So Juicy! ;)



Walking through the grass I come across a beautiful waterfall.

Beautiful, elegant, and captivating.

I go up to the waterfall, touch the water.

It feels wet, it feels cold.

I dip my fingers inside, I like the cold feeling.

The waterfall speaks to me, wanting me to go inside.

I decide to do so.

I start of slowly, one foot at a time, going down little by little.

But such a wonderful feeling.

I go inside the waterfall completely and I find a plant.

Something beautiful is growing from it..

An orange.

I grab the orange.

I feel it.

I embrace it’s beauty.

It feels great.

I start to squeeze it, harder and harder each time.

I squeeze it too hard, and watch all the juice from the orange come out.

Dammit, there goes my breakfast.


via Daily Prompt: Juicy


I don’t know that’s all I could think of. I’m hungry and thought of a nice cup of orange juice.
If only I had some orange juice, I would feel happy right now.

Join me on my 30 days of blogging challenge because why not? This is Day 2!
Tomorrow will be a new day to blog, so will the next day, and the next day, and the next day….


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