Art of the Week #3


This week’s featured art is by AledJonesStockNArt on DeviantArt!

This work is titled Stranded, isn’t it beautiful? I really love the scenery, the model and the whole scene make it look amazing, so awesome what people can create ❤

Click here to visit Stranded On DeviantArt 🙂

Click on the links and show a bit of love and support for Aled and his magnificent work! Why not drop a comment on his work and/or follow him? 🙂

Have work of your own or want to feature someone else’s work? Feel free to message me at with the image of the artwork attached to the email along with contact info of the creator such as social media, websites, shops, etc. Along with the title of the artwork *if it has a title* and if you feel like it, a description of the artwork or of the creator and I will feature it as art of the week here on my blog 🙂 All Art of the Week is displayed on the main page of my blog for a week!! 🙂 At the end of the month, all Arts of the Week will be featured as “Arts of the Month” in a blog post. 

Thanks for checking out this weeks Art of the Week!!!


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