Favor For A Favor?

You know that one friend who never has money asks you for some and it bothers you every time? Well don’t forget that he/she has done things for you, too.

Yes, it does bother me how my friends ask me for my homework sometimes, but then I remember: I’ve asked them many more times for homework. .-. So that’s why I just do them a favor.

Whether if you need a cover up, money, an excuse, anything, remember that your friends will always be there for you and will do so, so you better do the same! It wouldn’t be fair for you to just use them to your advantage and when they need you, you decline. If you do so, one day when you’ll need something, you won’t get help.

Remember that we all need something from someone.

That’s why in the end it’s better to forget all your egoism and just give a hand (Actually, I think that  that would depend on what the favor is! ). But if a friend that never pays you back needs money for food, just give him/her some. Remember that he/she is the one who always picks you up from school or something so that you don’t have to walk (example).

Sigh, well, it’s better to help out sometimes, right?

Or what do you think?

Favor, or no favor?

*30 days of blogging- Day 6


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