Journey to Astral Projection because Why Not- What it is and My Little Experience

Astral Projection is when your soul leaves your body voluntarily into the 4th dimension/astral realms while your physical body sleeps. You are completely aware, conscious and in control of everything. You can fly, meet demons and angels, go anywhere you want, gain things such as knowledge, wisdom, intelligence, better memory, etc.

*Please note that I’m no expert in this lol*

This post will be sectioned in 4:

  • What is Astral Projection?
  • Why Did I Decide to Try This?
  • What are in the Astral Planes?
  • Is it Dangerous?

Feel free to skip ahead to which ever section you feel more interested in 🙂 Each section will be marked with a *.

*What is Astral Projection?

Are you supposed to do it? Not really. You weren’t trained for it, we weren’t brought up taught that we can leave our physical body whenever we feel like it.

Is is safe? Yes, the only thing that stops you is yourself. If you don’t want it to be safe, it won’t. If you want it to be scary, it will be scary. BUT, if you want it to be happy, exciting, positive, it will. It just takes bravery and knowing that your only limit, is YOU.

Is it bad? Nope.

Does it hurt? Not at all.

Is it real? Yes. Here, let me explain it a bit more:

First of all, what exactly is astral projection? It is when you, your spirit, your soul leaves the physical body whenever one desires and may come back when they want to. It is similar to lucid dreaming, but it’s not.

Astral Projection and Lucid dreaming are sometimes said to be the same, but they’re not. There’s a few differences. They are very similar, but very different.

Lucid dreaming, is that you’re in a dream, lets say you’re dreaming of being a famous singer or battling in outer space when all of a sudden you stop and say “Wait….this is a dream.” and then you realize, that you are dreaming and in control.

Astral Projection (AP), or OBE (Out of Body Experience) is when by meditating or relaxing, you fall into a state in which you trick your body to believe that it is sleeping, but your mind is still awake and fully conscious. If you break the cycle, you can fall into sleep paralysis which can be scary to some people. Once in your “Spirit body” or “Astral body”, you can visit any country, speak to entities like ghost and whatever, fly or just hang out.

Basically, the  differences in between AP and Lucid dreaming are:

  • In Astral Projection, you are conscious of everything happening while in a meditative/ relaxed state from start to finish and are in complete control of what to do, where to go.
  • In Lucid Dreaming, you are conscious of everything happening while sleeping when waking up during a certain point of a dream when you come to realize that you are actually dreaming which usually, you cannot change the scene in which you are or go to certain places, since your mind has already put you somewhere.
  • In Astral Projection, you can spy/see the living, see what they’re doing, who they’re with, where there at, etc. and they won’t see you. It’s like you’re a ghost.
  • In Lucid Dreaming, you cannot see the living, because you are dreaming.


When we sleep, we are not conscious of anything. We don’t realize the moment in which our soul/spirit comes out of the body. But that does not mean, that we can’t do it by will. Yes you can, and yes you will….if you want to of course 😛 All though it can happen by accident.

But if you ARE conscious, you will see your physical body sleeping and you hovering over it. You are free, you can go anywhere you want, explore the universe, go to space, etc. You are invisible to the human eye so no one will see you unless if they are also in the astral realms.

Just remember….

You don’t want to invade peoples privacy….

You will never loose your body, you are always attached to it no matter what until the day you die. You are connected to your physical body with a silver cord that is unbreakable and can stretch to infinity and it will NOT break until you die.

Now, how do you do this? Well, there are many techniques out there that you can try, in the end it’s the one that you decide that works best for you and your mind.

…Does this make sense?? .-.

*Why did I decide to try this? 

A few months ago, I fell asleep when I got home from school. I was quite tired from exams so, why not take a nap? That’s when, my eyes opened and I was able to see how my left arm was rising up and everything was blurry. I was like “Oh hi what’s this?” Then,  I woke up. I thought it was very weird but cool, then I just forgot about it.

Until about one day ago…it happened. It happened on accident. I was in my living room, watching my sisters and my mother as they were getting ready to go to school. My mother was doing of the girls hair while the other one was blaming me for leaving all of the rubber bands on the floor (I didn’t do it, my sisters did it). I was there, watching them. I looked down and saw that I was floating. I wasn’t on the ground. Everything was blurry, I didn’t have a clear vision of what was going on but..I knew what was happening. I then awoke.

I asked my mother about it and she said “Yes, they blamed you on it”. I was like “WUT”. I was just…amazed. Of course she asked me “How’d you know?” Since I was in my room sleeping.

I knew that I had to try it, I knew that I had to attempt leaving my physical body.

I mean…’cus why not? Curiosity killed the cat, right? Is that a good thing? Or am I just getting myself into trouble? I don’t know, let’s find out!

Your body and mind are capable of anything.
It can be amazing how much you can do.

Today, in the morning, I woke up at about 7:00 am and waited for everybody to leave the house so that I could be completely alone and in silence. I then attempted it.

I was laying down on my bed, looking at the ceiling and closed my eyes. I started to focus on my breathing…

Breathing in…breathing out…in silence…

I as well cleared my mind. Forgot about everything, all of my stress, problems, everything. I just relaxed. After a while I was feeling myself falling asleep. I made sure not to, and I stayed still, as still as possible. When you attempt to astral project, you must not move at all, you must stay still at all times. Anyways, I made sure not to move and not to fall asleep and to not open my eyes at all. I started to imagine myself in first person, getting up from my bed, walking out, touching the walls, etc.

That’s when…the buzzing started….

