I was welcomed to Onling RPG games and that’s where I learned how to download and install anything that I want.

I was 10 years old, at the age of 11 I was investigating how to solve virus problems by myself and how to give my laptop maintenance without my dad’s assistance.

At the age of 13, I was on a Nintendo DSi social network platform doing HTML coding from a laptop for designing profiles for the users of that platform in exchange of the platforms currency so that I could play games.

At 14, I was learning to use Photoshop, Blender, Paint tool SAI, Gimp and many other graphic design programs.

And now, I’m at the age of 16 and I’m in my second year of High School in the technical career field of Technical Programming. I am learning Programming Languages, I’m creating programs, websites, apps for phones, Databases and I still have many more to learn. I am two semesters away from graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Programming and as a Physician, after that, I’m off my way to college for Computer System Engineering.

And all of this, because my dad decided to place a laptop in front of me, at a young age.

He wanted me to be smart, to learn how to use a computer to it’s maximum. I took computing in 6th grade where I learned to type. Ya know, correct hand and finger placement on the keys and how to type at a high speed without looking at the keyboard, etc.

And all of the things I learned on my own along with my crazy computing teacher teaching me how to type on a keyboard correctly, are what have helped me get to where I’m at.

And why…?

Because my dad decided to place a laptop in front of me at the age of 10.

So, is giving children technology at a young age a bad thing?


If you, because you are the adult *probably* that gave their child a tablet isn’t responsible to how and what your child does on that tablet, the child may not learn it for good.

But if you have a curious child like me then, don’t worry. Just don’t scold him/her when you walk in to find your child with a screw driver screwing off the back of your laptop just to see what’s in there or cutting headphones to investigate how the cables transmit the audio to your ear.

We live in a generation in which technology is taking over, in which technology is a must-have. Technology is part of the future.

Of course, make sure to go outside, enjoy life and to not become a slave to your phone.

You’re the owner of the phone, you have the control, not your phone.

The more a kid learns how to use a computer or a phone, the better his academical life will be since nowadays kids work on computers a lot or get on the internet to investigate homework…..or play games. Yes, I know I was a little computer nerd when I was younger but hey, I would also play games!  It will be easier for them, it will make their learning a bit more advanced, since they won’t have to go through the instruction to, let’s say, type in a URL. They already know where the URL goes and how to put it in and how to access it, they will know how to access internet, etc.

But remember to make sure that they just don’t sit around and play games, make sure they go outside!

Sure, a world filled with technology, but it’s also a world filled with people. Make sure your child socializes, gets physical activity, everything!

All I’m trying to say is that:

Don’t prohibit your kids from technology. You can even put parent control settings if you’re unsure about it. If they don’t learn, when will they? Of course they can learn on their own pace as time goes by.

Do you agree?
Of course this is my point of view considering my own experience and what I am seeing with my sisters who are aged 9 and 10. So far, they are doing great. 🙂

Thanks for reading.~~

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8 thoughts on “Is Giving Children at A Young Age Technology A Good Idea?

  1. Those are some really good points you put forth. For curious children, technology is a boon but there also must be a balance between using the gadgets and being a kid and playing.
    I really liked your post! It summed both sides of the argument up perfectly and managed to find a good middle ground

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  2. I’ve never been a fan of technology that can remove your awareness or sense of engagement. That’s why I don’t like or use handheld game systems and why I keep my phone in my pocket at all times. I don’t like laptops. Anything that removes us from our environment. You don’t get to see, hear, feel, the things around you. I watch shows on the TV at night and I use a desktop only when I’m home and free. I think it’s all about self-control. Kids don’t have a very good sense of that, so when you give them that technology to withdraw, they don’t know how to resist and they get addicted early.

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    1. Oh, that’s a good thing! Me for example, I love going outside and sitting on the sidewalk for a while, hanging out with friends, I also go to dance classes on the weekends and work out during the week and I love to draw, but I also find the same joy in watching YouTube videos and playing video games. Of course, there’s people out there that are completely slaved to their phones, so much that they try to avoid any physical or social activity. Maybe I’m not so chained to my laptop or phone or anything because my dad would only let me use my laptop for 5 hours a day back when I was younger?
      In the end I think it depends on how parents let their kids use tablets, phones, computers, video game systems, etc. and what they let them do on them.
      Like I said, I would only use my laptop for 5 hours and I would get really angry when my dad would scold me to turn it off but I came to realize (thanks to your comment!) that maybe he did that so that I wouldn’t grow up to be completely addicted?
      I mean, I do love my iPad and my phone but I can go days without them, I always find something else to do but when I was first introduced to technology, I just didn’t want to let go of it. Like you say, a kid doesn’t have self control, that is what was going on with me when I first started. I guess I still don’t want to let go? Mostly since I’m choosing technology as my career path? Maybe I don’t have that self control over technology?
      So in the end, restrictions are always a necessity. Too much of something for someone too young can turn out bad, it can’t always turn out good.

      I just made this post to state the reasons why it is a good thing for kids to use technology, I just wanted to show the positive side of what I like to do. Of course, everything has it’s pros and cons. 🙂
      Thanks for sharing a different side for this post! Very much appreciated. ^^

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      1. Yeah see I mean look, you’re a well-rounded person with a lot of interests and hobbies and technology happens to be one of them. Why shouldn’t it be? Technology is great, on that I don’t think anyone can disagree. And even though technology happens to also be your career path, it isn’t an all-consuming aspect of your personality. Which is good. And I think that happens to go along with a) when to be introduced to technology b) how to be introduced to it and c) how much of it to be introduced to. For the users who I feel are ‘lost’ or ‘addicted’, I think it’s because either they are using it as a means of escape and disconnect in their adult life, or when they were children the adults in their life used it as a crutch, a pseudo-parent. It keeps them occupied and complacent and quiet and tucked away in a corner so it’s easier than you know, actually parenting. And then it’s those same parents who then scold them when they get older for being addicted or not having more interests.
        I definitely want my future children to be technologically literate and able to stay relevant with trends and devices and technology. It will be part of their upbringing and their lives. But I will take a very active part in parsing it out. But there’s definitely no doubt that there are endlessly more benefits than drawbacks to having a technologically literate kid.

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      2. Good point about the parenting.I find that parents that have to work all the time also tend to give their kids some type of gadget to keep them distracted while they’re working which can break all communication, and yes it’s true, once they grow up the parents are always unhappy about it but, who’s fault was it? That’s why, like you say, we gotta consider when to be introduced and to how much of it as well as considering if it’s really necessary or not.
        Well, you seem like a very responsible person, so I’m pretty sure you’ll know how to handle the situation once the time comes. 🙂

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