I’m a happy person.

I want the good for everybody.

Sometimes, I want good for myself as well.

I have goals, I have wishes and dreams too, you know?

I try, but apparently I don’t try enough.

I never do.

So I just sit in silence and watch someone else obtain what I wanted.

I watch their success in what I wanted.

I smile and congratulate them.

But on the inside I feel like the failure that I am.

I feel sad, disappointed, mad, frustrated.

Something that I wanted for a very long time.

But I didn’t work hard enough for it.

So now I just sit in silence and watch somebody else take what I wanted.

But, you wonder, “How? Why?” Because you have no idea what happened.

When did you turn around and get distracted for a split second?

Did you not work hard enough…or did something else happen?

I don’t know.

But what can I do?

All I can do is get home.

And cry for a while.

I wanted to make my parents and everybody proud.

But I don’t understand.

I do make them proud.

They always tell me that I make them proud, that they want me to go on.

So…why do I ask for more?

Why do I want more?

It’s because I want to be recognized.

But that’s when I realized,

I don’t need to be recognized for a number.

I need to be recognized for my hard work and my intelligence.

Grades are just a number.

It is so easy to get the highest grades, but remember that not everybody who gets straight A’s is “smart”.

Yes, they can be outstanding, they can be good, they can have smartness.

But so do you, baby.

So don’t let those type of people bring you down.

Don’t let them lower your mood, don’t let them make you feel bad through their words and actions.

Because in the end, grades/scores are just numbers.

You will be recognized for your work as well.

It’s just not your turn yet, but it will come.

You will be rewarded, don’t worry.

And trust me, your reward, will be more than what you asked for.

Because you deserve it.

Work harder, become stronger. Don’t show weakness, show determination.

And most importantly, move on.

Don’t be the crybaby in these situations.


Congrats to my best friend, in the end, she’s my best friend and I wish her good. I am left puzzled at the situation but…oh well. I’ll just have to let it go.

I hope that she goes on.


30 days of blogging-day 8?


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