Le Quote of Le Day #2

“It’s a  good thing to be strange, normalness leads to sadness.”
-Phil Lester, a.k.a. Amazingphil,
Internet Personality.

Philip Michael Lester, says that being normal will lead to sadness. What does this mean?

The way I see it, being normal is like being like everybody else in the world in the way of following trends, doing what everybody is doing, etc. Just to fit in.

Sometimes we do certain stuff only for us to fit in, the problem is that we become so dependent of it that we have to do it, if we don’t then we will feel sad, ashamed, embarrassed of ourselves.

Sometimes girls wear makeup to feel “pretty”, they get so dependent that they cannot see themselves without it on, when they don’t have it on they feel sad, depressed.

Or when a guy joins a sports team only to make his father proud, but he doesn’t like that sport. He does it only for his dad, but doesn’t enjoy it, so he feels sad.

It’s like that, does it make sense?

Being “normal” can mean, being like everybody else just to fit in even if it means that you don’t enjoy it or do enjoy it but too much that sometimes you go crazy when not being “normal”.

Meanwhile, being “strange”, is being yourself. And what would make you happier? Doing, wearing, listening, reading, watching what you love? Or doing the opposite?

I’m not saying that it’s a bad thing to try and fit in, we all have wanted to fit in, but just remember that in the end, your personality speaks more than your appearance, your true self is always better than the costume.

So that’s why you should do whatever the fuck you want to do without a care in the world of what people may think of you.


30 days challenge- Day 9


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