Don’t Panic!

Have you ever been in that situation where you are trying to stay clam but you are dying on the inside and you’re trying your hardest not to have a panic attack?

What about when you and your friends are trying to keep calm and you are all at the verge of a panic attack?

The stress, the tension, the anxiety, the nerves. Just keep calm, breathe in…breathe out…count to 10, ready? 1..2…3…

Aaaand this is the point when the school bell rings and one of your friends breaks down and so do the rest of you guys and you all end up screaming and panicking.

Yep, that happened today. Thanks, slow computer in the computer lab.

Anyways, I hate panic attacks, we all do.

But I don’t hate the main attack, ya’ know, when it kicks in and bursts out of you, what I hate about it is the awful feelings that it starts to give you when you are about to have one. The knot in your stomach that makes you feel empty on the inside but the same time you can feel your stomach muscles tensing up and you can’t even sit or stand still, it’s the worst for me.

That’s why, I came up with ways that can help with a panic attack:

  • Sing the alphabet
  • Count
  • Sing any song
  • Breathe deeply

And yes, they do work. Well, it may help you control yourself before going crazy and chewing someone’s hair off but there are also times that it will stop a panic attack from happening. 🙂

Next time you’re having a panic attack, just try to stay calm, okay? I know it sucks and feels awful especially when there’s more people with you pressuring you more or everybody is panicking but just try to relax, in the end, everything will be fine…right?

Anywho, that’s if from me for today!

Thanks for reading. 🙂

30 days of blogging challenge- Day 7


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