I started to hear a buzzing noise in my left ear and it went inside my right ear as well. It got louder and louder as time past by until after a few minutes, it died out. I still had my eyes closed and I was still lying down in the same position.

My body went completely numb…..

I couldn’t feel my hands which were resting on my stomach. I couldn’t feel my legs, anything. I was just…in peace. My body was already asleep, but my mind was still awake.

I hit the vibration state. .o.

I felt how my feet started to vibrate softly, then my legs, then it started to escalate all over my body. I knew that I was about to do it. I was about to be released from my physical body. That’s when the vibrations went like CRAZY. They got VERY strong, it felt like an earthquake. I started to panic as the vibrations were happening until I got to the state that I had to open my eyes.

I got scared. .-.

I managed to open my eyes…but were they really my physical eyes? I managed to see myself laying in my bed, everything blurry once again.  I started to panic even more. After about a minute in vibration state, I awoke inside my body for good.

Sleep paralysis. 

I fell into sleep paralysis which can occur when you don’t astral project correctly a.k.a, breaking the cycle or getting interrupted, etc. I couldn’t move my body. I was paralyzed since my body was still asleep. After a few seconds I managed to finally move and I turned on my side and hugged my knees.

I was about to astral project properly. But I got scared. 😛 Which is not what you’re supposed to do, if you’re scared, you will never get there.

…I know…it sounds crazy…I couldn’t believe it myself the first time I found out about this. xD

Now, please know that you cannot learn to astral project properly and master it in just 3 days or in a week, it can take months, even years. Well….for some people it happens by accident, others on their first try. 

*What are in the astral planes? 

There are negative and positive entities, as well as other human spirits that are astral projecting, family or friends that have died are in there, etc. You can encounter demons which will not hurt you unless if you want them to and they will not approach you if you have a high vibration/frequency. They have low frequencies, so they are always just hanging out in the shadows with the other bad spirits lol.

You can encounter angels and even your guardian angel/ spirit guides which are the entities that protect you. You can meet them and speak with them, they are the ones that guide you in life, make sure you’re okay and well. They are good entities, they have high frequencies.

You can as well encounter any dead relatives, friends (and maybe dead pets?). Speak with them, interact with them, anything.

You can even have astral sex….. .-.

You can fly to a different country or get there instantly by just thinking about it, you can create anything you want, it’s the ultimate freedom.

*Is it Dangerous? 


If you decide to try this but are too scared because you read somewhere how someone got attacked by demons or shadow people, then don’t do it. You don’t have the capability, the braveness to confront your fears.

If you are scared of demons and ghost and shadow people and all those other evil beings, they will attack you. Why? Because you’re afraid of them. The more afraid, the better for them. They feed off of your fear. The more scared you are, the more they will feast on your energy, which is very weak when you’re in fear, but to them it is very strong and they like it.

BUT if you’re brave, when they show up, you confront them or ignore them. If you feel scared, don’t. You have no reason to be scared.

Set your prayers, pray to God to come with you or to send your guardian angels. When confronting these evil beings, you can tell them to stay away, to go away or just say that you’re not alone, that God is with you, and they will leave you alone. ❤ Or imagine a white light around you, or a protection bubble or whatever makes you feel safe.

Don’t be scared! Another reason to why they can attack you is because you let them. How do you let them? By being scared.

They will only do you psychological harm, not physical. In the end, it’s all in your head, they cannot harm you in our reality. 

It will only be dangerous if you MAKE it dangerous. Also, if you’re scared and think of all of those beings, you will summon them. In the Astral Realms, what you think of, will happen. Think of all of those scary things and they will come to you, because you summoned them through your thoughts of fear.

If they do attack you, don’t worry. The next time that it happens, confront them. DON’T LET THEM GET A HOLD OF YOU!!!! BE BRAVE, DAMMIT!

If you’re too scared to confront them, you can just go back to your body and wake up. If you get scared and don’t have the courage to defend yourself against yourself, then just think about going back into your physical body and you will instantly be pulled back  into yourself and wake up.

Nothing will happen, don’t be scared. Astral Projection is a lovely experience, if you do it in a positive way. Remember that the Astral Planes will be what you want them to be, okay? If you want them to be scary, they will.

If you want it to be a happy and awesome experience, then make it happy and awesome!

Remember that your guardian angels/ spirit guides are always there to protect you and make sure that you stay out of any trouble while doing AP!

The End!  🙂 

And uh…well, this is what I got for today. 🙂 I may try it again tonight…or maybe tomorrow morning since I’m a bit scared to project at night because everything is dark and I don’t know, I know it’s safe to do so and your only limit is you, the only thing that will create danger and fear is yourself but, I feel better during day time….. :O

Hope this was a bit useful to anybody or maybe you learned something new today Idk lol *^^* Who knows, maybe you want to try it out yourself? 😛

Just please make sure to do enough research first. Please, Google is your best friend, so is YouTube, take your time to read some books. Use them to your advantage and learn as much as you can about Astral Projecting and make sure that you understand it all completely, okay?

Or just say “fuck it” and do it. Like a rebel. *I recommend to investigate how to do it first though!*

Here I leave you with a  video that I found on YouTube which explains all of this in a way that is easy to understand 😛 and it’s fun to watch xD Enjoy!

Hope this post made sense .w.

-Seeya in the astral planes?? o.o

*If you think this is interesting then good, if you want to prove this and try it out for yourselves then okay! If you’re too skeptical and think this is nonsense then it’s also alright 🙂 In the end, it’s whatever floats your boat, right?*


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