Studying Tips: How to Study with Success!


Need help studying for that one test or just want to go over what you learned in a day but having trouble? No problem! From doing physical activities to memorizing, here are a few of some of my most useful studying tips that do actually help out 😛

Studying doesn’t have to be short for “Student Dying”, just make sure not to push yourself too much, stress is very bad and will make things worse.

Just remember not to slave yourself every single day with textbooks and notebooks! You can study when you have too, not everyday. 😛

Let’s start:

1.- Color code


Color code your notes, problems, equations, etc. You can underline the definition of various words in a certain color and put the words in another color, or all of your equations in one specific color and your notes in another.

2.- Flash cards



Write down everything that is important on flash cards. Write down what it is, what’s it used for, procedure, examples, anything that is important to you. After that, you can study your flash cards.

3.- Remembering


Read whatever you are studying from start to finish twice. Then, put your hand (or a sheet of paper, flash card, etc. ) over a part of the text or whatever you are studying and try to remember what it is that you are covering. This works better with trying to remember math equations, definitions of words/ concepts, remembering the answers to certain questions, etc.

4.- Making your own exam


Write down on a piece of paper questions related to the subject that you are studying or get someone to create the exam for you and for them to have the answers as well. If you do it on your own, you can also have the answers (just don’t look at them! Pretend that it’s a real exam). Once you created your mini exam, answer it. After that, verify your answers and the ones that you got wrong are the ones that you should study a bit more on. 🙂

5.- Get up and do some physical work! 

Crawl on the floor:


Exercise is the best method for concentrating! Once you start getting stressed out, get up and crawl.
Literally just crawl around on the floor. This will help your blood circulate and get your muscles to release any tension from stress and from being sat down for an extended amount of time and it will refresh your mind and body.
Crawl for as much time as you need! After you are done, get back to work. You should feel refreshed and ready to work!



Go out for a walk or just simply get up and walk around the house or wherever you’re at. This will also help with your stress and tension from studying and sitting down, so take your time.



Do some stretches! Get up, and just stretch out your body like if you just woke up. You can even touch your toes, stretch to your sides, anything that you feel will work for you. 🙂

6.- Listen to music 

Listen to some music! I personally like to listen to calm music while studying. You can listen to some classical piano or to a nice, relaxed pop song.
Like right now, I was listening to “Starboy” by The Weekend 😛 But one of my favorites for relaxing and studying would be Grimes– “Skin”


7.- Eat something 

It is important to stay hydrated and fed while studying. You can rather eat while studying or get up, go and eat/drink something and finish it before going back. I personally like to get up, eat something, grab a cup of water and sit on my sofa and watch t.v. for a bit or watch one YouTube video. After it’s done or after I’m done with my snack and feel like I can go back, I do so.


Dammit I want one now :v  

Get up and go get yourself a snack! I suggest healthy snacks though, like granola or oat flake bars, some fruits like apples, grapes, bananas, etc.
But if you feel that you will get a higher concentration by eating some Junk food, go for it, but don’t eat a whole pack! I don’t really recommend eating junk food though. I personally enjoy fruits and all those granola bars and cereals more than a bag of chips. xD
….I also love to eat cookies while studying. 😛 Chocolate chip cookies are the best ❤

Drink Something:

I just want one now

I suggest drinking some water, juice or milk. Try to stay away from sodas. Grab a cup of water, or a pouch of Kool-Aid or Capri Sun or some natural orange juice, or get yourself a cup of warm (or cold to my preference) milk. Drink it and go back to what you were doing. ^^

You may also eat/drink while studying

8.- Open a window or turn a fan on 


Get some fresh air! Open a window and feel the breeze roll in…or just turn a fan on.

9.- Study for certain amount of time



If you are studying, lets say math which can be the hardest for most people, give it at least 1 hour of studying. If you feel like you need more, study it for about 2 hours. You can study for English or whatever for 30 minutes, another 30 for math, etc.

I find it’s better to pay more attention to the subject that is most difficult, and to not pay much attention to the easiest one for you. Of course, you must pay attention to all of your subjects, but why not study for 15 minutes the subject that you find the most easiest, and give your hardest subject about an hour or two?
Does this make sense?


Focus some days on a certain subject, other days on another one, or just simply study whenever you feel like you have to study. Whether if you didn’t understand something or for a test, you don’t have to slave yourself everyday. xD

10.- Compare what you are studying to something else

This one doesn’t really work for me…At all. BUT for many people it does! For example, replace song lyrics with answers to a test, find something like a shampoo bottle and assign it an important word or equation and if you forget it, remember the shampoo bottle. You should be able to remember whatever you assigned it. 😉

11.- Do Nothing 

Just fail.

*Just kidding, I’m not responsible for your failure. Just remember that you learn by failing!*

And there you have it! ^^ My studying tips. 😛 Have you done any of these? Which work best for you? Why not give them a try?? 🙂

This is my 30 days of blogging challenge- day 4 

Thanks for reading. 🙂


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